Saturday, October 01, 2011

You APOLOGIZE to the New Straits Times!

Yes you, Wong Kim Fei!

Let me refresh your memory.

You said on Tuesday that the New Straits Times lied when reporting local online news portal, The Mole, had contacted your boss (Lim Guan Eng) on his disparaging remarks about Johor.
You know the remarks for which he had to apologize to the Johor Sultan and Johoreans.

By the way, Wong is Guan Eng's press secretary (II)

How did the NST lie, Wong? We said what The Mole said.
If The Mole had lied, then it was the Mole that lied.
But you see, The Mole didn't lie. They did try to contact your boss through his political secretary Zairil Khir Johari but was told that "YB would not like to comment".

Read THIS.

Why putar-belit2?

Jangan senang-senang tuduh orang menipu!


Anonymous said...

"We said what The Mole said".... enough say lah !!!

Nuraina you ni memang kuat kaki bru, the Mole shit, you pon ikut shit !!

Sampah punya Journalist !!

Rockybru said...


Bodoh sombong si Wong ni. Boss borek kuli rintik.

On behalf of The Mole, I would like to thank the New Straits Times for having the faith in quoting us the other day, in particular for believing that we must have contacted or tried to contact LGE since we said we did.

Wong is too junior to understand this kind of professionalism. LGE, on the other hand, chooses to forget that he had friends in the MSM.

The NST or the Star or Utusan as media houses in this country are supportive of the government but they are not pro-Government. For decades, the journos who work for these newspapers have understood how it works. Some quit because they can't cope or the pay sucks, others stay in order to maintain a balance even though the pay sucks.

For many of those years, Lim Guan Eng have understood how it worked. Like I said, he had friends in the MSM and those journos counted him as one of the Opposition leaders who can, like themselves, keep a balance to the equation ..

Some things have changed since he became Penang CM.

Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya pemimpin2 parti2 pembangkang ni yang suka menipu.. that's why they think orang lain pun macam dia juga..

Frankly, I simply can't imagine these group of people managing Malaysia... They cry "conspiracy" EVERYTIME it is not in their favour.. that is until EVIDENCE surfaced... then only they own up.

They issue GAG order all the time & ban reporters.. yet shout the loudest when it comes to freedom of speech. Apa ke jadahnya??? First class hipocrit betul!!

Anonymous said...

NS - is the crime situation in johore worse than it is in Penang?

while it is wrong to disparage parts of your country has anyone ascertained this?

or is just apologising going to make evryhing all right?

BIGCAT said...

Dear Datuk Nuraina,
Yes, Mr Wong should apologise for accusing NST of lying...but don't be too angry, because actually, within NST, there are indeed liars among you all. Well, I ll tell you why I says that some other day. Cheers.

BIGCAT said...

anon 9:47,
pls have a look at this -

Crime situation of the two states in 2010.

Pulau Pinang :
Penduduk = 1,520,143 orang
Keluasan = 1,046 km sq.
Jumlah jenayah yang direkodkan = 12,161 kes
Kadar jenayah untuk setiap 100,000 penduduk = 800.06 kes

Johor :
Penduduk = 3,233,434
Keluasan = 19,210 km sq.
Jumlah jenayah yang direkodkan = 20,684 kes
Kadar jenayah untuk setiap 100,000 penduduk = 639 kes

Johor 161.06 kes lebih rendah berbanding Pulau Pinang bagi setiap 100 ribu penduduk.


anon@10:09pm: of those assholes reading my blog.


Rocky: No worries. It needed to be reported.
Anyway, I left a msg under one of the Mole's news items - "Guan Eng and Press Freedom".

Here's part of my comment:"As for Wong - cut the c*ap-lah. Your boss, it seems, now says he cannot remember when he made those disparaging remarks about Johor. Lapse in his memory. Also something about the remarks being uttered in private. Now, that's a joke.
Wong, you say NST is lying because we reported that what the Mole reported. What are you blabbering about? Were you born yesterday?
You DAP guys are so cavalier about calling people liars. You think NST was set up only last year? (sorry, I digress).
We said what the Mole reported. You get it? Do you understand the concept of attribution. If NST reports that you say Lim Guan Eng is the best CM Malaysia ever had....then people canNOT say NST lied. We didn't say it. You did.

Berputar-belit, man... "

Guan Eng is a real disappointment.


anon@9:47AM: Is it a fact that Singaporeans are likely to be kidnapped? Or just Guan Eng's own speculation? Is it a fair statement?
What do you think of his remarks?

I'll say that if we don't report crimes, we will all think our own state is safe.

Take the Klang Valley, for instance. The papers reported some of the heinous crimes. But statistically the crime rate has gone down in Selangor and KL.

If you ask me, I think there are a lot of perverts and bosiah in Kelantan and Terengganu. Just read the news reports about rape cases and girls getting violated and teenage pregnancies..
But is that a fact?
You can either choose to believe the reports (from mainstream media) or not.
The reports are not lies but, they are just that reports.
What you should look at are police statistics.

affendi hussain said...

Kak Ena,

Don't put any hope on these "ass-holes" anons to make them understand. Waste of bytes.

I bet they will accuse the police statistics as similar mainstream spins..

Brain-dead political zombies.. Hopeless & worthless, deadlock in their irreversible condition..they are the least to be worried in this world.



Lee said...

Look at the sales of nst.Question to ask is why?!Everybody knows.Is it trying to compete with the utusan?


Lee: I have no idea what you're saying or trying to say.

Affandi: Adoi...

Anonymous said...

rocky and u kuat kelentong

Anonymous said...

anon 11.02pm:
you kata: "rocky and u kuat kelentong"

dengki, ya.

1. kalau you lelaki, pasti takdaq teloq.

2. kalau you pompuan -- gerenti hodoh.

lelaki atau pompuan, sah dengki.

Zulkarnain Mahmud said...

You want to know how LGE amik hati orang melayu?? the first year di jadi CM dia terus berbuka puasa selama 30 hari di masjid bersama umat islam... thats is a VERY GOOD PR...

But after 2nd year sorry la beb.. lu buka posa sendiri la,gua sibuk...

Zulkarnain Mahmud said...

anon 10:09 memang sah ko kaki J*lat PungK#q LGE..