Friday, October 14, 2011

I Want To Join A Sex Club, I mean ..CULT

The Club Of Obedient Wives (COW) should be renamed The Cult Of Obedient Wives. But even the name is a misnomer.

They are really a bunch of women who have got sex on their mind. Well, mainly sex.
I wish, though, that they don't use Islam to explain why they do what they do. Also I wish they'd just take off their "jubah" and veil and just come clean.

So, COW, no pretenses - about yourselves, your views on marriage and everything else on the planet.

Just say that - hey: the panacea to everything bad in this universe is, sex. Good sex. And we'll tell you how.
Also, please be a slave to your husband. Especially in bed. That way. they'll never leave you for another woman.

But, hey...most, if not all, of the marriages COW members are in, are polygamous. So how's that as a guide to a blissful and long-lasting marriage? Share and share alike?

So, excuse me if I think that these women are actually sex pots in jubah and veil. With equally sexed-up spouses. the way, COW has just published a book: Seks Islam, Perangi Yahudi untuk Kembalikan Seks Islam kepada Dunia ("Islamic Sex, Fighting Against Jews To Return Islamic Sex").
I have no idea what it means except that it must be about Islamic sex and that we must fight the Jews so we can return to Islamic sex.

What a struggle!

I haven't read it. But according to those who have, the 115-paged book is all about -- surprise, surprise, sex.
There is a part that encourages a polygamous man to have an orgy with his wives.

Oh dear, oh far behind have these cows made us go?
Yes, therapists will tell you that intimacy, physical contact etc is important in a marriage...but must not be a sex slave to your husband...

Women are screwed if COW appeals to many of our sisters...

COW claims to have 800 members in Malaysia and branches in Singapore, Indonesia and Jordan.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious... while they are having 5-some... when the man is "taking care" of one wife.. what are the other 3 wives suppose to do? Play with each other? Or still play with the man and watch his act with that one wife?

Or maybe everybody are under the blanket.. so the hubby just take turn? While it is still not their turn yet, the wives shd just close their eyes and ears?

And they dare to say this is Islamic sex? Take it back from the Jews? Now what Jews got to do with sex? Isn't sex a global thingy? Or are they only offended by the way Jews have sex?

No matter how I look at it... I still think that they are nuts! And horny too..

Anonymous said...

isn't there a hadith somewhere that says even if a man has 4 wives, sex is a private matter between the man and each wife? how can an orgy be encouraged then?

what the heck is islamic sex anyway??


Anonymous said...

They are mad COWS.
Islamic Sex ? Orgy with wives?
An orgy even with your own wives is HARAM la bodoh.
Kepala hotak kau la COWS.
If its true the book contains all that,its time JAKIM ban the book and COWS altogether.
Sorry for the language Ena.


Anonymous said...

refer to my earlier comment

this is one such hadith:

Abu Sa'eed Al-Khudri (RA) said: Allah's Messenger (PBUH) said,
"One of the most evil people before Allah on the Day of Resurrection will be a man who is intimate with his wife and she is intimate with him, then he publicizes her secrets."
(Hadith No. 3542 (1437), Book of Marriage, Sahih Muslim, Vol. 4).


Cowhide said...

This gives credence to the stories of how the al-Arqam people arranged for divorces so that they can 'take over' their friends' wives after the husbands have 'had enough' with theirs and long for their friends', and vice versa.

After all, aren't these cows the remnants of the movement? Syariah-cmpliant wife-swapping?

adieu1999 said...

im gonna bet that there must be 1 sick man behind this cult~ nothing else would explain its sicko doctrine~

Anonymous said...

how do i join the club? cant wait for a threesome. what agood idea, way to go cows

Anonymous said...

Have anybody read Syed (Outsyed the Box) Akhbar's book Things in Common? in it he said purdah was a special place in a palace of the olden day maharaja where concubines and dancing girls were kept.It is just right the COWs wear jubah.Jubah is also a cover like purdah that we know today!

Anonymous said...

you guys don't seems to understand it!

they have "spritual sex" at the same time and not "physical sex"

bruno said...

To summed it all up,stupid COW's are what they are.This lady Rohaya must be an hyper sexed up lusty lady.Must have recently came out of months if not years of hibernation,to be so hungry of sex. Since the first time we heard about this lady,a few months ago,all she has been talking about is crazy sex.Her spouse must either be the luckiest or unluckyiest man on earth.It depends on how one interprets her actions and behaviour.

adieu1999 said...

what is spiritual sex? is it like what i read from da vinci code?

Anonymous said...

Never try, never know, la.

The men is so pumped out, he'll remain faithful to all 4 wives, leh. I think that's the objective.

Spiritual sex? More like daydreaming sex, kut?

Anything which compares with the Jews is sure to attract supporters. That's what all the men's brain are brainwashed to by all the Ustaz and Ustazah. It's all part of Jihad.

Anonymous said...

Actually looking at whats happening in Malaysia, about time we start thinking like the COW women.

I was comparing the life of my elders, stay home, raise kids, and they are so well taken care of by their men, those days.. (BTW my Indon maid got married recently to a Malay, hantaran RM22K CASH equiv to about rph 50m, jewelries, given a double-storey house, a car and a maid - she only attended 2years school in Indon now staying home just taking care of the husband!)

Am thinking of pulling my daughters out of school, teach them to cook and play house, and learn to make themselves look pretty.. and then go join this COW club..BETTER DEAL EH?

Anonymous said...

Hidup OWC! What a grate idea. I am sure an orgy of many Chinese and Indians will join Islam now to become good muslims.

Anonymous said...

Anyone of you seen a male cow having sex with 4 female cows at one go and the calf geeting confuse which cow it supposed to brest feed sine all 4 keep on mingling with the male and all five have the same ordour(smell). That what you get when people start thinking like a cow.

Anonymous said...


Jack S said...

Wonder when they will write a book about doing it COW style. Should issue a fartwa on it.

Anonymous said...

hmm..with four wives..can't imagine plunging by one..hehe...i'd rather stick to one....cow...