Friday, October 21, 2011

Surely Good News For Many Malaysian Families

I still think we should put into place a support system for families who need domestic help, particularly, working mothers, for the long-term.

We cannot go on with this freeze, no more freeze, freeze.....on maid recruitment.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you.. Malaysians are being blackmailed left (Indonesia), right (Cambodia) and centre (Phillipines).

We are so pathetic! No negotiating power at all. We are like beggars asking for their help. So shameful!

Anonymous said...

No hurrah or horee. Dato, i dunno if any else have experienced what my staff and i had gone thru.

Really really cant trust Indonesian maids. So nothing to shout about of they do come in. We are scared of them. Generally we encounter many untrustworthy Indonesian maids as much as the worthy ones. Pinoy maids and Cambodians are easier to trust. The Indonesian maids lie through their teeth as sweetly as possible, incorrigible liars and are treacherous. As an employer trying to help staff and friends who have been stuck without maids or simply cant afford to hire maids no more.

I have engaged maid as a central daily nursery keeper, so staff have a 'nursery' ( actually a house we rented ) with maids, to send their children to during office hours. These maids are now too expensive for my staff to afford.

But the maids from Indonesia are like a syndicate. After a month , without us realising it, they take their clothes away slowly, and your valuable stuff, your IC if your not careful. They then 'cabut lari' (run away) and will not be contactable. Though their agent or leader will say they have decided to go back to Indonesia. No compensation for us. No replacement unless we cough more money

Over a short period, we had hired 7 Indon maids , lost about RM48K ( For a small company this is a fortune !) One was quite brazen that she even threatened to report that she was sexually assaulted. By whom?! But we later found out they didnt go back to Indonesia. They went underground, to work in a factory , or a cleaning service or be recycled to be sent by the agent to another unsuspecting home, I suppose. They are cruel and have no care at all , forget about what you have doen for them , tall stories about parents or husband or child being very in Indonesia, so you would give them loans or simply, donations

How do we know? They would befriend other maids in contact with them and influence these maids to run away too. God bless the worthy wants.

I dont think I am the only one who have made police reports. My friends , whom we shared same plan on how to help our staff , have made police reports with same problem. NO action because police said our case is as common as 'sakit kepala'.


Anonymous said...

Why cannot have Indian maids or Chinese maids ah?

So racist!

BIGCAT said...

Anon 12.53
Aiyoh, maid issue also want to politicize ka? Calling people racists some more? If I'm not mistaken, there was a proposal to bring in maids from China but was rejected because there was a fear that those maids may be so pretty, they may snatched away all the handsome Chinese husbands in this country. Maids from India I am not so sure lah, try check yourself...sheeeshhh