Monday, July 19, 2010

Al Fatihah: DALILAH TAMRIN, a fighter, a survivor!

My dear friend, Dalilah Tamrin -- Raden Galoh of "One Breast Bouncing" - a hell of a gal, a fighter. A cancer survivor.
She had so much positivity. I knew there were times she felt so down and that sense of hopelessness must have been so overwhelming...but she never let it get to her.

She kept up the good fight for as long as she could because she wanted to live for as long as she could (under the circumstances) for her loved ones, and the love of her family -- hubby Saiful and sons, Adam and Idris.
But Allah SWT knows best.

Dalilah passed away this morning at the KL Hospital. She was 42.

Yesterday, Elviza texted me to say that Dalilah was really bad. Her husband, Saiful had said that she was "nazak".
Elviza and I decided to meet at Kak Ton's (in Kelana Jaya), from where Elviza would drive us to Dalilah's home in Banting.
Elviza was going to drive us this time. The last time (last year) we went together to visit Dalilah, I drove us there, and on the way back, missed an exit and ended up....on the road to Ipoh....
That became something of a story to tell friends..

This would be my second "visit" to see Dalilah (who was already going downhill), in the last month. About three weeks ago, Shaira (my daughter) and I visited her before she (and Saiful) left for Umrah.
Alhamdulillah, Dalilah managed to perform the Umrah but Saiful told us that she did not get her wish -- to leave this earth in the holy land.

Yesterday, it turned out that she had to be taken to the KL Hospital because she was in terrible pain.

So, we headed for the hospital and waited for the ambulance that would bring her there.

We met Saiful, Adam and Idris outside the emergency ward.

I think the ambulance arrived about 1.30pm.

As they wheeled her out of the vehicle, we went to her. First, Elviza, then I and Kak Ton, stood by her side, to rub her forehead, her hand, her face, and kissed her.

Her eyes were open, but she could not see us, nor recognize us.

Farewell, dear soul.

You are in better place now, my dear. Al-Fatihah!

*Her remains will be taken to her mother's house in Banting. The funeral is this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Al Fatihah for Dalilah, ex smss, may she be in a better place.

RHB xsmss83

jebat said...


Rest in peace, May Allah put her soul among the the true Muslimahs.

The one who had gone will be replaced by Allah. Insya Allah !!

We pray there will be some one better wil apper soon..Amin.

C++ said...

Dear Sis,

Allah has taken her for the best of her. May Allah bless her soul and forgives all her sin.

Al-Fatihah to her.

Please convey me and my wife regards to her family.

Unknown said...



Unknown said...

Alfatihah..I am so sad to hear this news. She was the first blog friend I knew in blog land.

sinaganaga said...

Terima kasih kepada semua yang mendoakan kesejahteraan Dalilah selama ini.

Dalilah telah selamat dikebumikan di kampungnya sebentar tadi.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Innalillahi wainna lillahi rajiun, Al Fatihah.

gram.kong said...

Al Fatihah.May Allah bless her soul.

Only those who have lost loved ones know the pain.

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

alfatihah. Semoga ditempatkan bersama2 orang yg beriman. Inspirasi kepada semua

Anonymous said...

Al-fatihah for Dalilah.
For her darling sons, banyak sabar dek, she loves you all, but she has to go, sakit sangat. Allah sayangkan dia.
For her patient husband, soldier on, the boys are there for you.


Pahangnite said...

Alfatihah. I share her family's sorrow.
She fought the good fight.
A courageous lady who has strong faith in Allah who should be emulated by us.
I am sad she did not get her wish to die in Mekah.
May Allah bless her soul.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


When you intoduced me to her at Kak Ton's house not too long ago, I thought..'Oh no not another one...".
It was my phobia at that time.

The good thing is, from her last postings,we can see that she gets to prepare for her passing.
Many of us might not get that chance.



shamsul said...

al fatihah utk arwah. i was searching for sales mgt trainer when i found her name and her blog. to confirm the same person, i google out her name again, then found several blog mentioned she passed away. semoga ilmu yg beliau curahkan beri manfaat kpd semua.amin