Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Remember Adibah Amin - Sri Delima

Kak Adib as we remember her.

When admirers came a-calling the other day.

I grew up as a teenager, enjoying Sri Delima's "As I Was Passing" - a regular and enduring column in the New Straits Times.

I always looked forward to reading Adibah Amin's anecdotes of life in Malaysia, as she saw it.

I loved her elegant and charming style as she captured and celebrated Malaysian life.

We all wanted to write like Adibah Amin.

I was privileged to have known her personally and professionally. I am thankful for that.

We've known that Kak Adib had not been well these past few years and has been cared for by her brother.

On Monday, she received some visitors and a little contribution.

Adibah Amin is, undoubtedly, a precious Malaysian icon. A living legend, in her own right.

Kak Adib, I pray for your well-being and recovery.


hak55 said...

Oh, I admire her works very much and yes, I also wanted to write like her.

May you be well Kak Adibah.



CodeNameSomaliPirate said...


Adibah, mengigatkan saya watak 'Cekgu Bedah' didalam filem Adik Manja diawal 80an, serta novel beliau 'Seroja Masih Di Kolam'

Semoga beliau kembali pulih, di doakan!

Unknown said...

..yes, I remember her, her column, her 'elegant and charming' style..and I remember wanting to write like her, too..I do not have the good fortune of knowing her..but she had always been a friend, for through her column, her words touched many, including me.. she is, indeed, precious..I wish her well..and pray for her recovery..

The Phoenix Foundation said...

What on earth has happened?

When did all of this happen to Adibah?

Icon does not even begin to describe her - Even in the piscture now she still has that magical, whimsical smile that had capitivated & enthralled me from those years!

Darn it!

Pls.advise & inform me as to how & where I can get to see her & assist in any manner what so ever!

With respect, NAS, I am "posting this on my blogspot.


atanjamilselamat said...

I remember reading SEROJA MASIH DI KOLAM as a kid. That's how I get to know Puan Adibah Amin. Teacher and a schoo principal. I was very surprise when she went into acting in ADIK MANJA and she's not bad really and playing the part of a teacher of course.

Howard said...

I hope she improves --- "As I Was Passing" by Sri Delima was one of my favorite NST columns when I was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kelantan in the mid- to late 1970's . Please keep us informed!

Anonymous said...

"We all wanted to write like Adibah Amin". How true!
I was in Primary 3 then. Mum would take home newspapers from the office she works (before the cleaners came and destroyed them). I remember my sisters would rush for the comics and horoscope section. Mum would spend time reading "Sri Delima" and I would be perched on the handle of that old rattan chair, listening to Mum as she read aloud. I always wished I could write like that or even speak like that. Her "teacher role" in the movie resembled our geography teacher to a T. No nonsense type! Praise God for people like Adibah Amin, who have enlightened our minds and our speech. Thank you teacher!

May-Yin, Liew

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to come across an old compilation of Sri Delima's columns in my teens. I absolutely fell in love with the Malaysia of old, seen through her eyes, and yearned to travel back to that time and place.

kassim.ahmad said...

as her student in form 6 in sekolah alam shah cheras 1966-67 i pray for well being. i'll remember her everytime i play 'serunai malam' on the piano. you've left an ever lasting impression on me, dear cikgu.

the Razzler said...

I practically grew up with "As I Was Passing" by Sri Delima ..

I wish Kak Adibah well ...

Devotional Thoughts said...

Kak Adibah Amin is our Malaysian Heritage. She is precious to all of us who grew up in the seventies. She is truly a Malaysian and accepted by all races. I benefited alot in my younger days reading her columns. She's a true leader of writers in bringing harmony to all Malaysians.
May God bless you and keep you in good health. You have touch so many lives through your writing.I am one of those that you have taught and correct our Bahasa and English. Truly you a great teacher and deserved to be praised.

hak55 said...

Puan Nuraina,

Do you have her address? I would like to visit her to say thank you to her personally and sing her some of her favourite Frank Sinatra's songs, (kar-o-ke style preferably).

I also would also like to support her new project about 'racism' so that we can all live the 1Malaysia way in it's true essence.

Best regards.


Kak Teh said...

ena, how I missed her...everytime balik tak sempat jumpa but the last time I saw her at the relaunch of her book, I was given the honour to say a few words about her, and she said to me Zaharah, dont delay writing your book. I really want her to see my book. Insyaallah Kak Adib.

Unknown said...

Salam Nuraina, I hope you don't mind me using your blog as a media to reach Sri Delima.

Dear Sri Delima (Adibah),
Growing up in Keningau and later going to school in KK, Sabah. I could really relate to cheeky Nina. How I looked forward to your articles in my teen.

It left such a lasting impression on me - my daughter's name Delina and nickname Nina is inspired by your writing. Yes my Nina does have a resemblance to your Nina (in my imagination at least). I have always wanted to say Thank You to you for giving me so much happy, enjoyable moments; moments where my imaginations just fly.

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will." ~ George Bernard Shaw

May Allah Bless You.

Salam & Thank You
Maimon Arif

Anonymous said...

Yes, Nuraina. I WAS AN ARDENT FAN of Sri Delima in those days. I enjoyed reading every column ND i'd read most of it again and again. Sad to say nobody highlighted any news about her condition lately. Thanks to you for the posting. And yes I wish I COULD WRITE LIKE HER. May ALLAH BLESS HER WITH GOOD HEALTH AND hope that she'll write again. Wishing you a speedy recovery KAK ADIBAH. NAMAN

Jahamy said...

I too pray for her. Admired her alot. She was like the "wow" Malay that time !!!! Adik manja...etc

hak55 said...

Puan Nuraina,

Why don't we hold a party for her, before the Ramadhan or just after Raya Eid and have some singing, dancing, food and drinks all in her honour.

I can sing for her (kar-o-ke style preferably) some of her favourite Frank Sinatra's songs, Beatles, Cliff Richard and some classic rock numbers and balads too.

Best regards.


matdeboq said...

Not so very long times ago. During an era when NST ruled the day's...!!

I always looking forwards for NST menu of the day's. Adibah Amin column beside the others such as Lat's many of the big names of today..!!

All the Best for her..and may ALLAH SWT Bless her ....!!

Pak Zawi said...

Writers like her don't come by very often.

Roslina said...

Whew ! I read the title of your post and I thought the worse !! Thank God, it wasn't what I feared. Along with so many others, I grew up reading her take on life and her obvious love for her daughter - Nina. Nina must be around my age because I remembered her describing Nina going through her life as a child and later teenager - I was going through the same thing ! I wanted to be a journalist and have my own column like her. It's such a great talent to have - to touch someone with your words. I never became a journalist but I will always remember someone which inspired me. I hope she will recover soon !

ninotaziz said...

Dear Nuraina,

If it is possible, please sampaikan salam to Cikgu, our very first headmistress of SMKJKA, now known as Seri Puteri.

My favourite Sri Delima article was 'My Baby is 10 years old' and kept safe on my Malaysiana bookshelf is my autographed Glimpses by Cikgu herself.

Thank you for this post.

ex-Seri Puterian aka Sek Menengah Jalan Kolam Air

mekyam said...

ena, if i'm not mistaken she also has this wonderful manja voice, kan?



yes, yes she has.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh .... your headline is confusing. i think u should say "remembering" someone only if that person is no longer around?

ambrose khaw said...

I am Ambrose Khaw, remembering dear Adibah's manja voice and sweet smile when I was in NST office as deputy managing editor, ranking below Siew Yee and comrade Abdul Samad. Have copy of "As I was Passing" from the author, with a few precious words above inside title page: "To Ambrose. With love. Adib." I offer prayers to Him, thanks for happy years with Adibah, now pleas for her recovery. If possible, let me know how I can reach her by e-mail. Kindly let her know I care Insha-la at 83 I still hope and pray I can hold her hand again.



altho i don't agree with you on the point you raised...i've changed the heading simply because i think "i remember..." sounds nicer.
thank you, anyway.


dear ambrose,

this is such a wonderful thing -- to hear from you.

how are you? i remember you on the editorial floor from the subs side. your voice was unmistakeable..and alos i remember you visiting our family on hari raya..and i think you'd always bring with you a gift -- a cake..

i'll tell kak adib, surely, if i can get in touch with her.

thank you, ambrose, for visiting my blog!

Ambrose Khaw said...

Dear Nuraina,
I was privileged and honoured to work closely with Samad Ismail -- one I respected and admired and not just because he could use language with precision, bilingual in English and Malay. Adibah also respected and admired him. If I may trouble you to let me have your private e-mail address, I could tell you more. It is well-known that a common enemy makes for lasting friendships. Samad and I were therefore great friends and comrades.


dear ambrose,

that is so nice to know.

my email is and i hope to hear from you.

thank you.

cahaya M8 said...

Terima kasih dapat juga baca kisah puan adibah.. we enjoy her visit to library every time she needs to get a file or photos and you too. NSTP ex librarian

L Yong said...

Thank you for posting this Nuraina. I was sitting here in my house in USA this morning, drinking my kopi-o, when it occured to me to Google up Sri Delima. Like many people, I enjoyed her columns in my school days back in the 70s.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this Dato' Nuraina. I have for the past week actually been reading Adibah's writings in Sri Delima for I wanted so much to reminisce what she had written in NST those days. I fell in love again with what she had written... it brought tears rolling down my cheeks literally. Yes, I how I wish I can write like her. I also wish that Adibah Amin be conferred an befitting award by His Majesty the Yang Di Pertuan Agong for her contribution, while she is still around. I pray to Allah for her health and long life. Ameen.