Friday, June 04, 2010

Time Off For teachers...

PASIR PUTEH (June 4, 2010) - Principals and headmasters of primary and secondary school must allow teachers in their respective schools to go on leave for at least two Saturdays in a month to reduce their stress.

Education Ministry Director-general Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom said they (principals and headmasters) cannot force teachers to be involved in co-curriculum or academic activities every Saturday.

"A circular has been issued to all schools regarding the matter," he told reporters at Sekolah Menengah Sains Pasir Puteh here last night when commenting on grouses and complaints from teachers that headmasters and principals were forcing them to conduct extra classes every Saturday.

Alimuddin said schools can have extra curricular activities on alternate Saturdays, based on a roster, to give time for teachers to spend some time with their families.

He added that if a public holiday happens to fall on a Saturday, schools cannot force teachers to be on duty.

Meanwhile, speaking of reports that four students in Terengganu had given birth while another 16 were pregnant, Alimuddin said he had already directed the state Education Department to carry out a detailed investigation as it was a very serious issue.

Reports have said that Form Three and Form Six students had given birth at the Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital last year while the latest was a Form Three student who gave birth to a baby boy last Sunday.

Alimuddin said schools should not be blamed for such social ills because it involved parents and the community. - BERNAMA


Wake UP! said...

Teruk betul masalah sosial yang dihadapi oleh remaja zaman sekarang. Tidak hairanlah setiap hari ada kes buang bayi.

Anwar Ibrahim and KJ's a joke.

Anonymous said...

Please plan and think before forcing people to do stuff.

Like that 31 one year old government financial officer, a wife and mother, died after undergoing commando style training.

What??? Why is a 31 year old women, financial officer and mother, doing commando training? Has the financial desk job world gotten so physically dangerous that she needs commando training? Are financial enemies lurking in the dark armed with knives or guns?

Please look at people as human beings. One way to see them is how you see yourself. Ask yourself whether you would go through with something like that. More importantly, is it NECESSARY?

One would think that courses in finance, management and people skills would be more appropriate. Sure, you can throw in some sit ups and 10 minute jogging during team building exercises. Also good for health reasons. But commando training? Come one.

Reminds me of some friends who joined a certain service. They had to undergo police training, army training, fire brigade training, safety training, camp craft, jungle survival, self-defense training, and grooming courses.

However, they didn't become experts in the skills that they should have to make the service marketable, efficient and profitable.

Moral of the story - Time and energy is not infinite. Concentrate on what is feasible and important. Or we would not achieve anything.

There are no bad students only bad teachers.

There are no bad teachers only bad management.

Anonymous said...

Maybe teachers should also be given commando training since most schools have gangsters. These kids are mat rempit samseng, ah beng triads and macha thugs.

The solution is very simple actually. Any gangster school kid that causes trouble, just catch him or her after school and use commando techniques learned.

Come on people, these are 14 - 17 year old kids we're talking about. If they bring their gangster parents or relatives, the commando training will also help.

Nak jadi gangster? Potong tangan kiri, pikir 10 kali.