Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whose "Palace" Is This?

Nobody seems to know who belongs to this palatial home being built on a sprawling piece of land near Carcosa Seri Negara in Kuala Lumpur.
People don't play dumb for no good reason.
My bet is that a very super-duper rich businessman bought this piece of land from the government for this home to be built as a present to a very important someone who has contributed immensely to the progress and success of the nation.

But I am so bad at guessing.


Anonymous said...

How is it that your blog, the malay mail and rockys bru seem to find the same things to highlight? Compacts against common personalities or just coincidences?



is that a problem with you?

antusiri said...

Near Carcosa Seri Negara?

Thought I've read somewhere long time ago that one of the "parting gift" associated with the last PM was something to do with a piece of land somewhere near that Carcosa?

Anonymous said...

badawi just follow mahakutty la ooiii

when mahakutty resign, he gets million ringgit mansion in can check it if you want to

Anonymous said...

not a problem at all but seems like a waste of cyberspace when so many substantial, worthwhile issues can be highlighted by influential persons like yourselves!

anon 6.18

Anonymous said...

I really dont care anymore. Go and build more palaces.

Anonymous said...

Just answer lah sis..don't get angry so fast k?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.18pm

Birds of a feather flock together !

Nuraina -wah,wah -since having hopped onto the Najis bandwagon (as an excess baggage during his sojourn to Paris ) you seem to be no different from the other msm bootlickers and that includes Jocelyn (Star)Baradan (Star)
Wah betul betul 1 Malaysia beb !

Nuraina -I dare you publish my comments if you subscribe to true journalism.


Mike Tan said...

How to have a glimpse of that palace or is it still under construction? My guess is it belongs to one of the UMNO goons,a big one at that.

Since it is is supposed to be for an ex VIP,than it must be comparable or bigger that infamous Klang palace and Toyol's mansion.

Rocky would have guessed it for you.Didn't he?.

Anonymous said...

aiyo is Pak Lah's Palace la !!

why you & Rocky still cannot let go of Pak Lah, after all he already 'pencen' !!

After what you and Rocky did to sabotag Pak Lah......belum cukup lagi ke ??


artchan said...

anon 6.18

you are right..they always highlight the same things. Coincidences? No.

Unknown said...

Yes that is a problem. It shows who is the current enemy of he who can do no wrong, and we all know who that is now don't we. Just ask BigDog and Mahaguru85 and the rest of the merry bunch.

Anonymous said...

Your English is horrible for someone who is an editor of an English publication.

Oh it is very obvious you are working hand-in-hand with Rocky Bru for the same masters, no doubt about that. Not a problem for us, we have conscience, do you?

Anonymous said...

I dont care anymore. Go and build more palaces. Stupid country. All fucked up.

Anonymous said...

a very nice and convenient way to portray Pak lah as a corrupt guy and divert attention from the current corrupt administration. Expertly done by the the usual govt lackeys - nst, malay mail and their paid bloggers...

Anonymous said...

Nur, all talk about transparency!! It is not visible with the naked eye what is building up in this huge plot of land!
It is also strange that there is no signboard!!

Vish said...

Well, your choice of topic is slightly strange, considering that you chose it on the same day that the Government attempted to impose yet more fascist controls on the printed press.

But then again, I guess your outrage over 'free media' as per the Utusan reporter case is only reserved for the Opposition?

Truly pathetic.


ding-a-ling said...

Of course you know, but you are not telling.
But it's not ours. LOL.

joshua said...

good guess!

try harder!


Anonymous said...

bukan semua ex-PM is eligible to buy federal govt punya land at a discounted price ke?

paklah got this one NEAR carcosa (not the carcosa itself), while mahathir got his at jalan tun ismail, where he built a few bungalows for himself and his kids. i'm sure those bungalows that mahathir build cost millions as well.

jangan terlampau extreme mahathir sangat, sampai benda-benda macam ni yang dah terpampang depan mata pun tak nampak.


Anonymous said...


A very carefully slected piece.

You choose to ignore:

a. Khir Toyo's 'palace' and how he got the funding

b. The big fish who illegally sent out money from this country to foreign lands (and instead let your Malay Mail focus on the money changers whose licences were cancelled by Bank Negara)

c. The many instances of how the BN government (including that of Pak Lah, failed to address concens and needs of Indians but let Samy Vellu do the damage to the community for almost 30 years)

You deserve Nobel Prize lah, for you fantastic neutrality and objectivity.


vinnan said...

Hei anon 6:18 PM,

It is obvious that the verbal spat between Mahashithead and Nazi is a reflection of the struggles between the Najis-Bodowi faction and the Mahashithead faction. Do you think Nazi has the balls to go after Mahashithead without Najis's explicit approval. As for all these so-called pro-UMNO bloggers, they want the Malays to think that they have the interest of the Malays at heart rather than the interest of these two main UMNO factions. A large number of Malays are indeed naive enough to buy this UMNO Malay hero story all the time but there is also a growing number of Malays who see UMNO for the corrupted, greedy racialist that they really are. Most of all we should thank Mahathir for clearing the air on what UMNO is. To paraphrase Mahathir on UMNO's racism, "So fuc;;[. what?

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Dear Nuraina,

Macam marah aje?

Bertanya tak salahkan?


Anonymous said...

Well put Ms Nuraina!!

selampit said...

Kak Ena asking anon@6:18pm,

"is that a problem with you?"

Of course it's a problem with him/her Kak!

Unless of course you, brader Rocky and the Malay mail write things that he/she LIKES to read.

You see, Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler also highlight the same things, but that DOES NOT STOP perverts all over the wold from buying them all.

IES Agencies said...

 I asked KJ's cybertroopers to list just one good thing that he has done for the country and Umno... if you want to read the list they sent (its quite funny, the list) follow the link

Anonymous said...


i) manusia yang duduk dalam istana di bumi ini.....belum tentu dapat istana kat sana!...

dan ramai yang memperjuangkan agama Allah hidup dalam sengsara di bumi Allah ini....(ini ingatan kepada yang 'berkejar2' nak duduk dalam istana2 dan juga kepada mereka2 yang sentiasa 'menjaga kepentingan' golongan2 yang berkejar2 itu!)......

ii) it is not anon@ 6:18's is actually yours (and Rocki's too) based on i) above!

The MIND!!!



no, my dear. i don't think we ALWAYS "highlight the same thing.

but if we do...NO, you are right, not a coincidence.




hey..if you're okay with that piece of land being given to Pak Lah, that's your prerogative.

not everyone is okay with that.

you don't like me posting the story, don't have to read.

you don't think it's worth a story, well..go elsewhere.

you don't like me re-publishing the Malay Mail story -- too bad.


suci dalam debu,

macam kita marah, ke?

orang yang marah kalau kita blog isu yang sama dengan Rocky atau the Malay Mail.

not my problem-lah.




wah, such viciousness in your comment.




Oh, please. don't give us "credit" for what we never did.

we're not the ones who sabotaged Pak Lah.

you know that.


anon 6.18,

where got waste of space?



dontch read me, mah,

Anonymous said...


"I dont care anymore. Go and build more palaces. Stupid country. All fucked up"

Sounds like you are the only nice guy left in M'sia. Why don't you become a citizen of other country if you think M'sia is stupid?

Real Rastaman said...

Rastaman JB,

If NUraina were you, she would not have published your comments. BUt she isn't you, you see. Dia bukan pengecut. Lu ingat senang nak jadi editor MSM, lepas tu make a name as a blogger (and her own name, not some nick like yours), and then come back as BOTH a journalist and a blogger of repute?

And all you care about is whether she would publish your comment or not?

Pa-the-tic la lu Rastaman, buat malu all the braders and sistas saja.

hak55 said...

Nefarious or nebulous, hey, to some of you, give that lady a chance to post whatever she wants, whether her articles appear to be similar to some guy or just coincidences. Let them be.

Read them if you like and ignore them if you don't. Make comments if you think you have some spare 2 sen to say.

You can also write what you want and you will get the same treatment. There's no need to be critical or vicious.

No, I don't know her but knowing her late father and her brother, and one of her elder sisters who is the wife of a former colleague, our ancestors may have come from the same stock who used to live in a very prosperous island south of the peninsula but that doesn't mean I am partial to her.

So, let's stay away from making personal comments, either good or bad, and proceed on rationally.


Best regards.

Anonymous said...

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