Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What A Story For A Movie!

This old lady's shrewdness we can admire. But it stops right there.
Anyway, I'm sure her story has attracted some Bollywood bigwigs who have a movie in mind.


Anonymous said...

what about stolen of f5e engine is there anybody to make a film about it unperfectstone53

Anonymous said...

It shows she is better business woman then the late husband....LOL That I give kudos to her and yet society as a general look down on women's ability to do big scale biz...

Anonymous said...

berkilo-kilo ganja but 18 months jail term.... bestlahhhh

Anonymous said...

Movie title suggestions:

Gangsta Grandma Gee.

My Grandma's A Gangsta.

It's A Ganja Grandma's Life.

Sari Wars.

70 For Life Yo!