Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Selangor's SPIES

SPIES or the Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social programme. The Selangor Government's "equivalent" of the Biro tatanegara programme.

Menteri BesarAbdul Khalid Ibrahim said the state would be training its officers to be more effective through SPIES.

What a name. SPIES.

Know more about SPIES HERE.


RS said...


I found your blog =D I was just clicking away the names of people I see from other people's blogs and I found yours. =) Hope all is well in your life. God bless.

Anonymous said...

I think there's also a programme called LIARS.

Learning Intellectuals Able-bodied Robust Selangorians.

Old Fart said...

Sounds like you might be sad that BTN might be on its final leg!!

amoker said...

Haha... for the UMNO spies in Selangor. Btw, i just think that we should spend less money on kursus and more time on actual work.

Anonymous said...

i have been to SPIES programme. really good.

when it comes to solat time, sembahyang jemaah for all participants. imam dia lim kit siang....

iam not an umno person, but i cannot understand barua melayu macam si khalid ni.

he was part of the system, enjoyed the system, made rich by the system, and full of revenge when he cant get his way all the way...

what he gained from umno and kerajaan, i could only dream of.

sampai mati i cant reach to the level of nikmat that he got from the very system, he is trying to destroy now.

iamnot an umno person, but , anyone like this, is not good for any party.

men with no principal, no value, no integrity. men who bite the hands that feed them....

maybe not a man at all...

kebapukan minda dan rohani, lagi buruk dari kebapukan fisikal....

-bodoh punya melayu si khalid ni-

Anonymous said...

There will be many Despises too!


Anonymous said...

What's becoming of this country Malaysia and this state Selangor? So much politicking and exploiting of every conceivable act or omission by everybody that I'm getting sick and tired of them all.

I'm the average citizen, not belonging to any political party but seeing so much wasted effort and energy that should be used for upgrading services to the people - real, practical services, repairs/ improvements to roads, drains, better parks and recreation other than massage parlours, Ah Long signboards, even posters saying "Love Catered, Phone 018 ..." here and there. What are all these?

If the Prime Minister's Department BTN want to explain about Articles of the Constitution on say, Bahasa Malaysia, Malay Special Position and its quid pro quo, citizenship right for non-Malays, why kick a fuss about them? For goodness sake, we must have unity in this country.

It's the exploiting and the sensationalizing of unhealthy, perhaps even ill-intended, observations by 1-2 fellows that started it all. I remember reading one woman saying she heard about some unfavorable statements made at one BTN course and that was sensationalized in the media. Goodness, gracious, she wasn't even a participant at the course, she didn't hear those herself.

I read the explanations by the BTN that what were discussed at such courses were all based on the Constitution, that no doubt 1-2 people went beyond the norm, but the public must not react in an untoward manner.

Now it appears to me that it is being exploited by the Selangor State Government. We have been reading all sorts of unhappy news on the activities of the Selangor Government: MACC investigations on corrupt practices that led to the demise of Teoh Beng Hock; accusations of MACC being responsible for the death even before the inquest is completed; one PKR ADUN and one PKR MP alleging that DAP Exco has links with "the Underworld"; the liquor sale, proliferation of massagge parlours, illegal factories issues; and a host of other things.

The MB himself has not repaid a long-outstanding RM67 million debt to a bank which has got a Court decision confirming the debt. He talked about using the Muslim fund for development of the state, to the chagrin of the Muslims, even, I hear, of the Sultan. Are these Selangor State "counter BTN" courses a propaganda, aimed also at distracting the attention of the public from the multitude of problems they have?

Goodness, gracious.


Rapid Rabbit said...

Say something useful or comment something meaningful lah Nuraina.

Dont just say 'What a name, Spies'.

Anything can have any fair and reasonable name.

What is important whether that thing does a good job for people or not.

Dont be so biased against Pakatan Rakyat.

Bukak mata la skit.



you've got a new blog.

I'm fine. and hope you are too.

Happy holidays...

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rapid rabbit..

what a name!


This comment has been removed by the author.

Old Fart,

now now, OF.

That's not a fair assumption..

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
In the words of Tony Abbott, newly appointed leader of the Liberals, "The Opposition should offer alternatives to the citizens, not become an echo of the ruling government."
I'm suspecting that SPIES is indeed an echo of BTN! har har har...

Old Fart said...

Assumptions!! How we are all guided by them and live by them. Yet they remain unspoken. They remain unwritten. They remain silent. They are even denied of their existence!

Yet, charters are written. Constitutions are written. Social Contracts are referred to as sacrosanct. Holy books are written too and edicts are made. Assumptions!!

The only time I ever came across Assumptions and the arguments put forward about it was, I believe when, I was reading about Utility Theory!! And, ah, Random Walk too had some assumptions about it for it to stand as a theory!!

This might be a good one to talk about over a long cool Dane, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Why did u decide to remove a posting about BTN? I found it in the blogroll link of another blogger. You started by saying that you are so glad u have never attended a BTN course...but when i clicked the link, the article has been removed. Pressure from your political masters? I used to enjoy yr hardhitting posts. Now all we get are these not very subtle opposition-bashing articles.

Anonymous said...

i will consider....

i promise i will change my vote if....

1)DAP serta merta, prihatin dan bimbang akan peningkatan kes kes murtad dalam Negara, dan membendung isu murtad mengikut undang undang syariah negara; serta, memasukan dalam manifestasi parti nya, menjunjung kedaulatan islam dan hak melayu, seperti yang termaktub, dalam Konstitusi Negara.

2)PAS mengakui, bahawasanya, ia bukan Parti Islam, tetapi hanyalah parti politik malaysia biasa, seperti yang lain, cuma, ia meminjam label dan branding islam; untuk tujuan pemasaran dan promosi dan strategi politik.

3) Parti Keadilan, membuang setiap sisa sisa bekas dan buangan umnno, dari setiap lapisan pimpinan nya, dan benar benar focus hanya atas chogan kata "ADIL", at all costs, even, if it has to bite its own toes, or cut off its own legs..

Until, then, jangan lah nak deceive anybody:

1) DAP remain hardcore 110% chinese chauvanist and anti islam, anti malay, at all costs. even at the expense of national unity & stability. especially for national dis-unity and national in-stability. this is its core business. you replace this, it has no more business.

2) PAS adalah parti chauvanist melayu, mainly melayu kelantan terengganu, yang menggunakan Islam, sebagai topeng pemikat undi dan meraih belas kasihan.

Kalau lah PAS itu parti islam, you will never hear such statements like : statement statement kafirun-munafiqun seperti: ...'undilah pakatan untuk masuk syurga', 'kafir mengkafir', 'yaa Allah, aku doakan agar sipulan bin sipulan itu agar mampus binasa', 'sentiasa membanding kan diri macam nabi"...dan sebagainya. budak tadika pun tau, benda benda ni bukan islam

3) Keadilan remain 110% parti Anwar, parti terribly corrupt ex-umno & ex-bn, vengeful people yang kena tendang keluar dari umno atau bn, yang tak dapat bahagian kekayaan dan imbuhan, yang kalah dalam bisnes deals lawan umno yang lain, yang tak puas hati lambat kaya, kalah bila masuk tender,etc..

nothing to do dengan perkataan "ADIL".

UMNO dan BN memang cacat gila. Memang rosak dan senget benget. semua org tau.

Macam nilah, kalau umno tu buta mata sebelah, tangan patah sebelah, sampai ke usus pun dah busuk;

Pakatan ni pulak, buta dua dua mata, sakit kusta, penuh kanser, kaki tangan lumpuh. ceret beret non stop pulak tu, from all ends...

Its unfortunate, we have such poor choices. i will choose the less cacat one of course, for now, until a real good option is available.....

-ubah dulu baru kita pilih-

Anonymous said...

Kalau kita buat kenduri misalnya. Nak masak lauk umpamanya. Kena ada satu 'chef'. Orang lain bantu beli, pesiang, potong, cincang, basuh, kupas dan sebagainya.

Kalau kita ada ramai sangat 'chef', ada yang nak pedas sederhana, ada yang nak pedas meletup, ada pulak yang nak kurang pedas, ada pulak yang nak manis, ada pulak nak lauk lain, apa la nak jadi dengan usaha masak dan apa nak jadi dengan kenikmatan bermakan?


Old fart,

one long cool dane for you and one long cool mojito for me!




anon, anon, anon..

don't-lah make inane accusations about political masters.

nobody tells me what to blog and what not to blog.

On BTN, i blasted the BTN program without actually knowing what it was (is) all about.
my point of view: BTN, in whatever form, is irrelevant today.

one more thing: don't think i was ever a hard-hitting blogger. subtle opposition-bashing articles?
i haven't even started. besides, i have too many friends in the opposition.
anyway, if i hit at the opposition, then it's because i don't agree with something it is doing. but, if you have been following my blog, you know that i haven't even been doing that.

that's basically my problem. i have friends here and there. it's also a good thing that whacking for teh sake of whacking aint my style.

Anonymous said...

A Mojito is traditionally made of five ingredients: white rum, sugar , lime, sparkling water and mint.

The original Cuban recipe uses spearmint or "Hierba buena", a much lighter mint variety very popular in the island.

Its combination of sweetness, refreshing citrus and mint flavors are intended to complement the potent kick of the rum, and have made this clear highball a popular summer drink.

When preparing a Mojito, lime juice is added to sugar (or syrup) and mint leaves. The mixture is then gently mashed with a muddler. The mint leaves should only be bruised to release the essential oils and should not be shredded.Then rum is added and the mixture is briefly stirred to dissolve the sugar and to lift the mint sprigs up from the bottom for better presentation.

The mojito is one of the most famous rum-based highballs. There are several versions of the mojito.

yummy! which version do you like? i like the one with gula melaka. more asian.


Akubas86 said...

Frankly, I think PR retaliation is a norm, however, they had no right blaming BTN as a BN tool and whatsoever. No one would ever believe SPIES would be any better than BTN. Thus, I don't expect anyone would later came on and defend SPIES. They would criticize BTN yes for sure but claiming SPIES as any better is sheer stupidity.

Politics are art to convey information. The better you convinced your voter the better chances you'll gain support. Would SPIES criticizes themselves (PR), I seriously doubt it, with immense pressure on them SPIES would always potray them as saviour. Same as BTN might have in certain circumstances.



the La Bodega/Marmalade (both in bangsar) non-alcoholic version. that means minus the rum...with lots of mint leaves. :-)

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that KL has lots of mat sallehs these days? Some say it's because they come here as an alternative to bangkok because of its recent unrest.

However, i think there's more to it. Some of them look, well, CIAish or MI6ish. I bet my next nasi kandar at mahboob that some are spies.

Anonymous said...

to pakatan rakyat and keadilan people.

jangan syok sendiri lah. you guys win selangor, not because people want you. its just because people dont want khir toyo. dah benci dan terlalu meluat.

now that we have experienced your styles and temperaments, satu term dah lah. nothing special pun. goreng lebih.

with a menteri besar having RM60+M debt on his head, lebih baik atok aku jadi MB!

at least dalam bank dia, is in the black, positive account of RM1654.25 baki dan simpanan duit pencen. takde hutang se sen pun. takde nak mintak favour for cash whatever.

how do you run a state, if your head cant stop thinking about your debt which is like a mountain?

kawan aku hutang credit card RM43k je dah jadi muflis, tak boleh buat tu tak boleh buat ni. takm boleh sign tu tak boleh sign ni.

apsal si khalid ni boleh pulak? passport dia mahkamah pegang tak?

malaysia tak adil, mana keadilan? mana baju kuning demonstrasi "bersih" for this?

-khalid, lu kencing lebih lah-

Anonymous said...

Old F
I used random walk method in maths comp. programming last year.

I leave you with your already-developed-assumptions on ‘developing assumptions in order to develop theory’.

Read your comments on Awang Goneng. You have wonderful assumptions on successful Malays. Should I change from ‘have’ to ‘had’? I should, shouldn’t I?
Eventually, I assume, I shouldn’t…once bitten, twice shy.

Old Fart said...


Now you can have 2 mojitos on me at La Bodega!..Now just tell me when? I only got Sunday and Monday after that....errr....I do believe Rocky's got my number!!

And tder, Awang Gonen? What's that? How do I get there?


Old Fart,

Anytime, sir! okay...sunday or monday. will get rocky for your number!

Anonymous said...

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