Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No To Gwen Stefani?

US pop star Gwen Stefani is scheduled to perform in Malaysia on Aug 21 as part of her "Sweet Escape" tour.
It is to be held at the Putra Indoor Stadium in Bukit Jalil.
However, it may not happen, if the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students has its way.
Oh, don't be a party pooper, killjoy, wet blanket...
The group, said to number 10,000, will not hear of it because they find her too sexy and too obscene for Malaysia and fear that she will only be promoting un-Asian and unIslamic values to young Malaysians.
Her performance goes against the grain of Asian culture.
Its president Mohamed Hilmi Ramli was quoted by Reuters to have said that her video clips promoting the event are "too obscene".
"We want the organisers to cancel the concert, failing which we will ask the authorities to intervene," he warned.

Well, what can I say but to allay Hilmi's fears. Gwen Stefani is not your regular hard-core sex act.
Really, fear her not. You won't find young Malaysians running out in the streets gyrating their hips in the buff, after watching her concert.
Heavens, you'd think that the heavy dogged dose from MTV would've already done the trick.
Have faith in our young Malaysians, I always say.

Firstly (and frankly), I don't find Gwen Stefani sexy (in the vulgar sense which is troubling these students) or obscene.
Secondly, which follows the first, -- therefore her one-night performance in Malaysia for which you have to get tickets, is not about to influence the minds of our young people to go the "obscene" western way.
You know, you can choose to buy the tickets to watch her performance. You do have a choice. And those who will be there will be her fans -- Muslims and non-Muslims.
You may not like her but that does not give you the right to deny others their right to choose to watch her performance.
Thirdly, I can understand Hilmi's concern but I think the concert should be the least of his worries.
There are bigger problems out there, saudara Hilmi, that you should be battling.
I suppose our "mahasiswi" and "mahasiswa" are constrained by the Universities and University Colleges Act so much so that an event such as Gwen Stefani's concert seems a good enough issue to push.
But it's good to know that some provisions in the UUCA may be amended to allow students to participate in political parties and youth organisations outside campus.
Perhaps then, organisations like the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students can really channel their energy and time on far more important and crucial issues such as corruption, abuse of power and the decline in academic education.
Not trivialities like Gwen Stefani's concert.
Besides, she's harmless. Trust me.

For stories on this intolerance to western pop music and artistes, read here, here, and here.


shar101 said...

And if the show goes on, will NUMMS stand outside the stadium and stew in their own juices or barge in without tickets to witness a 'free' sexy show?

Stay home, NUMMS. This ain't your cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Gwen Renee Stefani. 38 years old. Her album sold 30 million copies worldwide. Singer. Designer. Actress.Very talented individual. NUMMS who?

Gwen, you are welcome to Malaysia!

A.John said...

what absurdity ! What about the countless numbers who go abroad for their studies? do they wear blinkers when they go there. NUMMS should maybe agitate their cohorts that all Muslim students be only allowed to go to countries where every female is covered with a burkah! If these feeble minded clowns do not come out of their tempurung soon , how is malaysia to progress?

J.T. said...

Just because Gwen Stefani is not NUMMS cup of tea, it does not give them the right to deny others of her concert. Don't like, don't attend. Simple as that.

I agree that there are other bigger issues to deal with. Why don't they focus on those things?

Groups like these are so quick to push their values on others. They forget they are human too. Some could be up to something "un-Asian and un-Islamic" when no one is watching. Bunch of sanctimoniuos buffoons!

I echo A.John's comment - "If these feeble minded clowns do not come out of their tempurung soon , how is Malaysia to progress?"

Geronimo said...

Here they come. Acting like the students who took over the Red Mosque in Pakistan. If they really fear Gwen Stefani corrupting their weak brains, then hang a notice at the gates "This show is for non-Muslims only" and then leave us the non-Muslims to enjoy the show. Gwen Stefani must have fantastic hypnotic power to influence these NUMMS blokes just in one night!

Anonymous said...

OH NO ! Here we go again ! A self rightous group who is trying to stop the world from spinning.
Nobody is forcing anybody to see the show-- so to the male members of this group, its ok, you can come and enjoy the show too--just put on a different garb and nobody'll know you.

You may also be surprised that after the show, the audience will not turn into some sex maniac--you won't har tem passing stupid remarks like 'bocor' and what have you -
And life is still very much the same.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aisehhh....and these undergrads/grads are potentially our future leaders so to speak.

looks like we still hv to cross over the johore straits to witness big acts struting their stuff.

Rockybru said...

never heard of gwen stefani before this. never heard of numms, either. after this, i'll try out gwen's music. i thought it'd be too young to my liking but then basree rakijan, yr commenter, said she's 38! so maybe ada hope ..?

and after this, i hope i don't hear of this national union of malaysian muslim students, or numms, anymore. unless it champions for real issues, like poverty, corruption, racism, freedom of speech, child abuse, and peace.

Unknown said...

this poor chap is just trying gain some mileage out of the superstar show... have pity and mercy on him. where else and how else could he have make the limelight if not by clinging on someone else "skirt"...

he must've graduated from the Marketing on a Shoestring Budget 101 Class aka Marketing for Cheapos.....

Anonymous said...

yup, there are more things to worry about, like religious teachers raping their students. Dont see any one crying for a boycott there...

Anonymous said...

Hey Nuraina

These are stupid kids who think that by getting into universities, they are smart, but actually they are not.

In fact, these people should not even be allowed of their homes, less they be a danger to themselves.

If he really cares about people, this joker of a student leader should be doing community and charity work, which I think Islam value more than posturing and pretending to be so concerned about the fragility of our young's innocence.

He should be voluntering in Darfur, Sarajevo, Chenchen, Afghanistan, hell, even some squatter areas and rural interior Malaysia. Teach kids values, religion, health, etc.

But of course that is hard work, why do it when you can get free publicity doing nothing.

If they care so much about the moral of Muslim youth, why dont they preach to Mat Rempits, the druggies at Chow Kit, the youth lepaking at malls.

He is a shallow opportunitic snot nosed kid who thinks the world of himself, and perhaps just preparing for the day he will join UMNO or PAS or PKR....

This guy could not even represent his family, much less 10,000 muslims. has he consulted them?

You know how in science fiction, some mad scientist or megalomaniac politician would try to breed a race of super smart and strong human being, well they do so by eliminating the weak so that the human race and gene pool will not be tainted. Well some people in NUMMS would probably be the first in-line to be neutured so they cannot breed.

They would not be terminated, of course, since every society and every age need their clowns.

ps/ by the way, is the stefani any good, ah?

jesscet said...

I can't believe they're doing this! after all, even Pussy Cat Dolls have performed here before! it will only shed bad light to the country .. Yep, what a bunch of self-righteous group. why couldn't they find something really worth championing to pursue than imposing their so-called (distorted) religious/morality on non-existing `issue'!?

p.s. am surprised that Rocky has not heard of Gwen Stefani! He's not that old..? :p

Pak Zawi said...

Hilmi and his NUMMS has managed to get himself and his so called National Union some publicity. Never heard of them before.

Find some other issues which can give you better respect and serve society better. If you have no idea then read the comments here for clues. I guess he doesnt even read MT.

Now lets see how stupid the authority's concerned will act. Will they ban the show? This is not the first time such people voiced their displeasure against show performance. Even the local KRU was once targeted. It took no less than the then Deputy Prime Minister himself to intervene and get the show going.

Anonymous said...

what is wrong with NUMMS..better call this group numbskull..

Since when they became our moral police?. maybe they should use their energies to help the police bring corrupt politicians to book.,.. don't behave like those monkeys we saw in Ijok. And if you don't like it...stay away.

And numbskulls..also cancel your astro..plenty of bad influence there too.

eva's haven said...

You've gotta be joking?!!
It's not the issue that a western artiste is threatening to influence the lot of malaysian youngsters.
it's that these students (unfortunately representing Muslim students in universities) are taking this up.
For cryin out loud... is this the kin dof student leader you have?
And Gwen Stefani, for heaven's sake.
And this greenhorn joker is representative of your students?
I cry for you, Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Why is it these kinda org's alwiz pick on least important outlets to show they are functional??? Harlow, do sometin useful for the youths for once!

Gwen is too cool to cause that much harm, and for heaven's sake you think any tom, dick n harry can actually pull off her fashion?

*Reality check pls!*

You go Gwen!

Anonymous said...

my comment is kinda late but i must say this :

stupid NUMMS president ! get a life !