Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ouster By The People

No, this isn't what I am promoting or propagating.
I was reading this article about George W. Bush's declining popularity. Interesting.

Polls showing President Bush's approval ratings in the 20s and 30s and a New York Times survey last month reporting that people across the country are eager for an end to the current administration suggest that this nation has a problem it's going to have to live with for the next 17 months -- a failed presidency that won't reestablish its credibility with a national majority. The political argument against Bush's continuing tenure is not frivolous. There are good reasons to see him as a failed president whose remaining time in office will be unproductive at best and destructive to the country's well-being at worst.
But given the constitutional rules by which the presidency operates, there is no serious prospect of removing him from office.
A fine solution would be a Nixon-style resignation, but anyone who thinks that Bush and Vice President Cheney would give in to such a demand is dreaming.
With no serious threat of impeachment looming, Bush and Cheney can afford to dismiss calls for their departure as the outcries of political extremists.
Instead, the president, determined to stay the course, declares that his strategy in
Iraq needs more time to work, that the many charges of abuse of power are unsubstantiated, and that, as with Harry Truman, who also lost his hold on the public in the last two years of his presidency, history will vindicate him.

For the rest of the story by Robert Dallek, a historian and the author most recently of "Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power," click here.


Rockybru said...

Wow! The similarities with the survey published by Malaysiakini yesterday (and picked up by Elizabeth Wong and then yours truly) are giving me tooth ache. In fact I might lose a few teeth soon as the gums are receding, same as the current administration which is losing ground very fast with the people. Losing the grassroots, and that is politically disastrous. It's bacteria that cause tooth decay and gums to rot. The bacteria that our politicians failed to face take the form of corruption and arrogance. Bush and Pak Lah may have more in common than they both would believe.

zaitgha said...

i really feel like saying out loud here what actually in my mine when I saw this heading of yours this morning, but afraid that would put you into a lot of trouble like RPK though I know you moderate the comments. Pak Lah?? .....last i read was abt how happy he was with the acceptance of the Bakti people of his wife...sheeessshhh...better i do my de-stressing exercise in the kitchen

take care...

Anonymous said...

People in the US have been tired of Bush for years, even before the war in Iraq. There has been a systematic erosion of individual rights for years. What the world doesn't seem to see when they lump everyone in the US together is that there is a very large percentage in this country who can't wait to see the last of Bush. The sad part is that they have become increasingly discouraged over the last few years. What is even sadder is that despite the fact that Bush and his administration are leaving office (which is a very good thing), there really is no one from the Democratic Party who even captivates the bulk of the American public. Please note that this is hypothetical. I am not a US citizen - still a Malaysian citizen, will always be and damn proud of it.

Obama? I would vote for him because he's a) a Democrat b) he is intelligent c) he has personality d) he's black. Why he won't win? He's black.

Hillary? I would vote for her because a) she's really smart b) she's a Democrat c) she has personality d) she's a woman. Why she won't win? She's a woman.

Who else? Edwards would win if he commits to running, most definitely. But the fact is that whoever inherits the Presidency is doomed. He will never be counted in history as a "good President" or even a passable President. Anyone who inherits the Iraq War is in the pits even before he/she starts.

While I think the US military should cease its operations forthwith in Iraq, there are certain issues that the US is responsible for resolving since they did invade the country and promised certain things. For example, prior to the war, 90% of Iraqi children attended school. Now, less than 30% do mainly because of lack of operating facilities and basic security issues (they don't know if they'll get blown up by insurgents/military ops, etc.). Hell, the latest NY Times feature on civilian life in Iraq indicated that most people in Baghdad don't feel safe walking to the corner shop.

I take comfort in the fact that even Republicans are tired of the Bush administration.