Friday, August 03, 2007

Gwen to Malaysia: I'm No Bad Girl...

What a sweet and sensitive gal Gwen Stefani is.
So aware is she of the protest from a Muslim students' body, that she is willing to dress accordingly to placate them.
Gwen does not want Malaysia to think that she is a bad girl.
So, the pop star will not wear any revealing costumes when she takes the stage Aug. 21 at Putra Indoor Stadium.
According to the show's sponsor - mobile phone company Maxis Communications, - Gwen "will abide by the Malaysian authorities' guidelines to ensure that her show will not be offensive to local sensitivities."
Now, isn't that sweet and sensitive?
I already like the girl.

As you know, the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students objected to Gwen's upcoming concert because they find her image too sexy for their liking, calling the video clips promoting her concert "too obscene."
Its president, Mohamad Hilmi Ramli had threatened to ask the authorities to intervene if Maxis didn't cancel the show which is part of her ongoing Sweet Escape world tour.

Now, here's what I call a real "star". I think her response speaks so much of and for her.
Gwen's a class act, showing a lot of respect and regard to whatever that was told to her.
Hey, she could do the pop star diva thing and skip KL. She could tell the organisers to, you know, shove it.
But, the lady has respect and regard for Malaysia and Malaysians, despite the fact that the NUMMS does not represent Malaysia or Malaysians.

More than I can say for those kids who had already painted her smutty and, well, bad.
Read it on E!Online.


Anonymous said...

"Hey, she could do the pop star diva thing and skip KL. She could tell the organisers to, you know, shove it."

kak ena,

that statement make me want to laugh out loud. as if we dont know it by know, it's about the MONEY. Pop stars will do anything for money. the question is are we guilable enough to believe that they are doing it cos they truly care?

honestly, some people would just believe anything. its people like these that believe erra fazira is a saint and siti nurhaliza is virgin mary.

Anonymous said...

I told you Gwen is talented singer. She just want to perform not play politics.

You are welcome to Malaysia Gwen!

Pak Zawi said...

Dear Nuraina,

International Stars are a breed of their own. They can perform on stage with the strength of their voice alone without the help skimpy dresses to draw the crowds attention. Remember The Corrs when they performed at The Commonwealth Games? Did they dress sexily to draw attention to them? They were the only performers who dared to do it live! Our own artistes lip syn to recorded music.
But of course who want to see Gwen Stefani perform standing up like a mannequin? If Amalina and Inol could gyrate like a corkscrew on stage and on TV why not Gwen?. Did Hilmi and his NUMMS ever said anything about them?

Alliedmartster said...

NUMB, NUMS, NUMBSKULL, whatever...
They don't speak for us Malaysians!
How can an entertainer who goes about minning the world over with her music, draw this kind of protest, even before she performed?

If they are not pleased with what she might or might not be wearing, don't show up for her concert!
I don't remeber anyone protesting when Michael Jackson was in town (wasn't he charged with some indecency act with children?)
So, does this mean NUMS, NUMB whatever, does not protest Child Molesters, wherelse they protest on indecent dressing?

Go figure...

Its really simple, if you do not enjoy the kind of entertainment on offer, go play far far away.

shar101 said...

Gwen's 'hella good', that's for sure.

Now, what I think of NUMMS will be unpublishable. BTW MHR, what's your opinion on Talibans killing Korean hostages? Wanna go to Afghanistan and replace the victims as a gesture for world peace? Bring your friends.

P.S. I can't believe Rocky have not heard of Gwen Stefani. She was voted one of the best fashion trend-setter in the music industry.

Accia said...

salam kak ena,
betul jugak. ada artis kita tak boleh pun nak memberi pertimbangan dalam hal ini.


well, you know, there have been cases where international artistes bypass Malaysia and perform in Singapore, Bangkok or Jakarta becos they were told of the "constraints" , "conservativeness" et al of our country's laws on foreign artistes.
of course, money means a lot of things to very many people but i can't say that gwen stefani is that hard up. by not coming to malaysia, she'd do nothing to dent her career and image.

i don't think people are that naive to make a judgement on superficial actions.
gwen stefani will be judged on the decision she has made -- and that is to perform in malaysia by abiding to our laws and regulations.

oooh... i don't think anybody thinks erra fazira is a saint and siti nurhaliza is virgin mary...
i don't think anyone is that naive to think that or to think that anyone would think that.

thanks for visiting..
take care


basree : yes... i think in the final analysis, gwen is a true artiste, a performer. i think if she had to wear a purdah, she might just do that to spread her music.


exactly, sir.
but this thing with foreign artistes is something that has happened and will continue to happen. the protest against gwen stefani's concert is not the first, nor will it be the last against a foreign artiste.

tony (alliedmarster): sometimes peopel don;t know what they are protesting against...

Shar: it is so easy to just protest about something like this. no sweat.
yep...rocky hadnt heard of gwen stefani before this hoo-ha.
but don;t blame him-lah. he's not a popsy wopsy person..

Accia (E): itu-lah dia....

mykopi said...

The way I view it, Gwen shouldn't kowtow like that just to please those NUMMS fools. Other wise they will start thiking that they can impose their prehistoric views on others. May be one day soon , they will start telling tourists that they should cover up or else. And then later they may want to rule the world. A message for Gwen, Don't be a fool and sacrify your career by performing a 'not you' show. You stand to lose more fans this way as your dressing is what you are. Your voice can be the same but the performance will be horrific.

Mior Azhar said...

Kak Ena,

I've seen Gwen's interview on TV a few times and I must say that she's quite different from her onstage persona. If anything, she's definitely no Courtney Love. In fact she glows when she talks about her son Kingston.
Yes I like her songs too.
Anyway, I kind of understand why the NUMMS are reacting the way they do. But then again, as you correctly pointed out, there are bigger issues and more important things for them to pursue. Oh well.

(I remembered sometimes in late 80's, I was rushing to watch a Sheila Majid concert at UM's Dewan Tuanku chanselor only to be greeted by hundreds of students demonstrating outside. can you imagine that? They gave me (I was late) a look as if I was fasik or something. Ha ha ha


hi mior,

how are you? and azian and the kids?
hope they;re all fine. ini musim orang demam -- orang dewasa and kanak2 --

u know, i am all for students and the young speaking out, fighting for a cause.
we all remember ourselves as young, fiery, u know -- darah muda.

our independence was fouht by young people, we have to remember that.

BUT.... fighting gwen stefani's concert is -- please-lah lame. simply because they were imposing their values on others.

thanks mior...

have a nice weekend.

pergi the curve, ke? Ikano?
heheh...tanya aje. ramai kawan bloggers ke sana weekends.

Pasquale said...

Nuraina yang dikasehi!

I had a very happy childhood! When I was growing up I look forward to seeing cleavege(s) on the street of Kuala Lumpur when I am off to school! My Malayan or Malaysian women will be wearing a nice sexy baju kebaya with an open neck and the cleavage, that was what made me want to see more cleavage so I hitch hike around the world to find more of them in Europe and North America! Ah! Such an inspiring sight that have made me what I am today a cleavage, breast, anythiong sexy-friendly person! My Malayan or Malaysian women will be wearing tight cheongsam and the slit on the side of the cheongsam was fantastic and seeing the clean and beaitiful creamy white Chinese thigh cannot convice me that when they eventually die they will go to hel just because they are not Muslim comeooon!My Malayan or Malaysian women wil be wearing sari and we will be "oogling" for the belly buttons ah so sexy, such great life then! And all of us, my friends and I, grew up with no hang-ups and have great respect for our Malaysian women for they have what we do not! What we did then was a normal hormone induce activity with without any ulterior motive or any bad thought, except good ones! How I wish members of any of our young muslim body will lighten up and enjoy life and what God have given you!
I am convince that if God had meant women to cover evetryhing God would not have created hair or cleavages, or beautiful breasts and legs and, okay stop pasquale! How I wish for the good old days! Heres to you Nelly and Stefani, and Bedina and many many more!

Anonymous said...

I was going to sit out the hot air spewed by the "moral crusaders" at Gwen the "moral decayer", until my hands were jolted out from underneath my backside by "peals of laughter" from anonymous@2:56.

Anon@2:56, sorry to disappoint you, but Gwen Stefani is not exactly a pop star living on the breadline. The MONEY (as you put it) from her concert in KL is a mere drop in her vast financial ocean. Do come out from that coconut shell of yours from time to time and read up on the mega bucks these people make.

Shanghai Fish said...

My Dear,
Didn't I repeatedly tell all that these morons claiming to representing all Malaysians under the pretext of NUMMS are draging us all into the "dark ages" ?? Who the hell are they to pass judgement in the first place...helooo are we in Afganistan and are we under Taliban rule ?? Sheeesh... These are the very same maniacs who'd get an erection just looking at a cartoon of an exposed female's upper-arm !

Just don't go and see her "world-class show" in you feel awkward of that bulg in your pants ! Go live in "PAS rule" Kelantan
Shame of all who who protest !
And I am surely NOT one of them !

Anonymous said...

Shar! I am still trapped in the 60s and 70s la. Am listening to Jackson Browne's unplugged Vol I. Great stuff. But I'll listen to Gwen Steffani, thanks to Numms.


mykopi: i think gwen's really cool for still wanting to erpform here despite the protest. she oes not want to disappoint her fans, that, i think is her main concern.
i am sure she's a little disappointed that she cannot be herself but i think to her, that's a small sacrifice just so she can be with her legions of fans in this part of Asia.
I salute her.

Sesat: precisely, sesat. She won't go impoverished if she skips KL.
and like i said, she's not hard up.
what's a million or 2 USD for her.
she can sooner cough it up elswhere less problematic.

pasquale: pasquale, pasquale, pasquale.... spoken like a bona fide Malaysian who was sexually awakened in the 60s...

shanghai: right you are, stephen. like our corals will be morrupted by gwen...and if they are, why should these kids care?

anon@3:54pm: good music (but a tad melancholic) that. i mean jackson browne

Anonymous said...

Kalau Lindsay Lohan, aku pergi rasanya

Unknown said...

The National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students was so distracted by Gwen's costumes for her show that they missed the Green Carpet for the Film Festival in Penang. Omigod, they used a GREEN carpet ! That is the color of Islam and you have all these people WALKING on it !! I believe the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students should make sure this is not done next year. And Astro Ria should apologise for demeaning the color of Islam!

I would like to commend president, Mohamad Hilmi Ramli on the good job he and his boys are doing but they really should be more vigilant and not let something like this GREEN carpet get past their radar.

Deo said...

kuman di seberang laut nampak... they even notice gwen stefani's sexyness even before she perform here. but what about the movie "Haru Biru"'s poster where Que Haidar is revealing his top body until just above his pe**s? atau pun org perempuan malaysia dah tak ghairah lagi tengok gambar2 mcm tu?

MarinaM said...

Ena, I was listening to Gwen being interviewed on Melbourne radio the other day just before her concert there and honestly, you and I could go and have coffee with her as if we were with one of our girlfriends. Mostly she talks about hubby and son and for God's sake, arguing about whether to buy a swing for their backyard or not. Whether she was half-naked while she was talking, I wouldn't know since it was the radio, but somehow I doubt it since it was freezing.Still,she sounded like a nice normal person and about as obscene as our grandmothers.

Maybe NUMMS should meet with her when she's here. But then maybe they'd have trouble trying to pry their eyes away from her cleavage...;-)

Do see Walski's expose of their website though at's hilarious.


hasbullah pit: adoi! Lindsay Lohan??? aaah... dia betul2 sexy.

Kguy: see... NUMMS were so focused on what they regard as Gwen's sexed-up image.

deoughtred: happens everytime to the so-call righteous among us.

MarinaM: And these kids think they know her..
i went to Walski's as u suggested. Yeah..hilarious.

Anonymous said...

it cracks me up when 50 year old think that they are cutting edge and know all about pop stars. really.

i am what they call a twenty-something. trust me, i aint from no coconut shell. i read plenty and i DO know that yes, pop stars would do anything for money. I mean how can you say stuff like "they money she's gonna make here aint nothing in comparison to what she already has in the bank?"

isnt that like saying " i make 3k a month, so i can afford to chuck a chance at making an extra 100 bucks. or 100 bucks is nothing compared to my salary of 3k. where's the logic?

you get out of your shell dear sesat. i am the average age of the concert goers. trust me - i know.

im not a fan of gwen but yet i have no issues whatsoever if she chooses to have a concert or even ten for that matter. its just that, seeing all of these people stand up for her and truly believe she cares for malaysia has just evoked from me "peals of laughter".

a u.s popstar? caring for malaysia? lol. coconut shell, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

Permisi, allow me to post my last words on anon's latest comments. Thanks.

I don't know which is worse, being under a coconut shell or being so cynical at such a young age.

Referring to the analogy provided, personally speaking, I will tell them to stick the 100 bucks if the same amount of money can be had elsewhere with fewer constraints. And I am not even a diva.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay Lohan memang sexy. But i like her better when she had some meat on her.

These NUMMS people should lighten up. Go and see more cleavage. Maybe they would appreciate women more. Apa bendalah; don't even know how to enjoy beautiful things. Kalau tak suka ambil garfu cucuk mata ala-ala Kassim Selamat. Barulah NUMMSkull betul-betul namanya.

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