Friday, November 19, 2010

What Made Prince William Choose Kate?

...her good looks, personality and hey, they've been going together for so long -- nine years of courting.

If you think so, as I do, you are right. Of course you are.

Now...the British tabloids, as we all know, can be very very vicious. With Will's engagement to Kate already public knowledge and their wedding set for next year, the tabloids are fanatically trying to outdo each other with sensational royal tittle tattle.

Whatever they come up with will surely be sinfully readable.

Take this by the Daily Mail with the headline: "Revealed: How Prince William is following his father's footsteps and actually marrying his nanny."

Can you beat that?

"What made Prince William choose Kate Middleton to be his bride above all the other well-bred beauties who’ve crossed his path?

Some say it’s her pretty girl-next-door looks, others her down-to-earth nature, or her unwavering discretion.

But there is another, rather more intriguing theory — one which might also explain why William’s father Charles chose Camilla Parker Bowles over the luminous beauty of Diana."

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Anonymous said...

i clicked on the link....doesn't an error.

pls check.




thanks. I have fixed it.

Anonymous said...

Lots of women pay too much attention to how they look. They think that that will keep a man. Wrong. Looking good is just that...looking good. To keep a man you have to stroke his ego.

Anonymous said...

haha.. they both marry not so pretty women.period. But what happened to Will huh?

Anonymous said...

Ms Nuraina, Daily Mail is a bigoted, right-wing paper that is known for tabloid-like approach to journalism.