Monday, November 15, 2010

Update: Zaid Is Not Quitting ...yet


From Zaid's blog :
"I refer to today's headline by The Star newspaper. It is true that I will be quitting the party but I have yet to submit my formal resignation from the party. All will be clarified via a press release this Friday 19th November, 2010."

Earlier posting:

NST online:

Zaid Ibrahim has not quit Parti Keadilan Rakyat but said he will announce on leaving “very soon”.

In a short SMS to the New Straits Times today, Zaid said he was currently out of town but was planning to leave the party.

A source close to Zaid also confirmed this, saying that Zaid “is contemplating to quit.”

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"Contemplating", "announcing very soon" yadayada...No difference. The point is, he is quitting. He ain't staying....


Anonymous said...

Orang kaya macam Zaid bolih keluar ikut suka hati. Sialan....
kami di Hulu Selangor yang terkeluar biji mata dan terkering poket masa kempen dia dulu ternganga sebab ingatkan awe kota Baru ni a real fighter!
Aduh...kak Nuraina sakit nya hati ini.

Anonymous said...

melayu.... oh melayu...
aku pun ME LAYU terus ME LAYU

Anonymous said...

They are all the same. Next elections I'll still be voting the devils I know. The angels are the bigger devils in waiting. 1984, George Orwell.

Anonymous said...

Two words : Hurricane Hattie