Saturday, November 13, 2010

Choice Countries Of The Young And Educated

Looks like - surprise surprise -- Malaysia is not the choice of young educated people. Well, not yet.

The country is not attractive enough for the young and educated. They're opting for Japan, Singapore and other developed countries, a study showed.

Also, young people who have a lot to offer, are fed up with what's going on in their countries and prefer the cooler cooler climes -- try migrating to in Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

The sample size of youngsters in these countries, according to the study had dropped below 500.

Here's an AFP story:

If young people could move anywhere, they'd choose Japan, Singapore and other developed countries.

That would be good news for the two Asian countries, which have the fastest-aging populations and lowest fertility rates in the world, the Gallup polling agency, which conducted the study, said.

But most developed Asian countries would lose a significant portion of their most educated people in a brain-drain, said the study, which calculated countries' net migration indexes.

Gallup calculated indexes for the overall population, youth population and brain gain or drain by subtracting the number of people who said they would like to move out of a country from those who said they wanted to move in.

The indexes were based on polls conducted by Gallup of 350,000 adults in 148 countries.

Japan's population of educated people would decline by 13 percent if everyone who wanted to leave did; South Korea's and Hong Kong's brain drains would cut their population of educated people by nearly 30 percent, and Taiwan would lose a third of its brainy folk, the study found.

Just like last year, Singapore would buck the trend and see its overall population triple if everyone who wanted to move there were allowed to.

It would also see its population of educated people quadruple and the number of young people increase six-fold, the Gallup poll found.

But in the overall migration scheme of things, developed countries in Asia came out at the bottom of the scale in the index, with a net population gain of just one percent and a brain-drain of 16 percent.

Australia, New Zealand and Oceania came out tops. Their populations would more than double, their youth populations would nearly quadruple and the number of brainy people would increase by 186 percent.

The United States and Canada, both countries that many immigrants would like to settle in, would also see net population, brain and youth gains if everyone who wanted to move to the two North American countries could.

But an estimated 4 million Latino adults in the United States, or one in seven of the US Hispanic population, would leave the country permanently if they had the opportunity, Gallup said.

A slim majority said they would move to a Latin American country, and nearly a third said they would relocate to Mexico.

Meanwhile, as many as 35 million young people in Latin America said they wanted to emigrate. The preferred destination for young Latinos aged 15-29 is the United States.

Three European countries that are not members of the European Union -- Iceland, Norway and Switzerland -- would see their overall populations and the number of highly educated people more than double if would-be migrants could move anywhere they wanted.

The three countries could use an influx of young people, according to the study, which could not come up with a youth-migration score for them because the sample size of youngsters had dropped below 500.


Old Fart said...

Only the Kalimantan Indonesian and Filipino Muslims would have Malaysia as their primary destination. From just about nobodies in their countries they become sons and daughters of the Malaysian soil and given Mykads as well. All, so that they can vote UMNO!!

Frank said...

I lived in Canada for a long time, will take any warm country any day. I can put up with political unrest, more difficult economies, lower wages. Just so long as I don't have to live in sub-zero again.

Anonymous said...

What is there to be surprised in view of the current political scenario in Malaysia? Even the blinds can see very clearly what's going on. For instance, you have 3 sons and if 1 of them is your blue-eye boy and is well taken care of but the other two are being neglected, left cold and hungry, what do you think the ultimate reaction from these 2 poor sons will be? It's not necessary to elaborate further, right? Educated or non-educated are alike, after all both are human, may have the same degree of intelligence and feelings. I have lived through the years since Malaysia independence and have seen enough of this crooked racist govt.

Anonymous said...

Very regreting. You still seem to not to understand the root problem. Kamu berlakon kah sis?

Anonymous said...

I remembered not too long ago when a minister revealed that the figure of malaysians who migrated have doubled ... is the government really listening to these people? e.g - apparently malays made-up a sizeable number...if they have brains and are willing to stay in malaysia but have to leave, what would be the reasons?
malaysia need an edge to the lose more bright young people would be a big, big disaster :(



anon@9:13PM: i don't quite agree with your analogy. and it is an unfair and very sweeping one.


anon@9:42PM:i haven't the foggiest what you"re trying to say.

Anonymous said...

I have a Chinese friend that is very thankful to be here. She is from a fifth generation tinmine family. Her ancestor was hardworking and took the resources from this land. Today, his ancestors are multi-millionaires. Have you ever wondered about those people that sit at expensive coffee houses and restaurants on weekdays when the rest of us have to slog at work? Well, here's your answer.

najib manaukau said...

You should know why people like to immigrate to Singapore, Australia and NZ just to name a few countries.
To begin with who would want to live in a country that has been in the third world for centuries and will still be for centuries. A country that would try to slow or worst still retard the growth of their own people. Instead of helping their people to grow instead of only caring for the growth of certain type of people. Worst of all everything in the country is in a shamble and far behind in everything, one thing of great important, is education when compared with their neighbours this is no to mention the western countries. And soon the country will go bankrupt if not for the black gold the country would have bankrupt even before Greece.
I worked so hard to give a good education for my children but your P.M. even lower the standard in order the Ketuanan Melayu will be able to get to the varsities. Is it any wonder why so many more people are leaving this God forsaken country everyday. In spite of the many incentives and pleas from the government for the professionals to return to serve the country these have fallen into deaf ears. I can go on and on but I want just throwing pearls amongst the swines.