Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preserving and Perpetuating the Lies in History

George A Bush has taken writing non-fiction to a whole new level. Now you can publish lies, and pass them off as the truth.

We now know that "Decision Points" unashamedly displays plagiarism. No apologies. No shame. Lifting paragraphs and paragraphs from other authors -- including his advisers.

Far worse than that -- the lies.

I agree with NST contributor/columnist Umapagan Ampikaipakan in his article "Memoirs to safeguard one version of history".
He wrote:

"For such similarities, such perfectly matching prose, seem more like something orchestrated. To protect one version of history. To ensure, by repetition, by reaffirmation, that it remains the only version of history".

Despicable, if you ask me!

Here's another take on the Bush's book of lies.


Anonymous said...

I wonder bila memoir Pak Dol nak keluar...mungkin jambatan bengkok akan jadi lurus

Anonymous said...

What about writing about "Preserving and Perpetuating the Lies in Malaysian history" -- it is no secret after all that much "amendment" has taken place in recorded facts. Nice to look outside the country and comment on how despicable situations are there, and so easy to ignore what's happening right here, at home. What is truthful journalism about?