Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Najib Says No Need To Commemorate May 13

"We should regard it (May 13) as an event in the annals of history from which we can learn ... as a demarcation for us so that it will not recur," The Prime Minister said.

Najib was speaking to reporters after a video conference with members of the Malaysian community and students in six countries in conjunction with Aidiladha, at the prime minister's official residence Seri Perdana in Putra Jaya today.

He was asked to comment on a proposal in the 'Cuit' column of Utusan Malaysia for May 13 to be commemorated, just like Singapore's "Racial Harmony Day" which commemorates the racial riot of July 21 1964.

Columnist Zaini Hassan had made the suggestion after Penang Opposition Leader Datuk Azhar Ibrahim was suspended on Nov 1 for six months for having allegedly made "May 13" threats in the state assembly sitting.

For the past week, Utusan Malaysia was whacked by people -- mostly Opposition members and supporters.

People did not take too kindly to his remarks which they said were seditious.
Among the contentious parts for them was Zaini saying that May 13 was a "blessing in disguise" because:
" jika tidak kerana nya, orang Melayu, Cina, India dan lain2 pribumi akan terus dijurangkan oleh golongan peniaga yang kaya-raya, golongan profesional yang dikuasai oleh sesuatu kaum sahaja. Dan golongan majoriti miskin itu hanya akan terus menjadi petani, buruh kasar, kerani, drebar dan peon."

In fact, several opposition MPs lodged a police report against the article.

But, there are as many people who support his idea to have May 13 be commemorated because they say it is a positive move and can further strengthen unity.

May 13, they believe, should not be forgotten as it has brought the nation together and changed the country.

Me? I remember May 13.


xpara87 said...

saya pun ingat May 13. Cina hamtam melayu, melayu hamtam cina. India...they see who is the winner hahah

Anonymous said...

Bila bincang May 13, teringat kejadian Old Klang Road 2001. Macha-macha berlagak gengster semua jadi kejut bila baju hijau dan beret ungu turun.