Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Racial Slurs Are Stupid Not Seditious"...

...writes NST senior specialist writer Azmi Anshar in the NST today.

"If Malaysians were intrinsically racist, then the iconic Malaysian institutions revered and celebrated for its accommodation and inclusiveness would have crumbled in odious desperation. It's a good thing the menace went out of style with the rotary telephones, mini-buses and cassette/video tapes," Azmi writes.

The rest of his article HERE.


Old Fart said...

And it takes a stupid uncultured person to say it. Not properly brought up. Unfortunately because they are not described that way, we continue to get these idiots being quoted and reported on by, what we are told, credible newspapers!!

The Phoenix Foundation said...


We Malaysians are NOT racial!!

If you were a male malay, then I used to be free to call DEI,MELAYU!!!

But becoz you are female{old man's directives} I will concede, with no problem, I will walk into your home & partake of sustenance.

And NAS, if i ask you & fly to come into my home for a meal, you will walk in with confidence{eeh! maybe my animals will be a problem!!}

What I am saying , NAS, is that we have allowed the idiots{political} to mess around with us.

I am blood group O -ve, universal donor.

If 2 morrow, NAS, you need blood{God Willing it will never happen} are the damn racists telling me I cannot give I litre to NAS?????

So, they can rant whatever - this land is ours & we will look after our BUMI