Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wanna Go Dutch?

Women, in the Netherlands, it seems, work less, have lesser titles and a big gender pay gap. And they love it.

Jessica Olien who writes for Slate magazine, has been in the country for some three months.

She has found that Dutch women take a lackadaisical approach to their careers.

"They work half days, meet their friends for coffee at 2 p.m., and pity their male colleagues who are stuck in the office all day," Olien writes.

Here's an excerpt:

"Though the Netherlands is consistently ranked in the top five countries for women, less than 10 percent of women here are employed full-time. And they like it this way.

Incentives to nudge women into full-time work have consistently failed. Less than 4 percent of women wish they had more working hours or increased responsibility in the workplace, and most refuse extended hours even when the opportunity for advancement arises.

Some women cite the high cost of child care as a major factor in their shorter hours, but 62 percent of women working part time in the Netherlands don't have young children in the house, and mothers rarely increase their working hours even when their children leave home."

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charleskiwi said...

It isn't how much longer the Malaysians work, it is the quality time the Dutch woman put in not all the time, during working hours, fooling around.
Just go to any government department during office to verify if that is true.

GUiKP said...

I wanna go Pasir Belanda

Mazlina said...

Maybe I should migrate there...