Friday, November 05, 2010


Warm Deepavali greetings and wishes to my Hindu friends.

Happy holiday to the rest of you. Have a good weekend.

As usual, here's my reminder: take care, drive safely on the road....

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The Phoenix Foundation said...

Phew, lucky u are back from Canada!
I thought we lost you to the BIGFOOT!!!!!!
Azean Irawadhy joined us in MBSKL as a sixth former.
She single handedly, raised all of our belief in our voices & sounds - she gave us the confidence & encouraged us to believe in music & sounds & rhythms!
Today , I am doing a thesis:MUSIC of THE Laws!
But today, Azean is facing so much of shit - Benji is in trouble,she had breast cancer .....!
Whe she was undergoing chemo & I went to the hospital, all who were there were......!
If only I had a digital camera in 1970, I would have been able to capture Azean's Majic in Concert!
I do not have the network BUT can you arrange for the media to assist Azean - let her sing for our bumi or whatever!