Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yasmin - Update

The latest is that Yasmin's condition is not improving. But we pray that it will.

(NST online) :
Her family has informed that her condition today has deteriorated.
She remains on life support at the intensive care unit in Damansara Specialist Hospital in Petaling Jaya.

The family has requested that no visitors congregate at the hospital.

Yasmin, 51, collapsed on Thursday while making a presentation at Sri Pentas, headquarters of the TV3 television station, and was rushed to the hospital.


Parpu Kari said...

Sis, let's pray for her!

Retrogina said...

Such sad news :(

Kama said...

Terasa amat sedih sekali. I have known her since the '80s. Semoga Allah swt mempermudahkan segalanya bagi Yasmin. Amin..

ڤنا مينڠ / PENA MINANG said...

Semoga Allah Merahmatinya...