Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Policy Reversal On PPSMI

There's no point hiding the fact that the government will be reversing its policy on the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English.

The story's been leaked. "Everyone"s talking about it.
Today Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin will be announcing that the government has no choice but to revert to teaching the two subjects in Bahasa Malaysia.

The PPSMI issue sparked so much controversy among teachers, parents, Malay writers, Chinese educationists and, of course, politicians.

A harsh critic for a policy reversal is former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who detailed why PPSMI should be retained.

I understand that statistics have proven that PPSMI is simply not working well for our students, mainly rural Malays.

I do understand, and I believe all this is due largely to a very flawed education system. I'm no education expert but, a good look at my children's text books and a bit of grilling on how these subjects are being taught by their teachers tell me that all is not well at all in our public schools.

If school kids NEED tuition for almost every subject, including Sejarah -- then, there is something really wrong with how teachers are teaching. Don't tell me that I have NO time to teach my kids. Truth is, I'm not qualified to teach maths -- and even BM, according to today's syllabuses.

I know that even our politicians and some very important people send their kids to private schools -- here or abroad. Either because 1. they can afford it. 2. they can afford it and they don't have faith in our public schools.

This "final decision" of the government to reverse its policy is, of course, disappointing. Howver, I am encouraged, a little by the fact that the government will be putting into place some strong measures to uplift the teaching of English by increasing the teaching hours and re-introducing English literature. The government will be getting teachers, including retired ones, locally, and from abroad.

The good thing is that (I've been made to understand), the reversal will not be immediate.

My open support of PPSMI has not been received well by several quarters who, of course, accused me of not being a patriot, anti-BM and so forth.

I've explained my stand. Supporting PPSMI does not make me less of a Malay, nor a Malaysian.
I'd even go far to say that an overhaul of the teaching of BM (including its syllabus at every level) should be undertaken to encourage people to LOVE the language, not to fear it.

With its decision, the government needs now to plan well. Holes and weaknesses should have been plugged and rectified years ago. It is, of course, as cliches go, not and never too late.

Education policies have always been dictated by political expediency, needs and interest. That is the reality.

So, let's hope the reality now is to produce a new generation of literate Malaysians who are educated, intelligent, competitive and resourceful who are a vital capital to the country.


Anonymous said...

i am a malay racist and english fanatics. In that i mean malay is what I am and believe english can help us understand how malay race in the eye of the world.
I support PPSMI and think that others should the same especially the malay. We were taught arabic at young age, why not english. The more language we know the wiser we become. and i think that is important to malay race.

Basree Rakijan said...

I regret this move. My kid will suffer. She studied Math & Science in English since Standard 1. Now she is in Standard 6. She is our government guinea pig!

eddy said...

I share your thoughts Kak, it is indeed a sad day today if the reversal on PPSMI is accepted by the Cabinet. Personally I feel that the PPSMI should have been given more time say another 10 years and more teachers proficient in English to teach the subjects before any academic and conclusive study can be made.

I think the Ministers who make the decision based on political expediency should mandatorily sent their children to the same school that we sent our children to and let them directly feel and understand what our future generation will lose if the reversal is indeed confirmed.

Mat Saleh said...

"So, let's hope the reality now is to produce a new generation of literate Malaysians who are educated, intelligent, competitive and resourceful who are a vital capital to the country."

Yeah! Keep hoping even after 50 years of independence while the rest of the world keep progressing.

The problem lies not in the language but in self-motivation!

doomsayer said...

In a nutshell, KOYAK!!!, if this policy is reversed.

you said:

"....Howver, I am encouraged, a little by the fact that the government will be putting into place some strong measures to uplift the teaching of...."

Believe me , this is not going to happen. You think anyone is going to follow-up in this bolehland

Anonymous said...


I couldn't help it but wonder how can Tun Dr Mahathir be that stupid when he implemented the PPSMI.

I know his true intention was for Malaysians to be competent scientists and mathematicians.

But how do you expect young ordinary Malay kids to excel in these two subjects if they cannot understand what they are learning if they were taught in a language that they are not proficient?

Only the fortunate few whose parents are English educated and uses English in everyday conversation at home with their children will benefit. Tun's grandchildren included. And I believe your kids too, Nuraina.

What about the kids whose parents are English illiterate? Is it fair for them to be taught those subjects in English?

How can they make calculation if they could not understand the instruction.

Honestly, do you think it's fair for them?

I may sound like a broken record, but I strongly feels that PPSMI is not for primary schools.

Teach them the English language properly and extensively in primary schools first and they will be able to cope with the Science and Maths in that language in secondary schools later.


Retrogina said...

What?! This is a major dissapointment. The govt will be taking steps backwards if they go thru with this. *sigh*

Alliedmartster said...

Kak Ena,

If indeed your sources are correct, then it will again be a merry go round! My kids have endured three years of PPSMI and I see them doing well in science and Maths.

If the government goes ahead to axe the PPSMI program, then I will be taking my kids out from school and taking them private, even if I can't afford it!

I see no benefit in spending all that money to revert to essentially a proprietary program which only benefit the so called patriots (be it chinese or malay)

However, if the revision of the policy entails the unification of all schools, the elimination of National type schools (Chinese and Tamil)and the enhancement of English in schools, which also includes communication between teachers and students in ENGLISH only, then I MAY go for it. I see no benefit at all for my child if the mediumof communication in school is 100 per cent in Malay!
Malay can be taught, and if the interest is the language, why punish the students by depriving them of a proper learning environment?

Anonymous said...

it's not about malay patriotism or anything. Nobody disputes the importance of English in today's world.But why restricted it to only science and math? i am an engineer. Bahasa Malaysia was the medium used during my primary & secondary schooling years and it has never been an issue. We excelled in both subjects and many others. As far as math & science is concerned the most important thing is that the student must be able to understand the fundamental...the basic pricinpal of the subjects. That I am sure any teacher can affirm. In the course of my job, I met many engineers of different races and nationalities and like myself most of them don't speak fluent english. But we were able to communicate. But why & how (most MBA graduate love these questions). The answer is simple math & science is itself a language of its own. when people say Kpa or PSI we immediately understand its about pressure or stress depending on the situation and context. In conclusion I believe BM should be used as the main medium to teach science & math in school. Teachers must strieve to ensure their students fully understand the basic principal of sceince and math. I also believe english is very important therefore more hours should be allocated to teach the subject.


E said...

I find that if the gov reverts the teaching of Science and Mathematics back to Malay, we're going to lose out a lot in the future. The younger generation won't be fully knowledgeable on the English language.

I feel that it's a wrong choice. I agree with you tante.

Anonymous said...

Although many may feel that reversing the policy is a bad mistake, I personally feel that it is the corrct thing to do. Yes, it is sad and unfortunate that some who have been learning Science and Maths in English 'may' be affected by the decision. But I believe that if this policy is not reversed, then many many more students will be affected by this flawed policy. Although in essence the policy may be good in the long term, but I really condemn the old man mahathir for implementing it without first ensuring that there are enough English trained teachers who can carry out the task required of them. That old man cannot just wake up one morning and suddenly realise that we are losing out because our students are not proficient in English and as such he wants them to study Science and Maths in English the next day!! Is that how important policies affecting the whole generation of students can be implemented without any studies to gauge whether or not students are able to make the quick switch and teachers are capable?

So if this policy is about wanting to have a new generation who is proficient in English, why was it not suggested that History and Geography be targetted instead of Science and Maths? Isn't it been proven that reading is the best way to improve a person's grasp of a language? If so then isn't Geography and History the best option instead of Science and Maths which is basically a lot of formulas etc.? It has been acknowledged fact that the standard of Maths is very high in Chinese schools compared to other national type schools, doesn't this prove that you need not learn Maths in English to be good?

I blame the old man for this mess which he has created and I will be thankful if this policy is quickly reversed before it screws up more of our students. It is a good policy only if the implementation had been well planned and not rushed. I believe that if they had actually used their head instead of their hearts to implement this policy in stages, then I believe that today, after 6 years there would be no need to cry for its reversal.

What I mean is that it should have been implemented the 1st year on Std 1 pupils only in tandem with an increase in timetable for English language. Then it goes on when the pupils proceed with Std 2 in the same manner and in 6 years time they should already have quite a good grasp of communication and written English. In this way it will allow more time for teachers to be trained in stages also in tandem with the requirements.

Anyway, because of the feudalistc attitude of our leaders who thinks that their sole decision is all important and no other mortal's opinion will change anything whether rightly or wrongly.

mh-j said...

ANGRY, with capital letters as I am, what else is there to be said. We all know it....every time we have a change of guard in this ministry we as parents have to 'tolerate' whatever change/s get thrown to our kids! They all want to make their mark during their tenure.....and the kids, poor them, I've had one who studied it in B.M for 6 YEARS and switched to English in Form 1....!!!!
I foresee a reverse with my daughter, currently in English and switch to B.M in Form 1, after 6 YEARS!!!!
Do the kids have a choice/say? NO, they are only subject matter here!!!!

anneaziz said...

The news bring a wealth of mixed emotions in me. Glad that it would bring a huge sigh of relief to the rural and even sub-rural areas. At the same time, I'm sad that the idea of PPSMI was not properly carried out in the first place. PPSMI was a good idea which was not carried out well due to lack of foresight and proper studies. And above all else, very hastily implemented, to serve political interest, seconded by a cabinet of yes men. And now to backtrack, seems like double jeopardy. Yet where is the middle ground?

Kak Ena, i so agree with you on your thoughts about our public schools. Something MUST be done.

Anonymous said...

The govment said we has failed to do well Math & Sains in england,so now go back to BM.if this timer we also failed afterward 5 years,i thinks we should then tried do in tamil naidu, then 5 year later cannot,then do in chinese....if still cannot succesfful ah maybe we can try do math sains in benggali.

ben said...

Today is indeed a very sad day for Malaysia especially those who are underprivileged. It's the responsibility of the govt to equip all rakyats to be employable. The decision to scrap PPSMI is doing the reverse. The wealth divide will be worse. The rich can opt for international schools or overseas education.

It's time that govt discard "I know best" mentality and let the parents/children choose their education. For the opponents of PPSMI, they've the existing schools ie SK, SJKC, SJKT but what about those who are in favour. So I called upon the govt to seriously consider setting up SJKInggeris. They don't need to spend millions. Just convert existing SRKs and SMKs and let us see where the real demand is.

As it is, it is nonsensical to upkeep school with less than 10 students. If you close it, ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE. It's a blatant waste of taxpayers' money.

I am speaking as a parent who went through all my education in SRK and SMK in BM and then abroad in English. I studied Physics, Chemistry, Maths right through tertiary education and therefore, I am more than qualified to give my opinion on PPSMI. It was atrocious. I don't want my children to go through what I went through.

So govt, please start 1 SRJKI and 1 SMJKI in P.Jaya. I bet you my last dollar, DEMAND will outway supply ! Cubalah.

vinnan said...

UMNO morons claim the opposition is screwing it up in Penang when a few Indians put on a Tamil movie. But when UMNO flip-flops and screws the future of all MALAYSIAN children it is described as correcting a flawed policy. What does UMNO care when these rich UMNO bastards can always send their kids to international schools.

To be cynical, does UMNO realise that Malay graduates will forever remain at a disadvantage in the real world? Not the world of 'Ketuanan Melayu' for even in this Malay world it is first and foremost 'Ketuanan UMNO'. The 'Ketuanan Melayu' world is a myth perpetuated by UMNO to keep itself in power. Thank you UMNO for giving my multi-lingual kids an advantage over the mono-lingual Malays. Does this advantage make me happy? No, for many of my old Malay classmates now refuse to speak to me in English for fear of being not 'Malay' enough. My memory. of them as good friends during my schooldays have been destroyed by language Talibans. We spoke to each other in a language which allowed us to free ourselves of the racial and emotional idiocy elements in the so-called mother tongue languages but we never forgot how to communicate in Malay. UMNO has forgotten the land we all stand on is called MALAYSIA.


Anonymous said...

Saya kini lebih berminat dengan usaha selanjutnya daripada mereka yang berjuang atas dasar memartabatkan Bahasa Malaysia dengan membantah PPSMI kerana saya percaya, sehingga hari ini, TIDAK SEMUA rakyat Malaysia fasih berbahasa Malaysia.

Saya mahu lihat usaha mereka ini berterusan sehingga Bahasa Malaysia betul-betul dimartabatkan sebagaimana yang dilaungkan ketika meminta kerajaan memansuhkan PPSMI.

Terima kasih.

~ OnDaStreet.

AM said...

I'm definitely angry because I have a girl in Year 6 and a boy in Year 4 now. If the govt wants to make a switch, please do so with the new batch of students in Year 1. Don't mess our kids up with your "gostan" policies!

Anonymous said...

Kak Ena,

Shit man. Just because some stupid Gapena and the Chinese educationists want the subjects be taught in Malay, the government is bending backwards to accommodate their needs. I hope 20 years from now, when all those fighting for this day when PPSMI is abolished are but dust and dirt, their ghosts will realise what a blunder they have made. Bolehlah Malaysia. The world will wait for us. What a joke!

Chokia PJS

pemerhati said...

Bagi Mertabatkan bahasa kita merosakkan bangsa. Saya sedih dengan nasib orang melayu.
Quite clearly, this policy maybe dictated by Johor Umno , where the education minister is from, and also the rural malays. The sad part is, they do not pay taxes but yet can hold the education policy of this country to hostage. The future wealth of this country will be determined by the quality of our education to our school children in this globalised world. The globalised language is English. This
is evident to the education ministry and yet the cabinet has taken a decision going against all logic.
Listening to the education minister at his press conference he said that research has shown that our standard of science and maths has dropped in world ranking. He attributed this drop to the use of English. Then, may I asked,Minister, which subject that are taught in Bahasa Malaysia has risen up in world ranking?

electrocutioner said...

i am looking at my kid #3 who had shown disinterest in Math and Science subjects. Todays cabinet decision will not make it interesting nor will it make up to the lost years. I am also looking at my 5th child who will enter primary school next year and hope she will eventually understands whats being taught unlike her elder sibling

nstman said...

I pity the thousands of Malay youths who are denied a chance to enhance their knowledge because of their lack of proficiency in English. English is the gateway to the Internet, science. Dont Malay nationalists realise it? In Europe, English is the second language of all EU countries, except jingoistic France. In China, 300 million people learn English. In Vietnam, English has replaced French as the second language. In Thailand, English is taught from Year 1, similarly in Indonesia, Japan, Korea and so forth. Can we safely say these countries love English more than their own languages?

ayieDklau said...

"If the government goes ahead to axe the PPSMI program, then I will be taking my kids out from school and taking them private, even if I can't afford it!"

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

yang bagi komen kat sini semua org bandar so semua tak faham kerenah budak kampung yang tak faham english language...

penentu majoriti jatuh atau turun prestasi sesuatu subjek adalah dari rural areas... kalau tak tahu jangan cakap banyak laaaa... stupid ideas come from idiots...

tere said...

AM tadi sentuhkan polisi "gostan". Sila gunakan Bahasa Melayu betul sebab "gostan" adalah Bahasa Penjajahan yang sebenarnya berbunyi "go astern". Pada hemat saya, kemajuan seseorang tidak seratus-peratus bergantung kepada pengetahuan Bahasa Inggeris. Di Amerika Syarikat, Bahasa Inggeris bukan bahasa rasmi. Di California lebih daripada 50% penghuninya menggunakan Bahasa Sepanyol dan 80% itu tidak fasih dalam Bahasa Inggeris langsung. Sekolah-sekolah di California yang mempunyai murid-murid dari keluarga tidak fasih Bahasa Inggeris digalakkan menggunakan bahasa ibunda dalam sistem "immersion". Akibatnya kita mendapati sekolah-sekolah di 'tanah orang putih' yang menggunakan Bahasa Sepanyol, Bahasa Cina, Bahasa Jepun and Bahasa Korea. Kalau tiada guru yang boleh mengajar dalam bahasa-bahasa tersebut, guru-guru berkenaan boleh diimpot (bawa masuk dari negara lain) untuk memajukan polisi "immersion" itu. Pada hemat saya, anak Malaysia harus memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu dahulu. Janganlah membina rumah tanpa membubuh tiang dahulu.

Sharifah Rashidah bt. Syed Ahmad said...

Kak Ena,
After reading the various comments on this topic, I conclude that there are more supporters for PPSMI. However, the government is saying otherwise. They are saying that majority of the rakyat want PPSMI to be abolished.

To resolve these conflicting views, I strongly suggest that the government reinstate the English medium schools whereby these schools will teach Science and Maths in English. Whereas others, stick to teaching these subjects in Malay. This way, parents will have a choice. Then, we will see which type of schools will have students and parents flocking through their gates. From there, our government will be able to make a better judgement.

Furthermore, all that effort and money invested in PPSMI will not go to waste.

Anyway, I am mighty glad that my two children will finish their secondary schools in 2012. So, they are safe from this politically motivated decision. And I am sure they will have a competitive advantage in the real world.

However, I worry about my year 5 son who is thoroughly enjoying his Science and Maths classes. Looks like I, as a caring and farsighted mother will have to think of something to ensure that he will be able to compete and excel in the future which will be faced with global challenges.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

The problem is not with PPSMI or any policy.

The problem is us Malaysian are very complacent people. We will not want change and we will not accept challenge even if it means we can move forward with the change. We abhor anything that requires change in lifesytle, mindset and yet we have big dreams.

Yes. we will keep dreaming and until and unless we realise that change is a dynamic element - a prerequisite for growth we will remain great dreamers only.


Anonymous said...


Kau ingat orang kampung bodoh macam kau ke?

Aku sebagai budak kampung memang rasa terhina dengan hujah orang-orang 'pandai' mengatakan budak kampung tak dapat ikut PPSMI.

Kau ingat orang kampung bodoh ke?Kerajaan telah menafikan hak budak-budak kampung untuk mengasah keyakinan menggunakan BI dengan percuma.Tempat kami tiada pusat tuisyen yang bercambah macam kat bandar tu!Kalau ada pun kami tak mampu.

Sekarang budak kampung akan terus ketinggalan berbanding budak bandar.

Menteri-menteri hantar anak ke sekolah antarabangsa,lepas ke luar negara.Sasterawan negara pun sama juga.Prof Ungku?pun sama juga,tengok zeti dah cukup,mereka tak mau anak orang lain pandai juga,nanti lawan tauke.Busuk hati punya orang!

Pencetak buku mesti tengah menconggak-conggak keuntungan kan?


Martabat apa yang BM dapat?SJKC dan SJKT tetap guna mandarin dan tamil.

Bila bangsa tak dapat maju,bahasa bangsa itu akan turut merudum..

Harap-harap kerajaan berkompromi dalam hal ni, sekurang-kurangnya PPSMI kekal di sekolah menengah.

Budak kampung yang benggang..

Anonymous said...

good : NO more 5 bushes 2 is tree !

but tdm is NOT happy laa !

eddy said...

Kak, Education for our young in Malaysia has once again been sacrificed on the altars of political expediency.I do not believe for one minute that the cancellation of the PPSMI has got nothing to do with politics. It is inconceivable that just a little over 6 years a study could be made to show that it is a failure. I agree that the PPMSI has weaknesses in its implementation especially the teachers needs further training to speak english fluently, so, the teachers needs to be trained but no need to take the extreme step of cancelling the PPMSI altogether, we are actually moving steps back and ultimately handicapping ourselves when competing for FDIs against our neighbors in the not so distant future.

I GOOGLED the following words:
sains, science, matematik bahasa melayu, mathematics and the results are as follows:

sains 14.1 million results;
science 1 Billion results;

matematik bahasa melayu 192,000 results;
mathematics 134 Million results.

Just simple GOOGLE will show that it would be more useful and beneficial and VERY important for our children to learn Mathematics and Science in the English Language.

Even though Muhyiddin say there should not be any appeal, I hope that the Ministry of Education would consider reinstating PPMSI as additional to the now agreed teaching of Science and Mathematics in Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin and Tamil.

Give Malaysian Parents the choice of what language they want their children to study Mathematics and Science. This country should not be held to ransom by the language extremists whether they are Malay Sasterawans,Gapena or the Chinese and Tamil educationist movement who threathens BN with deprivation of political votes if their demands are not met. Our children cannot earn good living or contribute to the future of this country just by reciting the sastera melayu or mandarin and tamil poems only, we need technorats, professionals versed in English and their mother tongue also to compete in this increasing globalised world.

When it is about the best education that our children should have for their secured and independent future, I say politics be damned.

So I hope that the decision to cancel the PPSMI be revisited and the views of the PARENTS who wants PPSMI for their children, and they are also a huge voters bank in the coming GE, are thoroughly considered as the consequence would be bad on the BN as I know that Pakatan will promise to introduce PPSMI as additional to the teaching of science and matematics in Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin and Tamil. Don't believe? watch and see and cry BN leaders.

Anonymous said...

Hey Samdol semua,

Ini bukan pasal politik atau apa2...

Ini pasal "a level playing field for all the Malaysian children, wherever they are" ada paham???

Tak kan lah anak2 korang yang "speaking" jer nak cemerlang dalam sains & matematik. Anak2 aku kat bendang dan tepi laut pun nak jadi saintis, doktor, akauntan dan investment analyst jugak.

Takkan lah anak2 korang jer nak bolot kerusi empok kat mega companies tu dan biarkan anak2 aku dan seterusnya cucu2 aku kat kampong terus mengerjakan bendang dan tangkap ikan kat laut tu... Atau jadi pekerja kontrak kat pembinaan menggantikan PATI dari Indon.

Don't be selfish lah Tuan-tuan dan Mem-Mem semua.


Anonymous said...

This is what we get when we have a weak government. A few weeks ago, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim declared, 'abolish PPSMI'. PAS and DAP are also pushing for the abolishment of PPSMI. The rural folks, where the BN is counting on their votes to hopefully stay in power comes the next election, are pressing for the abolishment of PPSMI. The middle class urban folks who are mainly in favor of PPSMI are mostly opposition supporters anyway. No point of BN trying to please this group. As painful and foolish as it is, BN has no choice but to reverse the policy. This is what we get when we have a weak government.

-Syed Izam-

rs said...

Oh my god. To those who belittle there are very few contents in Malay, pls do your part. Please make more contents in Malay. Translate everything into Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu at least. Don't mengomplen and do nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

Begitu ketara sekali, semua yang menyokong PPSMI, boleh dikatakan merujuk kepada anak sendiri yang cemerlang melalui PPSMI. Boleh disimpulkan golongan ini golongan yang mampu dari segi kewangan, material malahan terdidik untuk membantu anak-anak mereka maju dalam pelajaran.

Tiada kedapatan bagi golongan ini yang merujuk kepada anak-anak orang lain (merujuk kepada anak-anak orang-orang kampung yang kurang berkemampuan dalam membantu anak-anak).


Anonymous said...

Teach them the English language properly and extensively in primary schools first and they will be able to cope with the Science and Maths in that language in secondary schools later.



when I first went to school I do not know English at all but through the years as I progress from tadika to standard one, two etc, my English began to improve.

When Maths and Science are taught in English, what happens is that the children gets more exposure to the language on a daily basis and this will gradually improve their mastery of the language as they imbibe the language .

While the complain is that the rural children are not getting enough exposure to the English language because many of their parents are not able to converse in English, all the more important it is for them to get the exposure to the English language in school.

How else are they going to improve their English if they don't have regular exposure to the language ?.

Moreover, as far as I know even a person who is a graduate in English may most likely have problem understanding scientific terminology that is in Englsih what more for those who are schooled in BM ?.

Beats me how the govt cannot see the obvious.

simple me

Anonymous said...

This is, absurdly, a political decision that is engineered to create less intelligent individuals of the future.

Surprisingly, the Government listened to Anwar Ibrahim's call to disband English. Bravos!

I can bet my last dollar that the policy will change again with another change of leadership.

Racially biased leaders fearing a lack of tribal support will always succumb to populist decisions,as opposed to suicidal decisions.

Time has told and will tell again.


Anonymous said...

ayieDkilau dan Firebrand,
Saya faham kenapa anda menyokong PPSMI dimansuhkan, kerana mengambil kira kekurang-upayaan sesetengah daripada kita untuk menguasai sains dalam bahasa inggeris.

namun, sesetengah daripada kita juga mengambil kira keperluan bahasa inggeris jika kita mahu maju, yang mana, itu juga saya fahami...

kerana mengambil kedua-dua pendapat inilah, saya berpendapat bahawa adalah lebih baik PPSMI distruktur semula daripada terus dihapuskan. Setidak-tidaknya, ada tempoh peralihan untuk pemahaman kepada penguasaan.

terus terang, tidak banyak rujukan yang bagus yang telah diterjemah ke dalam bahasa malaysia, dan lambat laun anak-anak kita kena menempuhi tempoh dimana mereka akan menggunakan rujukan bukan dalam bahasa malaysia.

dalam ertikata lain, pihak bertanggungjawab seharusnya sudah mula menterjemah rujukan-rujukan yang berunsur sains (seperti kimia, biologi, fizik, bio-kimia dsb) ke dalam bahasa malaysia supaya boleh digunakan oleh rakyat malaysia dengan menelaah dalam bahasa malaysia.

sekadar pendapat yang tidak seberapa daripada saya..

~ OnDaStreet

Anonymous said...

On the brighter side, it is good business for private institutions,translators,text books etc.

Here's how the translation industry works.

"Mind Your Own Business" translated = Jaga Perniagaan Awak = Miscommunication = Another translation = waste of time = stupidity.


Anonymous said...

Sad very sad,
Am a single parent and financially not in the position to send my kids for regular extra classes..

They study at home on their own with the help of the many free websites/ homeschooling packages for BI/MATHS AND SCIENCE. So complete, online lessons that comes in videos/powerpoints/worksheets and online with instant answers exercises!!

Gosh, wonder if Dewan Bahasa can come up with these? I can't even get a proper free sites to check on BM, EduWebTV is not complete, unless of cos if we pay the likes (even that, too sketchy)!!

What a pity, what a pity.. Semua kemudahan terSEDIA ada dalam web on these 3subjects, now they want to complicate things further for our children!!

Or are they trying to get rid of foreigners and replace MAT MINAH kilang from within?

Just cannot believe what DPM announced!


Anonymous said...

Kepada budak kampung yang bengang,
aku setuju dengan engkau 100%. Kalau anak-anak Firebrand dengan anak AyieDkilau tak mau belajar english, lantak la. Tapi anak-anak kampung lain yang nak belajar speaking, jangan la pi kacau, dia orang pun ada hak jugak. Yang pi label anak kampung bodoh tu, apahal? Kalau cikgu tak tau mengajar, hantam cikgu la, dia orang dapat gaji, bukan kerja free.

Kepada Firebrand,
kalau anak engkau nak jadi investment analyst, tapi tak tau speaking, tak faham CNBC dengan Bloomberg, tak tau baca Wall Street Journal, tak payah lah. Jadi ah long boleh la ada.

Kepada tere,
budak-budak hispanic kat California tu ramai PATI dari Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, etc. Dia orang nak buat duit, lepas tu belah. Comparison tak valid. Compare la dengan New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, baru la nampak kehensemannya.

Blues Kampung

Anonymous said...

Kak Aina,

I am a kampung guy. When I went to school in 1961, I did not know any alphabet or numbers. But by standard four, I think I could speak better English than the present fifteen years public university graduates. So, who says kampung kids cannot cope with English now? Was Wan Azmi not a Kelantanese kampung boy? Have you heard him speaking English? Did he go to a private school?

I was very irritated by the corrupt and arrogant BN of late that I wanted a regime change. But when Anwar wanted to abolish PSMI, my support went back to BN.

Now... I want to transcend to spirituality, Kak Aina and let fate decide whats gonna happen to this beloved country of ours.

Hamba Allah

orang kampung tengah yang tak pandai BI said...

budak kampung dah bengang...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

ada korang tengok analisis sekolah anak korang yang kat kampung-kampung tu???

Dah la mesyuarat PIBG tak nampak batang hidung???

tak payah la nak bengang-bengang nyer...

Kerajaan bagi kemudahan tuisyen free kat anak-anak yang tak mampu bertuisyen ... guru dibayar rm10 seorang murid... off course la tak semua yg dapat...

anak-anak ini kurang kesedaran diberi oleh mak ayah tak kesah ...

so jangan bengang-bengang la ...
baik korang kaji apa kelebihan sekolah-sekolah jenis kebangsaan cina dan tamil ... pada aku sekolah ni juga yang untung tak kira semasa ppsmi dijalankan sehingga 2011 atau selepas dimansuhkan sebab dia orang ada masa untuk pengajaran dalam bahasa ibunda masing-masing... sekolah kebangsaan dapat apa...

ada guru mengajar campur2 kena warning...padahal nak suruh murid faham istilah jer... so what the point org kampung nak marah dan bengang...

aku pun budak kampung jugak... sebab tu aku cakap... don't give stupid ideas if you're not in the education field..

Good Morning Teacher said...

Question: I want to learn how to count 1.2.3

Answer : You need to learn Math & science in English

Question : I want to learn kung fu...

Answer : You need to learn kung fu in English

Does it sounds stupid?

If you need to strengten the English fundamental.. go for good English class or pick up English 1119 or TOEFFL etc... not math & science in English..

Anonymous said...

Ada isu yang perlu melibatkan keputusan dari segi politik dan ada yang tidak.

Program PPSMI adalah contoh di mana persepsinya ialah ianya dibuat menerusi pertimbangan politik.

Atas sebab itu timbul suasana 'rumah belum siap pahat telah berbunyi'. Apapun, 'rumah belum siap tetapi pahat berbunyi' bukanlah asing dalam politik.

Apatah lagi kalau dalam konteks politik tempatan yang mana semua yang di terjemahkan oleh pemerintah ditentang bulat-bulat oleh pembangkang.

Siapa yang perlu dituding jari? Walhal yang memilih pembangkang juga adalah terdiri daripada mereka yang berbeza pendapat berhubung PPSMI.

Mungkinskah referendum adalah langkah PRAKTIKAL yang boleh diambil seterusnya untuk menamatkan kebuntuan berpanjangan dalam isu PPSMI?


Anonymous said...

I get p*ssed off when opponents of PPSMI argue that "you can't improve English proficiency by teaching Maths and Science in English".

This argument is flawed, not because it is incorrect, but simply because that is not the premise on which the PPSMI was introduced.

PPSMI was introduced not to improve the students' command of English, but to ease the process of learning, understanding and acquiring knowledge in Science and Mathematics.

(You Rip What You Sew)

Anonymous said...

sapa-sapa yang bengang kat sini aku sarankan membuat permohonan kepada suruhanjaya perkhidmatan pelajaran untuk menjadi guru math and science untuk mengajar dalam english so kebengangan korang boleh diredakan sedikit agaknya...

jangan asyik tembak sana sini puji anak sendiri jer pandai...

BI harus diajar dengan serius bukan dalam math dan sains ... baru la class ...

jangan pusing kepala la bertikam lidah pasal PPSMI ni...

:::fight against cronism:::

Daddy Parenting Tips said...

My daughter is less than 2 years old and she can understand both English and Japanese, and later will introduce Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese.

I can't see why we cannot take 1 step forward to integrate the BM textbooks few years back with the current English science and maths text books. Its a lot of effort, but why move backward instead of forward. We can allow students to use either English or BM to answer in the exams as long as the maths and science principles are correct.

Some good will surely come out of the dialectics at work between both languages instead of choosing either one. We need new advancements. We need Malaysia Boleh. Not some power struggle between languages.

When will Malaysia advance and not hold on to race and language as stumbling blocks but embrace our differences as advantages?

yem said...

1. Sorang Engineer kata belajar Sains and Math dlm BM ok sebab sains pakai byk short form seperti Psi,Co2 just nak tanya masa kat universiti mana lebih senang belajar dalam BM atau BI.

2.Masa sekolah dulu teringin sangat memahami fizik dan kimia ,cikgu ajar dalam BM tapi tak faham . Cari rujukan buku terjemahan sama saja tak faham juga .tak pasti samada saya yang mangkuk atau penterjemah tu tak faham sains so main ikut hati terjemah buku.

3. bercakap soal perjuang bahasa ni teringin juga nak baca buku kimia atau fizik yang diterjemahkan oleh Pak samad said dan Prof..apa ka nama tak tau.Saja nak tengok kepakaran pakar bahasa menterjemah buku sains.

4.Kepada bapak menteri saya ingin menyatakan bahawa anak anda tidak perlu ditemuduga untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan .mungkin beribu ribu syarikat menunggu anak anak kalian untuk dilantik sebagai director .Anak anak kami lah yang terpaksa bersaing dengan jutaan rakyat malaysia berbagai bangsa untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan.

Anonymous said...

NO english for teaching maths/sain
because teachers NOT good enough in their inglis , ok = fine !
NOW, let's have more english lessons
& english literature ( by spearshake
...or ...shakespear ? )
GOOD...but...but mana kah cari guru2
English !?
Aina dear, pls volunteer , pls laa for malaysia sake !!

Anonymous said...

1. Sorang Engineer kata belajar Sains and Math dlm BM ok sebab sains pakai byk short form seperti Psi,Co2 just nak tanya masa kat universiti mana lebih senang belajar dalam BM atau BI.


2.Masa sekolah dulu teringin sangat memahami fizik dan kimia ,cikgu ajar dalam BM tapi tak faham . Cari rujukan buku terjemahan sama saja tak faham juga .tak pasti samada saya yang mangkuk atau penterjemah tu tak faham sains so main ikut hati terjemah buku.


3. bercakap soal perjuang bahasa ni teringin juga nak baca buku kimia atau fizik yang diterjemahkan oleh Pak samad said dan Prof..apa ka nama tak tau.Saja nak tengok kepakaran pakar bahasa menterjemah buku sains.


4.Kepada bapak menteri saya ingin menyatakan bahawa anak anda tidak perlu ditemuduga untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan .mungkin beribu ribu syarikat menunggu anak anak kalian untuk dilantik sebagai director .Anak anak kami lah yang terpaksa bersaing dengan jutaan rakyat malaysia berbagai bangsa untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan.


Anonymous said...

I don't think reverting the teaching of Science and Mathematics to BM is a backward step.

To admit so, we are telling the world that BM is par below academic standards as compared to the Japanese, Koreans, Spainish, French, Russians and many more languages.

Language is never a factor in determining a country's economic growth.

Instead we should look towards improving the quality of education facilities, educators and practice meritocracy to stop the brain drain in Malaysia.

Language is not a problem. The brain drain is.

MBA Student.

Anonymous said...

wow ! 5 billions to be spent on this conversion ?
Last time 3.1 billions for the other way !
8.1 billions of our blood money =
@#$%^&*&^%$#@ !!

Anonymous said...

have any of you seen your kids books? i think the decision wont make any difference. Even its in English now but its all translated to Bahasa. and i know the govt schools still teach in Bahasa.. so what seems to be the problem? go home and check your kids exam papers and workbook. Its all translated which is why its so bloody thick...

Old Fart said...

You wrote, "LOVE the language, not to fear it"....

Really, I don't think there is anyone who necessarily fears BM. My grandfather, a migrant from India, spoke BM. I don't think he hated it or feared it. I reckon he was even proud of it. After all it was the great neutraliser when he needed to transact with the Chinese or the Malays. And he did not know a word of English. Same with my grandma too.

But ever since politicians and language proponents started to do what was just not necessary, it was then that, if at all, I began to resent it. They pushed it down my throat! They started making it compulsory and started making it what it was not. They did not need to promote it the way they did. It was lame and tiresome and after some time I guess many of my generation saw it to be no more than a way to level the playing field for enforcing BM. The reasons they gave then was nothing but pathetic.

Maybe the biggest proponent then, one Dr Mahathir who was the Education Minister then might be able to tell us why he gave us all that fib then.

pissoff BITCH! said...

Its too late. for the neo colonialist like mahathir and you its the malays who are in power. To create a nation you must have a single language. If maths and science then its the all more important that malay be used for science and maths so that they are not carried away by the myth of arabs etc.

To promote science as only suitable for western people hence english, is dishonest and a cop out. Neo colonialist is the only word to describe people like you and mahathir. Just like the negros who became slaves cling to english so are people like you.

Too bad we malays have a culture and life. for someone who speaks a lot of english but know no science this is a sign of neo colonisation!

The fact is that you hate malay is ashamed of malays and think you are superior because you speak english. Far from it. All the maids from Phillipines speak english. So do Indians labourers in the estates or taxi drivers in england.

Hahaha that should put paid to your air and arrogance. You are pitiful and ugly whatever language you speak…I think that make it clear hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, all this simply contributes to continue making Malaysia a low cost place to do business. (Great for the foreigners).

I am amazed that there is even an issue of not having enough teachers who can teach in English.

Anonymous said...

Is better to drop BM all together, lets be flank about this a "bicycle" can never becomes a "Car". Obama never knew any African language.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.44 pm,

I came late into this blog but would like to take you up on some of your comments. Including those at 2.23 pm.

I think PPSMI is not about language proficiency - that is the job of the English language teachers.

It's about better absorption, communication and, later, application of science and maths, and of science and technology. The latest developments in science and technology are often reported and communicated in the English language. PPSMI would help pupils understand and communicate those automatically. You must be among the few who can easily absorb knowledge in science and technology in the Malay language, communicate and apply such knowledge in your working life locally and internationally also with ease. Good for you but many can't.

That the PPSMI results have not been satisfactory is not the fault of the concept. That Tun Dr Mahathir didn't train enough PPSMI teachers was also not the fault of the policy concept. It was the fault of implementation. Surely then you rectify the weaknesses in the implementation. It may take some time before the fault became clearly visible. But surely the solution is not to discard PPSMI.

Get more teachers trained, set up an English Language Institute for specialist PPSMI teacher training like the BM Teachers language Insitute of the 60s. Provide more incentives, especially for teaching in areas with the poorest abosorption rate, including rural areas.

The PPSMI decision was I think more political in nature than anything else. I also wonder how much vested interest is involved in the decision-making, including those benefitting from the translation and book publishing business. As you said, many are unhappy with the PPSMI reversal. But we can still state our opinions and ask the Government to re-consider. Many are already doing this. I hope the Government will think again. PRU 13 is not too far away.

Anonymous said...

the present teachers 99.9% are mainly from malay medium srp/pmr , spm , stpm & vasity and they dun know the difference between :
advice & advise ;
price & prize ;
then & than ;
practice & practise ;
kami & kita ;
conscience = consain (?) ......SIGH !
1/2 + 2/3 = 3/5 (?) ....sigh !!

Anonymous said...

at the jusco , a young sales girl told me : " ini law-fat milk ....".
i looked closely at the container :
a 'low-fat' milk laa !

Anonymous said...

In it something is. Thanks for council how I can thank you?