Tuesday, July 28, 2009

H1N1 On The Rise

You can't stop it. So, you need to take precautions, and BETTER care. This is important.

The 42-yr-old Malaysian who died yesterday evening is the country's third H1N1 death, as 95 new cases are reported, all local transmission.

More and more schools have been forced to close.

The situation is getting worse.

So, if you fall ill, and appear to have the symptoms, get treatment swiftly and, do the necessary.



ajimsan said...

Tell me about it... it is much worse here in the UK. The main thing is that the Government must have stockpiles of Tamiflu available to the public.

In the UK... they plan to vaccine all by the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

yes...but the health minister said it is still under control.Japan manage to have better control system on H1N1.Maybe we need to "Pandang ke Timur" again.

Anonymous said...

H1NI on the rise, very much similar to custodial death. Malaysian worry more on H1N1 death as compared to preventable custodial deaths.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

Yesterday I was at the Melaka Hospital visiting a very sick relative who was admitted in the ICU.

One young girl in her 20s died in the mid morning and around 2 pm, the hospital closed the access to ICU. I was still there and we were told there is a case - (many asked what case? and people began to suspect H1N1)
and we found out about 45 minutes later it was indeed H1N1 and a young girl died. At that point, I recalled asking this girl's young siblings who were they visiting at 1 am Tuesday morning and they told me their sister - they don't know what was wrong with here and she had been admitted to the hospital 3 days ago.

OK around 2.45 pm, everyone was asked to vacate the waiting area and the hospital personnel cleaned (dis -infect) the area.

Unfortunately, when they found she had H1N1 many were exposed. The doctors,, nurses, security guards, general workers and visitors.

I walked downstairs to the hospital shop and asked if I could buy mask and was told - no one is selling any mask. I asked any chance of getting one from anywhere around and the person attending the shop said - try the wards - you may be lucky and they may give you one - I decided to get into town to get a mask.

Yes I should not be hanging about in the hospital, but a very very close relative is so ill and we were informed he may not make it - so I had to be there. When I think of the girl that succumbed from H1N1 and her young siblings - maybe they were there for the same reason I am there.

However, I think the hospital can improve their services:
a. issue mask or at least do sell mask;
b.impose all visitors must don mask when they are in the hosital grounds;
c. quarantine anyone coming in with symptons of H1N1.
d. have dis-infectant dispensers..

I am sure the list can go on and on, but my experience shows many things can still be done to curb the rise of H1N1 but not much except shutting up learning institutions..


electrocutioner said...

Tidak Apa Apathy - typical of us Malaysian being reactive (and overly at that) only rather than pro-active. Only if it was proven that our entry points properly manned to intercept potential carriers (read theSun!!!) God Help Us All

zewt said...

can be stopped... if ppl place lives ahead of money.