Friday, July 24, 2009

Yasmin -- Update

Yasmin Ahmad is still in critical but stable condition after undergoing surgery for bleeding in the brain, said her younger brother Muzaffar Shah.

“It’s good news that she’s not getting worse. We will not know until 48 to 72 hours after surgery. The doctor will check on her again to see if there’s any change and will let us know,” he said.

Drainage of fluid was being carried out to reduce the pressure on Yasmin’s brain, which was swollen, said Muzaffar, 38.

“One of the vessels burst due to high blood pressure, causing the stroke. Right now it depends on how she reacts to the medication.”

Muzaffar said his sister was on oxygen support, instead of life support, contrary to some reports. He also refuted reports claiming that this was her second stroke. (star online)


At 5pm yesterday, Yasmin underwent a neurosurgical procedure at Damansara Specialist Hospital after suffering a stroke at Sri Pentas TV3 here.
The operation was completed at 7.30pm and she was reported to be in a stable but critical condition.



lyna ua said...

Kak Ena,
Please keep up with her latest updates ok. Doa untuk Yasmin Ahmad... may Allah panjangkan umur dengan kesihatan yang baik untuknya, Amin.

Caimin Lawrence said...

We hope for a speedy recovery for this fine lady.

We are praying for her here.

patheng said...

the same and meaningful. I pray that her family will be calm and also hope that everyone will pray for her quick recover.

Geronimo said...

Dear Nuraina - to me Yasmin is a real gem, a rare one I must say. She across like a balm to our souls that also soothen the raw nerves affected by our politics today. May God bless her to see her through her ordeal. A speedy recovery.