Friday, July 31, 2009

Penang State Assemblyman Dies

Pas Permatang Pasir (Penang) state assemblymasn Datuk Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman passed away at the National Heart Institute this morning.
Al Fatihah.

Another by-election?


erin said...

here we go again..

SA. Rayn said...

Need u ask? Of course la by-election lagi... Seems like God wants to prove something no?

Anonymous said...

No Bye-Election, BN will not contest becos too much time and money will be wasted.

straycat's strut said...

I am sorry he died but everyone has to travel the same road someday.

And I am also sorry for myself and other fellow malaysians who have to go through another by-election and antics of the politicians. Penatlah. Nak cari makan pun susah.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pas have made some promises that they would do this and that when the chance arrived.

Now is the right time. They wanted to be sincere but there are hurdles. So, hurdles are the valid reasons for failing to walk the talk!

So we can correctly say to those who lambasted Pas without considering every thing as an unfair remarks. Don't we?

In fact nothing much could be done with those idealistic views when they are being beleaguered by the secularists all along the line.

But, being an idealist, it is definitely frustrating when you are not able to work your way around!!


Anonymous said...

yeay.... another by-election
masyukkkkkkk lagi....

apanama said...

Another challenge, lets fight it out in Permatang Pasir.