Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inquest Adjourned And DNA Of Unidentified Man Found...


SHAH ALAM, July 29 -- The inquest into the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock has been adjourned to Aug 5.

Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas adjourned the hearing to enable lawyer Gobind Singh Deo, representing Teoh's family, lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar (representing the Selangor government) and the Bar Council to study the new documents submitted this morning by lawyer Tan Hock Chuan, who is assisting the inquest.


the inquest was told that DNA trace of an unidentified man was found on the back of the blazer and belt of political aide Teoh Beng Hock.

Government-appointed lawyer Tan Hock Chuan, who is assisting the inquest conducted by coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas, told the court the "mystery man" had yet to be identified although samples of DNA were taken by the Chemistry Department from 102 individuals.

Tan said that besides the DNA trace of the "mystery man", Teoh's DNA trace was also found on the blazer and belt.



giam2020 said...

Nothing less than a Royal Commission
to unravel the mystery behind his
death.Now than DNA sample of unidentified man was found on TBH,the
trail might led to murder.

Anonymous said...

Just go identify the Man...simple..! Stop beating about the bush...! Professional? My foot.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if DNA sample of unidentified man is a correct statement. Can such sample tell whether male or female? Can some knowledgable person please clarify.

Besides this sample, what about all the other identified DNA samples on TBH? Did they get the DNA samples of all the MACC personnel in the first place?

Anonymous said...

MACC and PDRM are now cooking a good storyline using the DNA.

They released news about the DNA belonging to 2 mystery men detected as Chapter1.

Then, they will proceed to Chapter2 to link the DNA to someone in the opposition.

They unveil the plot slowly and finally their conclusion.

If they are genuine in catching the murderer, they should straightaway remand the MACC interrogators as suspects and they are the ones who held on to Teoh's mobile. Easy to conclude.

But, no...they purposely use a convoluted process, taking so many DNA samples, so that they can do the mix-n-match and deflect the blame from the real murderers. They will identify who they want to frame and plant the person's DNA onto Teoh's clothes and ta da! the murderer is found.

This plot is crystal clear.

I hope these murderers are haunted by Teoh's spirit every night. Or, these murderers may be unperturbed since they already killed too many while in PDRM. So "sudah tak rasa". They are worst than criminals. In fact they are better than criminals, they know how to cook evidence to deflect blame away from themselves.

Hope their children will die a mysterious death and they can feel how Teoh's family feel. This is the only way to go. Let nature take their children away, one by one.

Anonymous said...

The MACC and PDRM are going to say the mystery man is not from MACC.

Teoh's death is as clear as crystal who the murderer is......the animals in MACC.

These animals from PDRM and MACC kill their victims so often so much so that they have honed their skills at killing, fabricating evidence, cooking plot and sub-plot. They every Fri, they will go for their prayers to act pious and holy. How come they are not exterminated by lightning, accident or simply don't wake up from their sleep or better yet, haunted by the souls of those they killed?

These animals need to die or better yet be bed-ridden. Let nature claim them or their children, one by one. Then they can have a taste of their own medicine.

jacob said...

Kak Nuraina,

saya memang tidak putus-putus mengikuti kes kematian teoh dan seterus nya.
kita semua sedih dengan tragedi, yakni, kematian mendiang Teoh.
yang saya lihat adalah perasaan marah orang-orang terhadap kerajaan -- yakni, polis dan MACC.
saya rasa kita perlu bersikap tenang.
saya lihat, ramai, terutama penyokong DAP, sudah menuduh polis dan MACC dengan berbagai-bagai salah laku.
kalau kita sudah BENCI dengan polis dan MACC dan segala-gala yang berbau kerajaan (BN), maka memang lah kita akan kecam apa saja yang di lakukan oleh angggota mereka, baik polis, mahkamah atau MACC.
saya nampak sangat agenda pembangkang di sini.
ini bukan lagi untuk mendiang Teoh, tetapi untuk agenda pembangkang, yakni DAP.

seperti komentor ANON(12.41AM) telah mem-plotkan.
satu persatu dia siapkan plot kerajaan Najib untuk menggelapkan mata rakyat.

sebagai seorang yang tiada kepentingan, saya rasa -- give it a chance.
kenapa kita tidak memberi pihak polis, MACC dan seterusnya, peluang untuk menjalankan sisatan dan inquest tersebut?

saya rasa pihak DAP sengaja membuat halangan untuk mengacau proceedings.

walau apa pun yang di lakukan, walaupun mengikut undang-undang, pihak pihak tertentu, seperti DAP dan penyokong mereka, akan mengecam kerajaan.

itu pandangan saya dengan apa yang saya lihat, baca....

terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Jebat Must Die puts an excellent posting on this but in case you guys are still in a faze after his expose on the 13th May fiasco previously and regards his website to be best distanced by a 10-foot pole, then the following can be digested in bite-sized morsels:

i. DNA of 2 unidentified males found.

ii. All MACC officers gave their DNA

iii. The two closest people who had been seen last with him refused to give their DNAs

iv. Lim Kit Siang , Gobind Deo and other DAP top notches constantly "accompanying" Teoh family, and thus, by the principle of diversional alibis, hope to win the public opinion that the political party that these two supremos are attached to have "nothing to do" with the death of Teoh. It's like, "DAP always there with Teoh family supporting his inquest maaa. How can DAP be guilty?" aberrative logics.

v. However, the refusal to submit the ever-helpful DNAs have been under the advice of these two DAP lawyers

vi. Teoh family has requested that Teoh's death "not to be politicised". Is this a veiled hint at those who always appear to "accompany" them wherever they go, seeing as to how the MACC, PDRM to which the unfounded accusations have been alluded to, are not even political parties?

vii. One DAP guy made police report. Then when the police acted on that report, he refused to cooperate upon being asked by the police. It's a case of aberrative, diversionary tactics going awry.

viii. Earlier on, the MACC was put on hold for 3 hours upon request to meet and interview the only other person close to Teoh at time of death. This 3 hours could be translated either as a 3-hour snub, or as a i-need-three-hours-to-hide-all-that-i-can, maa---and Keong, have-you-erased-those-messages-I-told-you-to-erase? What about the hard disks?

Sad kan? Especially that guy who was shouting at the top of his voice "Justice for Teoh, Justice for Teoh" while wearing a headband. Perhaps he was trying to drown the voices of reason, of gangsterism, of DNAs?

Libation Bearer.