Thursday, July 23, 2009

Film Director Yasmin Ahmad In A Coma

Critically-acclaimed movie and TV commercial director Yasmin Ahmad is in a coma after having collapsed during a presentation she was giving at TV3.

She has been taken to the Intensive Care Unit at the Damansara Specialist Hospital, where doctors are trying to revive her.

She is believed to have suffered a cardiac arrest and is in critical condition. Doctors are trying to revive her at this time.

Yasmin, 51, the director of Sepet, is particularly well known for the community message commercials she directed for Petronas.

She began her career in advertising as a copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather, eventually rising to creative director at Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur.

Her movies have won many international awards and have been screened at the Berlin, San Francisco, Singapore and Cannes international film festivals.

Last November, she was inducted into the inaugural Malaysian Advertising Hall of Fame by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia. - (The Star online)

She has a blog:Yasmin Ahmad's blog


Kenny said...

May god help pull her through. We need these few talented people in this country.

luahfikiran said...


de minimis said...

I'm a huge fan of her work. We should all pray for her recovery. She's a great Malaysian.

Maniwannan said...

May you recover soon and be back again. God Bless you!!!!

duluBN said...

I couldn't believe my ears when i heard the news. I dont personally know Yasmin but i felt for her. She is the kind of person malaysia really needs to propel the 1malaysia concept. I have started to pray for her ever since i heard the news. Ramesh

Anonymous said...

I start to know Kak Yasmin when I watched SEPET. I find that her type of movies are those which is reality and that brings the people more together.
I wish her well and our prayers is with her.

Fatimah said...

I've known Yasmin's family since she was little...I've always prayed for her success and now let's pray that she will pull through.
Semoga Allah memakbulkan doa kami yang menyayanginya,insyaAllah.Amin Rabbulalamin.

westwindman said...

May Angels, Angels West, North and South, just do your best. Take care of Dear Yasmin while she recuperates & rests.

Only the Almighty knows how much her determined vision has opened the eyes of Malaysians who truly Believe in being Malaysians.


Neti said...

ADIK, (Yasmin's nickname in childhood days) we love you.Be strong.Insya ALLAH you'll be ok. From all your cousins (Pak Atan's side).

Old Fart said...

Sounds to me more like a stroke. A massive one!

I have only seen two Malay movies in teh cinema in my life. Sepet and Gubra.

May she recover fully from this ordeal.

gedek! said...

She is full of love!