Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kartika Is ready To Be Caned...

But there appears to be a "snag"...

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno is set to become the first woman in the country to be caned under the syariah after she decided not to appeal against her sentence.

Kartika, 32,, was sentenced on Monday to six strokes of the rotan and a fine for drinking beer at a nightclub in Cherating, pahang, last year

The part-time model who is a mother of two from Sungai Siput, Perak, is married to a Singaporean.

Lawyer Mohd Zuki Che Muhamad Ghani said his client wanted the sentence to be carried out as soon as possible to allow her to continue with her life.

He said her decision was conveyed to the court when he turned up to pay the RM5,000 fine on her behalf yesterday.

However, Kartika's readiness to be the first Muslim woman to be caned under Section 136 of the Pahang Islamic and Malay Traditional Practices Enactment 1982 (amendment 1987) posed a dilemma for the authorities tasked with carrying it out.

Judge Datuk Abdul Rahman Yunus, who had handed down the sentence on Kartika, had said the caning would be carried out by the federal prison authorities.

Zuki said the prison authorities could not carry it out as the judgment did not include a jail term.

However, following a meeting with the judge and syariah deputy prosecutor Saiful Idhan Sahimi, Zuki said the court would issue a special warrant to detain Kartika.

Meanwhile, Pahang Syariah chief prosecutor Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said the caning would not cause physical injury as it was merely to make the offender feel repentant.


libra said...

Saya memang bersetuju dgn hukuman ni. Hukuman seperti ni patut di jalankan di negara kita. Sebagai umat Islam kita patut menghormati agama kita. Kalau kita sendiri tidak menghormati agama Islam bagaimana dgn agama lain.

Sekarang ini terdapat ramai yg beragama Islam sanggup minum, membeli nombor ekor, dan makan dikhalayak ramai di bulan puasa dan yg paling menjijikkan ada yg sanggup minim kopi di kedai cina yg terang2 tergantung daging babi. Org2 sebegini memang patut ditangkap dan diberikan hukuman seperti ini.

Kalau pun mereka nak buat perkara2 sebegini buatlah di tempat tertutup. Bukan kita nak mengalakkan perkara2 begini tapi kita tidak boleh kawal mereka. Yg melakukan perkara ini pun kebanyakkannya bukannya budak2 tapi bapak dan mak budak. Dosa tu antara mereka dgn Allah. Tapi kalau mereka tidak tahu menghormati org lain maka wajarlah mereka ini ditangkap dan di beri hukuman sedemikian. Mereka bagaikan merasa megah kerana membuat perkara sebegini di khalayak ramai.

Mustahillah kalau mereka tidak tahu asas2 agama Islam.

Greenbug said...

And the news of the caning will reverberate around the world again bringing Malaysia into the limelight as a progressive and liberated Muslim country. Kudos to the ulamas!

Anonymous said...

I find this really ridiculous!

What about all those in the discotheques and all the VIP kids caught on camera with glass in hand and bevvies of booty??!

Selective prosecution, I should think! ;p

Anonymous said...

One rule for the common man and another for the vips,come on la we all know that the caliphs of states drink.This is hypocrisy at it's highest level.


Anonymous said...

The irony of it all..... sale of alcoholic beverages and liquor is taxed by the Government to pay the prosecutors and judges to administer the caning. Isn't it 'gaji haram', considering their income is derived from the sale of something 'haram'?


artchan said...

There was this drunk joker joker in Hilton that grabbed a waitress butt...and was hushed up.

Whip that barger also.

Anonymous said...

anyone hears or know of any muslims being caught and punish for buying magnum, toto and 3+1 ?????????? Hv seen polices car parked in front of this outlets to patronise them

Anonymous said...

I setuju with this kind of punishment. Unfortunately, in Singapore, the syariah law/authority is not very strict to the Muslims there.

Raf (from Singapore)

Anonymous said...

Talibanisation is finally here in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

If beer was introduced in Pahang in 2008 and she is the very first offender that I totally agreed on the punishment.

But alcoholic drinks had been around since the British. Was there any Muslims being punished for the same crime ?

I for one saw Muslims men drank alcoholic drinks while I stayed at the Hyatt Kuantan back in 1980+. Wasn't the law impllemented then ?

May be there is selective prosecution.

Ulamak Jabatan Ugama dah tak larat nak tanggung dosa kut tapi kenapa yg perempuan je kena tangkap, yg lelaki tu alim belake ke ?

Nani Cheras.

Srikanth Siva said...

What is unfair here is selective punishment.

Is drinking beer worse than taking a bribe?

Remember the recent incident where a youth was prosecuted in an armed robbery case but was told to do community service....

is drinking worst for Muslims than armed robbery?

There is a picture of Kalimullah and Hishamuddin drinking alcohol...why no punishment meted out on them?

There is a picture of KJ in drag, why no $25 fine on him?

Why no fine on Azalina Othman for wearing men's clothes?

By the way, how come they allow lesbians in our government?

Selective punishment should even be a worst crime in Islam. Correct me if I am wrong. As I am sure Islam preaches just for all its servants.

donplaypuks® said...

The punishment does not fit the 'crime' and certainly it is an indignity that no lady should be subjected to for an offence of this nature, regardless of race, religion or creed!

This is how Talibanism starts and soon Nuraina you will be told Muslim women should not blog!

Watch and see!

I protest!


We are all of one Race, the Human Race.

That's all that really matters!

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong but I've heard from an ustaz that the manner she can be "caned" is by tying a knot at the end of a towel, then placing the other end of the towel at the armpits, only then the poor lady will be "lashed" with the towel, making sure the towel never leave the armpit. Now just use your imagination the pain she will suffer.

anneaziz said...

When it comes to religious issues, it would be good if we could all hold our tongues before the cat gets them!

There are a lot that goes beyond the comprehension of non-muslims and muslims who don't `mengaji'. To equate caning to talibanism is to say the least a very myopic viewpoint.

But I agree that implementation should not be selective and that every person regardless of class be subjected to the same treatment by law.

That in itself is really what Islam is all about.

Walski69 said...

I find it very strange that some people are actually "happy" Malaysia is on a steady slide towards something that history, time and time again, has proven DOES NOT WORK.

This incident sets a very dangerous precedent. It's also amazing that proponents of the religion of peace are so hell-bent on wanting to punish all the time. Commenter Libra is a perfect example - respect "us", reciprocation not required.

Only idiots who don't heed history repeat it - dare anyone name ONE model "Islamic State" today that's not eventually sliding into tyranny and chaos?

When will you morons wake the hell up?

Anonymous said...

Yes Malaysia needs this like a hole in the head. Here you have millions of Malaysian tax dollars being spent overseas to promote tourism.

And alongside those ads is the story headlined Malaysia to cane model for drinking booze..

Go figure!

Anonymous said...

There are some motorist who simply refused to stop at a traffic light.

However most of them got lucky as they have never been issued with summonses by the long hand of the law.

But still not all of these traffic offenders are as lucky as the others -- some get caught red-handed for jumping a red light.

So, in reality there are some unlucky motorist who have to pay for their mistakes and there are the others (the lucky one) which looked as though the good luck factors had let them off scot free.

Yes, since the above is verily looked like selective enforcements and therefore don't seem fair to all, is it right for any of you to persuade those unlucky offenders that they could just disregard the fines?

In conclusion, if opposition head honcho is suspected to have misappropriated the public coffer and if he/she were caught red-handed then why can't they be gentleman enough to face the music?

Why is it because there is a baseless perceptions that only the opposition are the unlucky lot, therefore they could take it as an unjust and based on that assumption, unjustifiably ignore all official notices requesting suspects to come forward to help in the investigation!!!


Anonymous said...

how many 'saifuls' are there !!??
the 'one' i know of is a backdoor one

q said...

yup all hail the new talibans.

i find the first comment pretty 'funny' and wonder if he/she has any clue about respect. so called ulamas in this country certainly don't have any for others.

an incident like this make me wonder why i bother staying, but then it is precisely what motivates me to stay. bahh...

Anonymous said...

is caning on her naked butt & by men ??????

Anonymous said...

Utterly outrageous! It will bring Malaysia into worldwide contempt.

On what basis can you have a system of law which flogs citizens (or visitors - good for tourism!) who are actual or nominal adherents of one religion for an action which is completely legal for another? Could the woman simply have said, "I'm not a Muslim any more. I think Mohammed was a fraud and the Koran is a load of unbelievable rubbish"? i.e. Could she have abandoned Islam for another religion or atheism, with her change of mind freely allowed by the state?

Julia K said...

While Malaysia is being criticized over this matter, maybe they should be applauded for having the Sharia law for Muslims, and another legal system for everyone in general. This way the Muslim population is not imposing their beliefs or their ways on the rest of the country which is not the case in most other countries, even in the west.

I also feel the media is really blowing this caning all out of proportion? Words being used by the press such as "flogging" and "whipping" to describe what will happen to Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno is a little over the top, and seems to be used more to dramatize the event rather than give a true indication of how she will in fact be dealt with.

I stand to be corrected, but by all accounts given on the Internet, and to quote a Sharia court official, Mrs Shukarno will be "caned like a naughty schoolgirl" which is a far cry from being "flogged" or "whipped" as the press would have us believe.

Again I stand to be corrected, but I also believe reading up on the subject that Mrs Shukarno will be caned in a Federal Prison under very controlled conditions, and by a trained prison officer. Again I stand to be corrected, but from my research I believe that the process is one that will mean that under this controlled environment, Mrs Shukarno will be bent over the caning frame at the prison and will be caned 6 times across the buttocks with a very light Syariah cane. Now that is nowhere near as dramatic as is being portrayed by the media. If someone wants to dispute this, then do so by producing evidence, not emotion.

Anonymous said...

So funny world!!!

Anonymous said...

u deserve no tourist! and in fact, despite your efforts on attractive tourists around the world, you get none..and the few that come's, leave to thailand or indonesia as soon as they realize where they ended up.

Anonymous said...

Teruskan hukuman jangan dipermain hukum syariah. Di akhirat hanya amalan yang menentukan nasib seseorang. Tiada rayuan lagi. Apakah erti rayuan setelah dijatuh hukuman? Ini hukum Syariah Kuantan maka harus diperluaskan di seluruh Malaysia supaya seluruh umat Islam Malaysia insaf. Jangan kamu meminum, membeli, menjual dan memberi arak kerana itu perbuatan Syaitan. Tetapi alkohol ini adalah halal jika digunakan di hospital atas sebab untuk kesihatan. Alkohol yang diminum ertinya haram, tetapi alkohol diguna untuk perubatan adalah halal. Renungkanlah

Anonymous said...

Julia K, I agree with you that too much is being made of this. The caning she will receive will be more of a symbolic gesture than an actual flogging or whipping.

However, I don't believe she will be bent over a frame or even caned like a naughty school girl as you suggested. I think she will be caned in a sitting position, fully clothed in traditional Sharia garb. Only the upper area of her buttocks will be accessible to the cane. The person who wields the cane will not be allowed to take a full swing, but only flick across the upper regions of her fully clothed bottom. The lashes will probably produce a mild sting and might leaves light welts which will heal quickly. There will be no permanent damage. The pain that is inflicted will be much greater to her dignity than to her buttocks.

Anonymous said...

Hukuman ini tidak patut dilaksanakan sebab takut nanti perkara ini akan mengeluarkan pemandangan atau "ideology" yang buruk bagi umat atas sebab pesalah akan mendapat persepsi bahawa dosa akan dapat dihapuskan di dunia ini. Bayangkan, ramai akan terdesak-desak mahu disebat berdasarkan dosanya sewaktu dahulu dan sudah terbuka hati untuk menginsafkan diri. Anggaran idealogi ini boleh merosakkan pemahaman Islam dimana setiap yang haram harus dihukum jika tertangkap. Minum Arak - Sebat , Makan Babi - ???, Tinggalkan Solat -??? Tidak membayar zakat - $$$...... Ringgan2 dating - ??? Tengok cerita lucah - ????

Pada sesiapa yang melakukan perkara tersebut bila insaf di suatu hari nanti akan mengaku bersalah di mahkhamah ibarat agama keristien dimana setiap dosanya diceritakan pada paderi.