Thursday, July 16, 2009

Higher Taxi And Bus Fares

From Aug 1, fares for all public transport services in the country will be increased.

The biggest hike will be fares for taxi and school buses.

Passengers will have to pay RM3 (currently RM2) for the first three minutes and 10 sen for every 115 metres travelled while parents will fork out 30 per cent more per child.

But those above 60 years old and those considered needy will benefit from the hike. They will receive 25 per cent discount despite the hike of two sen for every kilometre travelled in an express bus.

The government also announced a slew of measures to keep track of bad drivers and operators.



Nick Chan Abdullah said...

you know, hmmm so many people in KL only gets salary of around RM600-700 after EPF/etc...

They have to spend 1/3 of their money for inefficient public transportation.

The poor are the real loser in this ruling.

a KFC cashier in early 90s earn basic of RM700. in 2009, guess how much? - RM600.

Government don't care about happiness of the poor

Anonymous said...

Saya ok dengan harga baru, tapi untuk teksi bersih dan drebar kemas saja la. Teksi buruk, teksi busuk, drebar busuk pun boleh naik harga ka? Sepatutnya teksi-teksi dan drebar macam tu dah lama kena buang dari "sistem", dia orang tu menyemak aje.

Blues Kampung

el-Barokhas said...

The slew of measures the government promised to take to check on bad drivers announced in the same breath as the increase in bus and taxi fares sounds rather hollow.

It would have been more pleasant on our ears for the authorities to just justify the fare increase by empirical facts and not link it to some future undertaking, supposedly in the offing.

It's as if this is the first time we are fed with the same promise each time bus mishaps or the multifarious taxicab indiscretions occured.

I hope the authorities would prove us wrong this time around.

Taxi said...

Hadiah kerajaan Najib ke seratus sepuluh hari?