Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pas Wins Manik Urai, But....

only just. In fact, by the skin of its teeth.

Can't be a victory, if you ask me.

Consider the fact that in today's by-election, Pas candidate Mohd Fauzi Abdullah won by only 65 votes.
(Of course, that means Barisan Nasional's Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat was defeated.)

And the fact that in the last year's general election, Pas' Ismail Yaakob defeated Mohamed Zulkifli Omar of the Barisan Nasional (BN) with a majority of 1,352 votes.

That is severe.

The Manik Urai seat fell vacant following Ismail's death on May 22.
Ismail, who was deputy head of the Pas Kuala Krai Division, won the Manik Urai state seat in the general election in 1985 and had been the elected representative there for five terms.

Manik Urai is one of the four state seats in the Kuala Krai parliamentary constituency, the others being Dabung, Guchil and Mengkembang.

A win is a win, even by one vote. Sure, sure. That's democracy.

Let's get real here. ONLY 65 votes, in your own fortress, your stronghold for the six terms.

A defeat, in my book. And Pas too, I am sure.

Pas knows what went wrong.

And if it does not get its act together, it will continue to lose its loyal Malay votes.


Anonymous said...

good comment from you nuraina

as the new boss of nst editor team, i want to tell you something. why is the comments on manik urai in nst so boring. i fed up to read. like today one story by zubaidah abu bakar. is that what u call a commentary or news reporting

do you read what your own reporters write. last time syed tutup mata. but under u i expected u to be more careful. next time tell ur reporters if nothing to write no need to write. dont simply write when u have nothing. if u dont believe me read nst tuesday by zubaidah abu bakar and u decide



my posting is brief. not an analysis.

thank you for expressing your views.

Anonymous said...

Luckily PAS won by a meagre 65 votes. Otherwise, they will cry foul.

The message seems quite clear. Orthodoxy has its limits.

By the way, there should be some sort of qualifying criteria for candidates at the polls.

Not that fishmongers are not suitable for high office, but it could lead to a trend ....... rickshaw pullers, drug kingpins, street peddlers etc may one day stand for elections, by democratic means.

Any congratulations to the winner and may the constituents remain in poverty they seek.


biasa lah said...

I am waiting for Anwar or Lim Kit Siang's comments.

Phantom voters by BN !

Postal votes by BN !

BN bribed voters !

Dirty jobs of Election Commission !

Unfair media coverage!

Consipracy !

Polis kejam !

blah blah blah!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ena,

A good analysis! Let's hope that you can groom those in the NST Editorial to be more analytical in their approach. I am sure with your extensive experience this should not pose a problem.

I am not too sure but I started to see some improvement in the NST and I hope this shall be a continuous affair and not ad hoc.

All the best!

Ex Mass Comm

Anonymous said...


More briefer if you stated that 2004 majority was 45.

Anonymous said...

Salah satu aspek yang membezakan darjat seseorang dengan seorang yang lain adalah ilmu yang dimiliki dan dipraktikkan untuk jalan kebaikan. Dengan adanya ilmu maka seseorang itu dapat memajukan diri sendiri dan orang lain juga.

Mengatakan pengundi luar bandar tidak perlu kepada kualiti kepimpinan yang berteraskan ilmu dan pengetahuan mungkin dirasakan satu penghinaan oleh sebilangan orang.

Meritokrasi juga penting waima dalam kalangan sesama puak. Menganggap penyokong sendiri tidak ambil kisah dalam aspek ini mungkin satu kesilapan yang bakal menumbuhkan duri-duri dalam daging.

Bayangkan perasaan mereka yang tidak terpilih menjadi calon (tetapi dari segi kelayakan adalah lebih layak jika dibandingkan dengan yang telah terpilih)? Tidakkah akan berlaku pulau memulau dsbnya?

Oleh itu tidak hairanlah keputusan di Manik Urai tidak menepati semua ramalan terutama yang dipaparkan dalam laman blog pembangkang.


Anonymous said...

Nasib baik tidak ramai penggundi Manik Urai baca NST, teruta lapran yang ditulis oleh zubaidah a.bakar itu. Jika tidak Pas akan menang dengan lebih baik majoritinya. Saya setuju dengan Anon 1.05 am. jika tidak ada bahan nak tulis janganlah melalut semata-mata untuk mengisi ruang akhbar. I was at the scene from July 4 to today, I noticed people mind set has not change particularly the die hard supporters.
The mee segara campaign juga tak makan dek peggundi. You must Pas candidate is new comer campared with the late tuan haji. ^65 votes majority is big because many ware thingking BN sapu bersih.

hani said...

Anon 1:05AM,

Like Nuraina says her posting was brief. A short comment. And a good one, I must say.

She just rejoined NST last week-lah. Give her time.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon 1.05pm. In a political commentary section, readers expect something fresh, yet to be reported, behind the scene kind of thingy. Not recycled / rearranged news. Just an honest feedback. Thanks,


This comment has been removed by the author.

anons yang komen penulisan zubaidah,

anda semua mungkin tak setuju dengan tulisan beliau. memang biasa lah. bukan kita boleh setuju dengan segala pandangan dan pendapat penulis.

kita mudah mengkritik. senang saja.

the truth is saudari zubaidah is an experienced journalist.

whether it is an analysis or news report...what's the big deal.

give her some constructive criticisms, please.
not rant away, attacking her.

To Hani,

thank you. it does not matter how much time there is -- i can be in NST for a year on, and i may still choose to write brief comments.... i choose to write any which way i like, short or long. it's more fun that way. allows for versatility and flexibility. unlike writing columns for newspapers.

this blog allows me to break many rules of writing.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Puan. I hope you'll bring back NST to the standard of your father.

I stopped subscribing to NST when the fellow started to talk a lot about himself in his column, from his diary or something. I suggest lessen the columns, give more news. We don't want to be fed with this line of thinking and that kind of praising. Let us decide, you give us the raw facts.

May I also suggest investigative reporting. And, please, when doing a follow-up on an event of the past, give a line or two of the background.

I know it's difficult to break away from the trend of news spinning. And of projecting certain angles by what and who you choose to publish. To the extent that blogs have proliferated since Tun Dr Mahathir started it. But I will subscribe to NST again if the quality improves.

Good luck to you in that important job.

el-Barokhas said...

Hopefully the Manik Urai by-election result this time around is indication enough that our democracy is moving towards maturity where no single party can take it for granted of voters' support regardless of it's performance or policies.

It is interesting therefore to see how the relevent political parties will adjust to this new reality in the coming months and years before the next general election is due.

Anonymous said...

A win is a win ... even with a majority of one! thats's democracy.