Thursday, July 02, 2015

Keeping Cool on Hot Ramadan Days

Fifteen days now. And it has been a real hot and dry Ramadan. So hot that people needed to have their cooling machines on all day and night,  overloading power supply in my neighbourhood, causing power failure in some homes earlier this week.

Lucky those who can remain in cool indoors.

I drive past the MRT construction site almost everyday and watch the workers toiling under the scorching sun and wish that I can magically turn the hot day into a lovely fall afternoon.

It's been so hot and probably on quite the plus side that I don't need to turn my water heater on because the water is warmed but the heat of the day.

Mornings are so hot that we make sure we hang out our laundry to dry and before noon, we can be sure it's all done.

I am sure there are so many like me who love this month of the year. I know we are supposed to do good but we are after all mere mortals and are always bound to get careless. But during Ramadan, we consciously try to not curse, swear, lie, gossip and all those things humans indulge in in their everyday life.

Which actually is not hard to do because we are just too tired to be talking or get distracted.

This listlessness is also good for feuding politicians and to an extent their supporters although you do get to read the subtle "attacks" in the form of quotes of some historical or iconic personalities.

Sometimes, resistance ain't that easy.

Still, you can say it that on the feud of local politics, the temperature has been turned down. So much so that the quirks and madness of one Azwan Ali and a local steak restauranteur make for interesting cyberspace read. 

That's for another entry.

So, on such hot Ramadan days, not a bad go at keeping cool.

Salam Ramadan, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Temperature just went up for Najib!


yes indeed anon @ 1:21PM. too hot not just for him but a lot of people, me included because it is just so crazy. So flabbergasted. The whole thing has come to this.