Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Confession - Lester Melanyi's

Here's the first part of the video of Lester Melanyi - former editor of Sarawak Report - confessing to the bad things SR had been doing.

This has got to do with forged documents about 1MDB and PM Najib Razak.

Check it HERE at Rockys Bru.

I don't want to go into details except that I find SR rather jahat. When your objective is to bring down a government by spreading a lot of lies, you mut be ..well ..what can I say without being rude.

YOU don't have to believe him, that 's your right.

I would keep an open mind.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem like an open mind when you've declared those documents "forged" as a fact and Sarawak Report as "jahat".

The greatest defence against rumours are truth and transparency. That we lack the culture of government openness allows other sources of information to flourish. This is the government shooting itself in the foot, unfortunately.


True, But Sarawak Report is hardly credible.

Anonymous said...

I would agree that Sarawak Report editorialises their content, but so does Utusan and really, every other tabloid.

However, banning Sarawak Report is not the way forward. For some, this increases their credibility (shooting the messenger etc.) and also there has been no direct or strong refutation of the content in Sarawak Report.

One could argue that Lester Melanyi is no more credible than Sarawak Report, but the MCMC is sure not making any efforts to block his content.

This obvious lopsidedness in the government's actions does not increase its credibility.