Friday, March 20, 2015

Let's Talk Hudud

Most people say if you are no Islamic scholar or have no expertise in Islamic law and jurisprudence, you should shut the F up and not comment on Hudud.

This issue has been the subject of heated debate in the wake of the Kelantan Hudud.

It is also the source of discontent in the Pakatan Rakyat with PAS at loggerheads with its partners DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Ugly politics here but pure unadulterated show of conflicting ideologies. And everyone is saying - "See, I told you so. All this marriage of convenience is bound to fall apart because they differ in fundamentals".

Siapa nak makan humble pie?

Back to this subject of Hudud.

So, why can't I talk about Hudud? It affects me directly.
Can't I just do some plain talking about whether I agree to Hudud or not. I am no scholar but I know what the Shariah (Syariah) is.

In my beloved country, Malaysia, there is a dual legal system in force in which Muslims are subject to the laws of Islam pertaining to family, marriage&divorce, inheritance and apostasy and other Islamic practices.

(Crimes such as theft, rape , sodomy and murder come under the Malaysian penal code.)

The shariah laws are established in state laws and in each state they differ in practice and enforcement.

If you ask any Muslim, he or she will most likely not reject the Hudud which we all understand to be God's laws and God is fair, just, compassionate and merciful.

Even if they do, most will not be open about it. This, I have found to be the case because there are too many holier-than-thou people out there ready to demonise their Muslim brothers and sisters with differing views.

In my simple view, if God's laws are in force, heaven is on this earth. There should be no poverty and no inequality. There should be peace for mankind. And women will be protected and respected. And there will be no teen pregnancies or baby dumping.

How ideal is that?

Under Islamic law, when a man steals, he does not lose his limbs just like that. No sireeee.

The accused will be tried and his background will be scrutinised.  Is he too poor? Why is he poor that he was pushed to steal? And so on and so on. Mitigating factors are serious considerations. That is justice.

So, to me how wonderful IF we can enforce the Shariah to a T as God ordains it.

My problem is that I have little confidence in the enforcers of Hudud.

These enforcers are no saints. They are not infallible.They are not perfect .
 How do we check against abuse? Like I said I am not going to debate the Hudud.

I have trust issues.
Having seen how our moral guardians have shown themselves to be.

I speak in general terms here because I am sure there are good people in that institution. But what we have witnessed so far (without my going into details) does not convince me that we are ready for Hudud.

Besides, the issue is outrightly so politically-infused, it is embarrassing.

Be that as it may, let me say here that I'd like to see a better and more effective enforcement of shariah laws that are now in place in THIS country. Strengthen that first and then we can do Hudud.

For now, let's just talk about it.


Anonymous said...

Agree issue is outrightly politically infused, due to weak leadership.

BlogTakes said...

Mat Bon said...

As you said, Rape falls under penal code.