Thursday, March 19, 2015

Did Nurul Izzah Utter Seditious Remarks In Parliament?

Maybe she did.

Even if she did, should she be slapped with sedition charges. Is there another way of dealing with this MP?

Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice-president and Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah was alleged to have made seditious remarks in Parliament when she delivered a speech on behalf of her father, jailed Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

She is now freed on bail.

Nurul Izzah attacked the judiciary - specifically the five Federal Court judges who upheld Anwar's conviction under Section 377A.

Her supporters are defending her legal right  saying that she enjoyed parliamentary privileges as her her remarks were uttered in parliament.

Others who are pissed with her have cited a section under the Sedition Act on parliamentary privileges.

Whether or not Nurul Izzah as an MP,  is subject to or is exempted from this privilege is an issue of debate.

Perhaps, her remarks were excessive. And offensive. In fact, they were meant to attack the judges. After all, that was Anwar's speech.

Frankly, I think there are "better" ways to deal with this kind of situations. Censure her, perhaps. Debate it in the august house, perhaps.

That was clearly very political, on Nurul Izzah's part. So, deal with her on the same turf even if it is in the House.

You can explain it all you want. Justfify it all you want. You know that this ain't looking good from wherever you are standing.

You and I may disagree with her remarks but they were were uttered in Parliament. She did not touch on the Rulers and all that are forbidden.

And you still wonder why?


Anonymous said...

But can the five Fed judges response and how ?The trouble is with Malaysian politicians taking cheap shots in parliament with impunity.

Perhaps it is high time to change any rules that unfairly protect these so called lawmakers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Puan Nurul Izzah Anwar [Lembah Pantai]:
Dalam tunduk akur kepada kehendak telunjuk tuan-tuan politik, hakim-hakim menjadi rakan jenayah pembunuhan kebebasan dan integriti badan kehakiman.
Mereka menjual diri mereka kepada syaitan, memperdagangkan nurani mereka demi pulangan kebendaan, kedudukan dan jaminan jawatan. Mereka diberi peluang untuk menebus diri dengan bertindak membetulkan kesilapan badan kehakiman yang lampau, mengembalikan kemuliaan dan mengukir nama baik sebagai pembela sebenar keadilan. Sebaliknya mereka memilih untuk kekal dalam kegelapan.
Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee]:
Hati-hati dengan Peraturan 36(8), Yang Berhormat ya"....
excerpt from the Hansard Dewan Rakyat .
Lets debate if they are sedituos or not.
She had accused the 5 judges of selling their souls to the devil, being corrupted and acting on personal interests.
Most heinous accusation anyone can throw to a person what else to a Malay - Muslim.


I said she was excessive. In fact .. very slanderous. Arresting her under Sedition Act is, to me, unwise. Deal with her in the best way you can and I know there are other ways you can deal with her.

Anonymous said...

Let's admit it. Nurul Izzah realised later that she had gone over-board this time. Little did she realise that Parliamentary immunity is NOT a blanket approval of "doing ANYTHING you like". This is what happens when lawmakers do not really understang the limits granted to them. Perhaps she can be excused for getting carried away by the euphoria of speaking on behalf of her father or perhaps by wanting to impress upon the qualities of an Oppostion Leader to her peers. A report had been made against her , citing Seditious intent. Non-action on the part of the authorities would open a public debate on the effectiveness or a slow action by such authorities. Following this episode, many opinions from renowned lawyers had appeared in articles and reports ; many had been truthful enough to criticise Nurul's outburst in the august house. Let us not be sidetracked or influenced by the fact she is the daughter of AI. Other ordinary Parliamentarian would have been scorned and "burned at the stake" even before the last syllable of her tirade ends.