Thursday, August 09, 2012

Anger and Ire over Court Ruling On Alleged Rapist

".. public interest would not be served if his client was given a custodial sentence when he had a bright future " - Court of Appeal president Tan Sri Raus Sharif

This must be the first of its kind -- letting an alleged rapist who happens to be a national bowler, go without a custodial sentence because, well, his future is bright.

That doesn't seem right, does it?

Someone despaired in Facebook :"Something's wrong with our judicial system".

I disagree. There's  nothing wrong with our judicial system. The law is there. the punishment is provided for under the criminal procedure code.

But the judges decide. And in this case, it is their decision to allow Noor Afizal Azizan's appeal against the High Court decision to sentence him to five years jail
Raus who is Court of Appeal president led the three-man panel in ruling that the jail term be substituted with a bound over for good behaviour for five years.

Read the report HERE.

The social media is raging over this.

I'm remembering the case of a foreigner who was found not guilty for speeding on the wrong side of the KL-Seremban highway. The judge accepted the grounds for his mad driving - a "sleep walking" disorder. Two or three people were killed by his crazed driving.

Sometimes, you wonder .....


Anonymous said...

only in malaysia.....

A Voice said...

Kak Ena

Dont forget a sodomist is at loose and wrecking the country because the idiot judge thought he is being fair by being divine to expect evidences to be 100% convincing beyond the humanly possible "beyond reasonable doubt."

Could this be because there was once a judge by the name rungit charged for trying to rape a man and his attempt to *uck the man's genital was described graphically in court.

Anonymous said...

On ‘Raus who is Court of Appeal president led the three-man panel’? My question is Kenapa semua panel berjantina lelaki when the victim is a girl? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a gender activist. But, I’ve witnessed the psychological trauma (effects and aftermath) experienced by a rape victim. At least, bagilah seorang panel berjantina perempuan.

Btw, yes, the judges decide. The judges are definitely significant representatives of the judiciary.

So he pleaded guilty, right? So he escaped, right? So he has a bright future, right?
Almost everything is about him. Excuse me, who is the victim? The crime he committed will shadow him for the rest of his life (that’s the automatic punishment he got) if and only if he does FEEL such shadow. Please note that she deserves peaceful nights, she didn’t consent to having sex-this is where she struggles hard to survive in the name of psychological adjustment.

Anonymous said...

Now , I know why I don't read this blog.

Anonymous said...

would the MTBC under dr p s nathan and the state bowling association concerned mete out their own brand of justice by kicking this feller out of the bowling squad for bringing disrepute to the game?

bye bye, bright future !

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:24

Why harp on the rapist? The girl was also very itchy and they both must have agreed to have fun together. The court must have taken this issue into considertion. A man having fun with a cheating wife is not to be blamed. As they say, it takes two to tango.

Who is without sin?

Anonymous said...

can you write about the loss of wan julia hood.she is one nice and kind hearted lady

Anonymous said...

Sorry your logic is convoluted.

Anonymous said...

2 published cases of Melaka. Thamby Chik was not guilty said the court!

What happened to the sepecial secret home of the unwed mothers in Melaka?

Dato johan said...

This is consent rape.that mean the girl enjoy the act.The only prolem both are underage.what do you expect the Judge to do.


anon@9:02Am: Yeah, right.

TeenageSex said...

If there is one lesson to be learned from this adventure is, girls please don’t put your sexual escapades in your diary hehe.
Now that we know the truth we cannot be too hard on the young man.
Too many girls confide everything in their dirary. In this case one year later her father read her diary. Some girls cross the days they have sex. That’s good if they want to keep track that they are not pregnant but not so good for their boyfriend.

Times have changed. Or have they? 20 years ago, Malays school girls have sex at 14 seduced by their boyfriends and their raging hormones. Some escape unscathed. 15 yers later, I still hear girls scrambling for pregnancy kits. Smart girls buy their own condom as Malay guys are just as hypocritical and shy about sex.
Sex is fun. Many Malay men enjoy it on the sly. Appearing innocent and alim, even as they have sex with their gf to keep up religious appearance. For the Malay girls, it is double the stress with the possibliity of pregnancies which they however willing to take the risk !
Time for the Malays to grow up. Your daughters and sons are having sex before marriage. Don’t preach alim, it is the facts of modern life when ease of mixing is part of our culture. It is so easy to seduced a girl who are innocent of the consequences. Condom carrying habit should be inculcated if we want to prevent sad endings. Guys trying their luck and girls giving in to rush of the moments are receipe for disaster.
The other alternative I guess is back to the dapur for the girls or chastity belts.

4EyeWitness said...

It is strange that the Indians are very titillated by the word rape. Not a day pass without the NST printing letters from Indians writers screaming blood at poor teenager who had consensual sex with his girl friend.

The judges are clear about the issues when two teenagers have sex it is not fair that only the guy get prison while the girl go on happily with her life beside her angry father of course.

What Indians or Chinese who are aroused like in the case of Melaka menteri besar that malay have early sexual experience or exposures through the ugama classes.

It is no big deal. In this case it is usually the father who is hurt, not the girl.
What the teenage guy should have done is not to admit guilt as in rape cases, penile penetration is a must as in the 4 year old girl case. After one year it would be difficult to produce any DNA in the girl’s vagina.

Alternatively the teenage boy should have the girl’s father charge in syariah court for accusing him of zina without bringing 4 witnesses. Yes our beloved and esteem ex Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir syariah laws state that any Malay girl or woman or man who accuse a man of rape must bring 4 male witness who saw the sex act. Not Kelantan or Trengganu.

Such is the great legacy of Dr Mahathir to Malay women. Now this should make NST Indian reporters something to think about hehe.