Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rocky's Defamation Case Concluded....Finally

(Thursday Feb 2 2012)

Rocky has something to say before he moves on...

Earlier posting:

Blogger Rocky AKA Ahirudin Attan, in a long-drawn (5 years) defamation case against him by Kalimullah Hassan and three other former New Straits Times Press executives -- finally had it settled amicably.

(The three are Syed Faisal Albar, Hishamuddin Aun and Brenden Pereira.)

Actually, the NSTP was also a plaintiff in the suit but withdrew it in 2010 -- A good thing too!

In a statement of settlement tendered Tuesday to the High Court by counsel for both parties, Rocky stated that he apologised for considerable distress, embarrassment and inconvenience caused to the four.

"I recognise, acknowledge and empathise with the considerable distress, embarrassment and inconvenience caused to the plaintiffs resulting from the publication of the statements."

In 2007, Kalimullah, then NSTP deputy chairman; Hishamuddin, then group editor-in-chief ; Syed Faisal Syed Albar, then director and CEO; and Brendan John Pereira, then group editor - filed the suit against Rocky over defamatory postings in his blog.

According to the statement of settlement, which was made available to the media, Rocky also expressed his sincere and utmost regret for the consequences caused to the plaintiffs.

He withdrew all allegations and imputations against the four and agreed not to further publish any similar allegations on his blog, Rocky's Bru, or other blogs or websites.

He was present in court yesterday with his lawyer, Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos.
Counsel Rishwant Singh appeared for the four plaintiffs.

High Court judge Datuk Asmabi Mohamad made no order as to costs.

Jahaberdeen said his client was also required to publish the statement of settlement on his blog.

They further alleged that the defamatory articles, which appeared on the blog, should be read alongside and when read as such, demonstrated a clear pattern of consistent and continuous conduct by the defendant to defame and injure the plaintiffs' personal and professional reputations, property, trade as well as goodwill.

Hell yeah, Rocky, you sure caused them a lot of distress and embarrassment....

And oh...I remember that night....

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Anonymous said...

Err...what a lame spin on a spinner who had to apologiz to save his ass.


anon@9:45PM: call this a spin? what an ass.

the spin is the statement a certain someone issued to the press after the conclusion of the case, you fool.

and psst...rocky doesn't need to save his ass.

the coward is -- not him.

raja bersiong said...

nuraina, that anon 9.45pm must be a machai of oh -- you know who..
or he simply does not understand a simple posting.
your posting, if i'm not mistaken is taken from bernama or nst, right?
you are right. i read the Star report on Rocky's case...that bit on the statement is a real spin. haha. why aah The Star like that? ho come they didnt ask you for your statement?

henry said...

raja bersiong -- "machai"? "machai"!. oh my, long time have not heard the word.
hey anon/9.45pm: you call this a spin? you know or not in the first place what a spin is?
if you're stupid, ok-lah. nothign we can do.
but if you are not stupid, then you are simply jahat or ass-licker of someone, or paid to whack people...
haha...rocky saving his ass? it's a settlement-lah. everybody wins.
also rocky apologised for causing them distress...
he did not says sorry to them. ada faham, tak?
please read the enclosure in rocky's bru.
you pandai baca, kah?
why don't you click on big dog's posting. he posted that statement.

Sharifah Ruzana said...

This is what I admire about Datuk Jahabardeen - he is so different from his cousin lawyer because he defends the right people most of the time!

Good for Rocky !!!

Anonymous said...

Rocky is apoligising that he caused distress,embarassment and inconvenience to the plaintifff...

for causing someone lost his prime job...
for losing their jobs in NST,
for losing more business opportunities ..
..(add on please)...



raja bersiong: oh well.some people simply refuse to see something that is so plain and simple. BTW -- you meant why the Star did not ask Rocky for his statement...
i don't know...

henry: ditto

wak: it's true. so much distress and embarrassment...
anyway, those things rocky posted were defamatory, yes.
but you know, defamatory statements are not synonymous with false statements..

sharifah ruzana: hmmm....i'm sure you know what you're talking about. and yes. good for rocky!


to an anonymous commentor: thank you for your suggestion.

don't want to be rude your own b......:-)


Anonymous said...


And you said

"Oh and I remember that night!!!"

Must be absolute Bliss!!!


amoker said...

Nuraina, you are so protective of Rocky.

I saw Rocky at Bangsar Shopping Centre last Friday. In the older days when he really stood up for integrity, I would rush over to have a photo with him. I left him alone instead.