Monday, March 21, 2011

So What Now, Datuk T?

We'd all like to know.

By now, everyone knows that Datuk T is the guy who's got the original video showing a man who resembles opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim having sex with a "hooker from China".

Datuk T said he will be handing over a copy of the video a week from yesterday (Monday March 21) to Anwar and wife to ascertain that the man in the video is Anwar. Or not.

If it's true that the man is Anwar, Datuk T wants both husband and wife to quit politics within 7 days OR ELSE! - he plans to hand over the original video to an NGO to initiate investigations into the authenticity of the recording.

Well, a week's not up yet. Yesterday Anwar vehemently denied "this scurrilous attack".

He told a packed press conference that he was at home with PKR staff, his wife, children, grandchildren and tweeting on that day and at that time.

He hasn't seen the video. But what's there to see if you know you're not the one.

So, what now?

The mysterious Datuk T. Refused to disclose his identity, nor his contact number.
Familiar but couldn't quite place him.
Malay. In his late 40s. Maybe older. Dark, medium height and built, moustached and was wearing a cap and tinted glasses. Soft-spoken.

Yesterday, under a shroud of secrecy, he called media representatives for a "sneak preview" of the sex video, at Carcosa Seri Negara (no less, no sh*t) in Kuala Lumpur.

Now, who is Datuk T? Who the **** is Datuk T?
No one seemed to know. No one seemed to recognise him. Nor any of his four friends/colleagues.

Will he now be sending a copy of the video to Anwar and wife?

Wonder how he'll be doing it.

On Anwar's side, he plans to lodge a police report at the Dang Wangi police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur at 10.30am today.'s just another sex video. To each, his or her own.

For Pas, the party wants to sever ties with Anwar if the sex video is authentic. That means, if that guy is indeed their friend and ally.

Pas ulama council chief Harun Taib says it is a serious matter.

The DAP's stand is, I believe, that if it is indeed Anwar, then he should do the right thing - step down.

Meanwhile, what's your next move, Datuk T?


Anonymous said...

To date, I have been to Carcosa Sri Negara only twice. The first one was many many years ago. It was a dinner hosted by a company. In attendance was a VVIP from Vietnam. We went thru several police checkpoints. Only on arrival did we know that Yasser Arafat was there.

The second time was 2 or 3 years ago. This time, it was in the afternoon. The occasion was a book launch but I can't recall who officiated. Maybe it was TDM or was it the wife?

I like Carcosa SN: the elegance, the serenity, the gentility. But not anymore. It is now tarnished by Dato' T: Thrash, Thrush, whatever.


Anonymous said...

Agree. What's there to report if you are not the rascal?

jooli said...

I hope politicians on both sides will not let this issue stop them from doing actual work.

Anonymous said...

If Datuk T is a Muslim Malay, I love to "sunat" him one more time for being an idiot for his stupid allegation against Anwar.

Is Anwar so stupid to do "it" and be Video-taped??

Although some are saying that this could a game to further pictures Anwar as the VICTIM thus garnering lots of sympathies (votes??).

Old Fart said...

According to Datuk T Anwar asked him to retrieve the watch and that is why he went back to the room. Watch was not there...but by then presumably the China Doll would have left. And yet he knows where to find her to get it back. Is he suggesting that he is a pimp? A pimp who was close enough to Anwar so much so Anwar could trust him with his personal devious conduct?

What kind of a friend does that make this Datuk? Or maybe Anwar himself does not seem to know how to choose his friends and "lovers"!!?

Somehow, this is quite hard to believe...If you look hard enough I am sure to find an Anwar look alike should not be that much of a problem.

Now I wonder what I'd be worth if I was a Najib lookalike?...err...that may not earn me much la..I'd rather be an Anwar lookalike. Easier to get the money and much more of it out of the UMNO types!! You got to always see who is paying!!

Anonymous said...

Lebih baik diam aje. Jika Datuk T ada tape seks yang pompuan serupa muka anda dan dia tunjuk pada orang ramai dan kait nama NAS....apa reaksi anda?

Anonymous said...

what kind of country have become NS?
What kind of newspapers do we have that give stories like this frontpage coverage?
what kind of lawyers do we have who twist the law to suit their own purposes?
what has happened to malaysia?

Unknown said...

whats wrong with you people, such dirty bastards, raping own children...thats the special race of malaysia , famous for Incest and Sex...

leave anwar alone, go and look what najib does to ziana zian in port dickson and how rosmah serviced by Deepak jaikishan,.....

Indrani samy vellu with India young boys in Brickfields...and CSL with young chickus....U BNs are such dirty fuc brains

Datuk K's personal secretary said...

DATUK T called me just now & asked me to write this comment to you, Nuraina.

He said his next move will be UPLOADING the recording in Youtube for the public to judge whether the recording is doctored or not & whether is the man Anwar Ibrahim or not.

After uploading to the net, he will send it to Bukit Aman for investigation.

Oh yes, DATUK K also said it's unnecessary to send the original recording to Anwar Ibrahim. DATUK K said he's afraid he might VOMIT BLOOD should he see Anwar Ibrahim after watching the recording. Reason cited is that Anwar Ibrahim looks DISGUSTINGLY UGLY naked drilling a China Doll. DATUK K also warned the public to get ready an empty pail should the recording be made available over the net. Chances is that most will VOMIT upon seeing Anwar naked on bed.

Lastly, DATUK K stressed that he will allow PDRM to take necessary action pertaining to the recording. So, it's needless for DATUK K to do much for now. He just told me to convey this message...

"Sabar lah!!! Good things only come to those who wait"

jh said...

That's our speciality what...datuk T, datuk K, datuk ABC...and sadly Malaysians including myself wasted some productive time reading and gossiping about the latest scandal. apa nak jadi? i think in Malaysia, this sex shit overshadows the recent tsunami in Japan. some people need help la datuk T.

Anonymous said...

CIA did the same thing to Sukarno in the 60s. If anything, the Indonesians loved him more! I think the actor in that video had the same "attributes" as the late John Holmes!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

is it an offence to screen porno films in broad day light in front of the media in carcosa?What are the authorities doing? no wonder blue films are sold easily in pasar malam. our country has turned blue now

Unknown said...

well, well..... its a child rapist named rahim thambhi chik with muka xde malu coming out and saying that anwar is a sex maniac ...

this bastard should be in jail and whipped.... UMNO are for Suckers.

suria said...

Here's what i garner from most of these comments - Its quite acceptable for a married political leader to have sex with a prostitute. Its just not ok for someone else to record it. Wow, when did Malaysians become so liberal? Even American political candidates cannot get away with this kind of thing.