Saturday, January 09, 2010

Remembering Sharlinie..

Do you still remember Sharlinie Mohd Nashar?

We call her Nini. Remember?

On this day, two years ago (2008), she went missing from a playground near her home in Taman Medan in Petaling Jaya. She was five years old.

A nationwide search campaign was launched.

Nini is still missing.

She would be seven this year and would have started her school just this week.

Nini..we never stop thinking of you.

You are always in our prayers.

Nini..wherever you are.....


Rockybru said...

We never knew her, but yes I remember her well.

Alfatihah for Sharlinie.

Retrogina said...

Thanks for the reminder Kak Ena..sob sob!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina A Samad,
My heart is with Sharlinie’s parents. Being in the same predicament of not knowing what to do when my daughters were molested by their step father (and their natural mother knowing all along!) and after reporting to the police, we have to face the hearing, the trauma, psychological treatment, schooling and so on. My life has turned upside down. And what make it worst, the case that started in 2004 is still ongoing and the perpetrator is free on bail.
My wish is, pepetrator be jailed and throw away the key!

Concern dad

nurmisnan said...

me and hubby always remmber them.. always pray for them..