Saturday, January 02, 2010

NS Trainees Begin Courses

Is your child one of the 38,000 trainees being sent to the various camps across the country today?

Good luck and hope all goes well for your kid!

My daughter, Shaira Nur, was notified last year that she had been selected for the programme. All she knows is that she is in second or third group for the year, but no further details have been given.

So, she waits anxiously for further news of her "deployment".

Unhappy that she was selected at first, Shaira has now come to terms with the whole idea of NS. She has mixed feelings about the programme. She's heard some horror stories, but also good ones.

In the end she just "wants to get it over and done with".

(By the way, the Khidmat Negara official website is not working. Wonder why..)

Here's a Bernama report on NS trainees departure to their camps. Click HERE.


Anonymous said...

things not working - what is new in bolehland.....

don't risk your everything you can to get her out.....

Anonymous said...

I wished they had something like this when I was growing up. Against my father's wishes and after a year's persuasion, I was finally allowed to attend OBS (Outward Bound School) in Lumut Perak. I had so much fun with activities such as kayaking from Lumut to Pulau Pangkor, abseiling, camping, solo camping and much more. I learned discipline and camaraderie.

I think I understood the larger lesson of the course. It was like a crash course of life. How to survive in the face of obstacles, competition and how to work with other people. It was a lesson in individual strength and group strength. It was a lesson on how to work with different people from different walks of life.

I would like to point out though that emphasis should not be placed too much on physical activities. In my case, I would have loved to see more regirous activities but for some, the strain is too much. Councilors should take note that not all are cut out for physical stress training. As in life, different people are good at diferent things. It's sad to hear that some youth even die from P.E.