Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Umno General Assembly -- And Beyond

If all goes well at the Umno general assembly this week, according to the leadership's grand plan -- then it will be a new Umno that emerges.

For sure, the party under Datuk Seri Najib Razak will represent a new era for Umno as it goes through a process of dynamic transformation and reform.

Not just talk. But the real deal.

The Umno general assembly which kicks off with the joint opening of the Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri general meetings this evening, is the second to be held this year.

Last year's assembly was held in March this year because of the postponement of the party elections due to the holding of the 12th general election in march 2008.

Also, during this assembly, a special assembly will be held to debate amendments to the party constitution. If endorsed by the delegates, Umno elections will be more democratic, open and transparent.

The special assembly will decide whether or not to accept the proposal to do away with the quota system in the election of candidates for top party posts.

Thsi will provide a wider spectrum in the choice and selection of candidates -- even for the presidency. But, some conditions are put in place regarding eligibility.

Besides, it is expected to reduce the "warlord-ism" that is so widespread in the party and the reason many Malays are loath to join Umno.

Umno leaders and members are probably on a high -- from the Barisan Nasional's victory in Bagan Pinang over the weekend. Feeling high-er still, must surely be its candidate Isa Samad who can now put the controversy surrounding his candidacy behind him now.

He can now tell his critics to go fly kite.

Whether or not he is a "new inspiration to Umno's struggles", as Najib put is, is something else.

This evening, deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin delivered his keynote address at the joint opening of the Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri assemblies.

He spoke on the importance of being united in thinking, action, intention and objective -- in Umno, for the much-needed and much-desired transformation and reform of the party.

He has given these movements a KPI to boost their membership, in preparation for the next general election.

The top Umno leadership so desire transformation and reform. Change and rejuvenation. The grassroots in the party must want it too.

More than a year have passed since the last general election. Whether or not the tide is changing in favour of Umno, at least, remains to be seen. There are positive signs. But Najib and Muhyiddin cannot go it "alone" on this difficult journey to win back support, massively lost in March 8 last year.

Umno members must give their support too. Umno must change and reform and it must be seen to do so.

If Umno members and grassroots leaders remain apathetic, contented and detached that they abdicate their duty to help strenthen the party, they will only lose one thing -- the next general election.


Anonymous said...

UMNO and BN must put their respective houses in order, and bounce back to lead the country again. I am dissapointed with PR, which I voted for the last time. They talk, they blog, they give ceramah, they travel overseas to meet foreign press; then they quarrel big time among themselves, but never get things done. What is this? A joke? Probably a joke, but the joke is on PR.

WL Lie

vengai said...

Just finish a by election by feilding and corrupted candidate.

They will never change. Its just the "wayang" to to make the rakyat believe.

siapa tak tau UMNO. Di pentas cakap pasal unity tapi di sebalik tabir tiup perkauman.

All top Goverment Staff are their underdog and do what the UBN leaders say.

The non nhave no chance to get any govermentwork in future.

They will claim that none of the non apply and give al sort of bullshit excuses.

Just take one incident.PKNS cheif a chinese is not accepted.

Najis promise to look after the nons equally is a daylight bullshit. Samy Vollu and Ong PKFZ will believe him. Not other nons.

Anonymous said...

waiting to see keris-raising drama !

Anonymous said...


EGM ini meremajakan UMNO atau sebaliknya?

Jika tak keberatan layari Neutral Daily sekarang dan linkkan blog kami di blog anda.
Terima Kasih..

"Informasi Neutral Tanpa Kepentingan"

Jahamy said...

It was a good speech. I liked that fact that in essence, much of the speech was in line with Quranic principles - practical and relevant!


Anonymous said...

It is all just a put-up show, only to lie and deceive the rakyat. umno can never change and will not change as the mentality of umno people are so pre-programmed from young age to adulthood into such a blocked-brain of nothing but only "ketuanan melayu", must only live on privileges, hand-outs as if the other races owe them a living. Dicriminations, injustice and oppressions against other races are so obvious and rampant but claiming it as their rights to do so. I take the challenge anytime, that if umno can change and will change for a true colourless indiscriminative government for all as spoken by Najib, I am willing to eat cow-dung infront of umno hq to be witnessed by all umno people declaring I am wrong in misjudging umno. But I believe this day will never come.

laimun said...

Say what you like about KJ. I was impressed by his speech and demeanor. If only he had refrained from Anwar bashing he would have got a lot of people taking a serious look at him. However, he could be the standard bearer of this new UMNO. Certainly, he is light years ahead of the former Youth Leader.

Go, KJ....don't disappoint me.

mad1 said...

yeah right. talk is easy. that's what they said about corruption before, but then they pick isa samad.....

Old Fart said...

Everyone is singing a different song altogether. Like as if yesterday's hits were never sung!!

Hishamuddin must be feeling miffed. After all when he stood with his keris drawn and ready to charge, Khairy was staning by his side. And today, when Khairy talks all peace, nice and lovey dovey, Hishamuddin's keris somehow makes him look stupid. Surely he must know that.

Nice one Khairy. succeeded in making Kerismuddin look like an idiot alright. And now even without a Keris in hand he cannot seem to say or do anything that reinforces that notion about him.


i have something to say about Isa Samad.

i have no interest in isa, nor in bagan pinang.

but here's why i think isa won.

first -- isa was found guilty of money politics by umno, not by a court of law.

you and i may believe that he used money to win votes. but how?

to be fair, i believe the party leadership really had no choice because they were told that Isa is the one THE PEOPLE of bagan pinang wanted.

we all condemned umno for choosing who we believe was/is a corrupt leader.

the people of bagan pinang obviously do not think so.

you wonder why? because Umno may have "convicted" him for being corrupt. to the grassroots, paying the food or transport of his supporters who had come a very long way to visit him, does not constitute corruption.

also many believed it was all political intrigue that got him "convicted".
"dia di aniaya", they believed.

so who are we to tell these people otherwise.

i was told by so many people from bagan pinang that Isa is very down-to-earth and has been there for the grassroots -- malay, indian or chinese.

so...you can say whatever you want about the guy...your opinion doesn't count.

the people who voted for him know him better.