Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Want A Kindle...

Doesn't everyone else?

It must be one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 21st century. It is something we imagined that the world would, one day, have and Voila! it's been around since 2007 (in the US). This month, a new version of Kindle is made available in Asia.

Super cool, or what!

Someone wrote about it. So, do read this by W Scott Thompson.

I cannot assume everyone knows what Kindle is.

It's an electronic device developed by subsidiary Lab126 for reading e-books and other digital media.

Here's the info from Wiki.

And on Amazaon.Com.

That said, I suppose I have to keep up with the times. Reading books using an electronic device needs getting used to, I'm sure.


Unknown said...

You might want to look at a new device just released by Barnes & Noble too. Have a look at the comparison:

Anonymous said...

All this electronic gadgetry only predispose its user to a small amount of 'radiation' but cumulative effect of that exposure need to be given attention and consideration. Hopefully our brain won't get sterilized and becoming more unprolific.

Anonymous said...

I want a Kindle too.
Thanks for the headsup.
But you raised our hopes up too soon. Wished you had checked it out first.
It is available in Philippines, as Thompson wrote . But alas, not in Malaysia
Check here

And by the way,noted your typo. Of course, you meant "Voila" !


ABC said...

i suggest u dont buy first. this is like the old nokia, ericsson mobile phones - black and white and ugly. wait till the colour ones come out. and better and smaller designs.

look, today barnes & nobles just came out with a colour machine called Nook:

de minimis said...

Kindle is cool, I agree. But do consider the iPhone. The ebooks downloaded on the iPhone is just as good. I tried the 1st gen Kindle, courtesy of a friend. But, in my humble opinion, with an iPhone you get a bigger bang for the buck. Just a suggestion :)


bangsar southerner,

thanks for alerting me on the typo. Yep.. i meant Voila...

Anonymous said...

A kindle is no great invention of the 21st century, it is just electronic art trying to imitate a

I think I'll stick to reading a book by candlelight, not a Kindle by the light of some moonshine and low intensity cumulative radiation (as Anonymous above has wisely observed)

- Biblioklept

selampit said...

No thanks, I'll stick to good ol' paper.

However I do foresee the prospects of e-books in the field of education. Schoolchildren of the future will no longer be burdened with heavy textbooks on their back.

Imagine a single device that stores geography, maths and science textbooks. Contents of such textbooks could be revised more frequently from time to time and children could simply download them at their own convenient.

No need for reprints, therefore a tremendous save on time and money.

Teachers could simply write notes on a laptop and download them to the students' e-books. Children also could exchange their notes more efficiently, while those who miss classes (illness and such)would not be so lagged behind.

It is only a matter of time that these devices would include multimedia capabilities and be equipped with user-friendly input tools.

Personally I dread the day when paper would be replaced by LCD screens and pen replaced by keyboards.

But who are we to stop progress?

Anonymous said...


Whats up with your blog? Its becoming really dull!! Too busy at work eh?


mat uban chow kit road 70an said...

i think i'm gonna grab this IT gadget.

where i can buy this gadget?

And...can i just download the ebook from interet without charge?


biblioklept: er..ummm...ok.
but, i agree with you about still wanting to read a book the good ole fashion way, a -- paper -- book.

de m : thanks. appreciate it.

khensthoth : sure thing. thanks.

anon@6:47PM : oh-oh... ok.

rem : right-ho.:-)

selampit : hmm.. like;re a sentimental fool. :-)

mat uban : soalan yang saya pun ingin jawaban.

TC: thank you. so sorry about the dullness. i'll blog about sex and love soon. :-)

Anonymous said...

nuraina: You dont have to blog about sex or love. Just blog about REAL events such as YOUR opinion about the Lingam case and other BS that is so obvious that is taking place in this country but NST chooses to black that out.

I guess having rejoined NST, ur hands are now tied. Hence why I say your blog has become dull. Kindle? Come on, give me a break. Anyway, ur retort would probably be 'its my blog'!



TC: well...tell you what?

you don't have to visit this blog. obviously you've made up your mind about the NST.

damn! you know me. but to me you're anonymous. so, depending on my mood, i'll think about entertaining you with further repartees.

ok..sure. go take your break. :-)