Saturday, August 01, 2009

Thousands Anti ISA Protesters In The City

Sean Lee and Fay D'Cruz
(NST online)
KUALA LUMPUR: The police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse crowds in at least five different locations in the city, including Dataran Merdeka.

At least 26 people of the 3,000 at the protest rally were also arrested for their presence today.

The protest in now centralised at Jalan Raja Laut.

Opposition leaders Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Nizar Jamaluddin are among the protestors in the area.

More than 500 FRU personnel have been mobilised from Johor, Negri Sembilan, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur to help control the crowds at the rally.

Meanwhile, scores of people are stranded in the city as all main roads are blocked. lRT has stopped its service temporarily to Masjid Jamek as protests continue.

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Anonymous said...

"forced to use tear gas"
i am sorry but that is just plain bullshit! nst, grow up ! stop spining!


anon@5:07PM, are right. no more bullshit. no more spin. at least we can try.

Those words went past me. I've asked that a "correction" b made to the online story. and I have made the correction myself on my posting.


Anonymous said...

I wonder who the people in the photograph are. They look mostly, if not all, Malays, presumably PAS inclined. Whereas the ones usually opposing ISA are non-Malays and DAP inclined.

I wonder if they are the ones who respond to PAS call for all their members to attend the demo. But would they spend the RM 10-20 to go to Sogo or whatever meeting point? I thought the economy is not good and the average guy is not likely to spend that kind of money to demo.

It then leads me to the next question. Are they being financed to attend the rally? If so by who? Whoever finances it must have a lot of money. At RM 20 x 10,000 persons = RM 200,000. If half of them come from outstation, more money still - perhaps a total of RM1/2 million? PAS / DAP / PKR money?

Any of it is money from corruption like that alleged against DAP in Selangor and against the Pak Sheikh when he was the Minister of Finance?

The Real House Cat said...

"Those words went past me. I've asked that a "correction" b made to the online story. and I have made the correction myself on my posting," you wrote.

Thanks Nuraina. Now, that's a real managing editor who's on the ball.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

close down all karaoke and places selling beer and liquor immediately.

top chinese executives from all companies under the pretext of entertaining customer after work
are wasting their time and increasing the companys expenses.

on top of this nonsense hanky panky
are aplenty.

the govt should ban all this nonsense immediately and urged all
executives and above to go back to their respective families after work.

i am chinese and i support PAS 100%
on banning of alcohol.

alcohol is nothing but trouble.

marriages are crumbling becoz of this nonsense

i am very sure all the chinese housewives and whatever will
support 100% PAS good intention.

malayamuda said...

next time there is a protest ask the police to be there just as " regulators" and see if they are any untoward incidents !!

If the police had just allowed these people to hand over their memo to their King, it probably would have been done with within 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

aku berdoa supaya allah menyedarkan gologan yg pro isa dan yg sewaktu dgnnya supaya di beri hidayah.sudah buta hati kamu semua?

i will never ever vote for BN again.i promise.

Donplaypuks® said...


"I wonder who the people in the photograph are. They look mostly, if not all, Malays, presumably PAS inclined. Whereas the ones usually opposing ISA are non-Malays and DAP inclined."

I think it's actually the other way around. Most of those who are anti-ISA were Malays. They are Malaysians and it is the issue that is important and not their race, and that is it, period!!

In your haste to show bias, you then go on to ask who paid these ant-ISA protesters and whether that money came from corrupt activities ALLEGED against DAP.

One may then, following your kind of bigoted thinking, equally ask, who paid the pro-ISA protesters to be there? After all, a MB and a UMNO youth leader were found guilty of coruption (money politics) by the UMNO disciplinary council not three months ago!!

And it is not as though massage parlours, prostitution, illegal gambling dens and betting circles sprung out of thin air the day after GE 2008 when the Opposition took control of 5 States in M'sia.

Most of these massage parlour licences were given out under the BN Administration of the previous 30 years at least. And vice activities and crime surged upwards by leaps and bounds under BN. Not to mention serious crimes such as murders, kidnapping and violent robberies. Go check the statistics at the pDRM website and weep!

How have you found it so convenient to close both eyes?

We are all of 1 Race, the HUman Race. That is all that really matters.

Anonymous said...

Lottery and liquor cannot be closed down bcos all these rich taukehs nonmalay businessmen are cronies for BN,understand?

Anonymous said...

Salam Puan Moderator,

When the patriot act was introduced during the Bush jr admin and even the new act was not unequivocally accepted but then the numbers of Democrat protesters that have gone down to the streets could easily been counted with the fingers.

This only show two things. Number one, the more peoples become civilised, the more difficult on their part to be enticed to toe the line of any of the political masters unless there is a very large, significant and critical issue concerning peoples livelihood which is at stake. Two, only maturity and civility will bring peace and harmony to any multiracial states.

What we see on the streets of KL today is just a typical example of a political outburst that the whole world used to witness again and again in most of the developing states. Why is it so? Is it because of the system or the mentality? Or is it because more time is needed for peoples to adjust to the system?


Anonymous said...

Berat sangat ke memo yang hendak dihantar oleh PR sampai perlukan beribu ahli yang dibayar keringat mereka semata-mata untuk tolong menghantarnya ke Istana Negara?

Apa PR ingat KL tu tok dan pak depa yang punya ke? Kalau tidak kesian kepada juak-juak mereka yang dikulikan setidak-tidaknya kesianlah pada peniaga Cina, India dan Melayu yang kebanyakannya kais pagi makan pagi dan kais petang makan petang semata-mata untuk memberi makan kepada keluarga dan menyekolahkan anak-anak!

Orang politik lain, meskipun pembangkang tetapi depa masih ada banyak saluran masyuk. Apatah lagi kat Selangor!!!


Anonymous said...

Why must Shittie anger the people by setting up road blocks. The bloody Shittie idiot caused me some 2 hours and extra 10 litres of petrol. Multiply that by 500,000 cars. What economic waste!!!

atanjamilselamat said...

The ISA is under review. Can't they wait and see and then protest or celebrate. Just a little patience DSAI, LKS and HA.

Anonymous said...
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Greenbug said...

Thousands of Pro-ISA protestors, you said Madam? Show me the pciture... what kind of bullshit and spinning are all these paid spinners do against their fellow Malaysians? Don't you guys have any conscience at all?

selamanya PAS said...

ahli PAS tak perlu disogok dengan wang untuk berdemo ... lainlah ahli amno.. wat majlis besar-besar impot penyokong 1malaysia... bagi wang lagi... perjuangan PAS tak sama ngan perjuangan amno... kata orang amno ada duit kita pi la , tak da duit korang la wat sendiri...

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah! Ini menunjukkan kebijaksanaan Datuk Seri PM melantik Puan Noraina sbg pengarang NST, kerana beliau akan respon kpd kritik utk membetulkan liputan.

Akankah blog beliau diubahsuai sbg "NST Watch"?

Anonymous said...

Najib and all his cronies just don't want to see the people against the UMNO created ISA.
There are more against them and the ISA than for them and the ISA.
That is the real reason for the use of the riot police because the IGP wants his extension approved by Najib ! Simple as that.

kita anak melayu said...

Ronnie Liu dilantik jadi mufti selangor baru, bacalah di

kalau oprang PAs tak sedar sedar lagi tak tahulah

wahai orang melayu semua bersatulah

Anonymous said...

nuraina, mana ada pro isa protesters?

mereka cakap saja berani tapi bila tiba masa dah kecut batu ****

ibrahim ali dah hilang taring nya!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mr Bojangles said...

"Those words just went past me."

Good apology, Nuraina.
Please don't let your slip show again.

God knows we have enough spinners that would make the Pakistani cricket team green with envy.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is, the police is not at fault. Demonstraters have been warned and they know beforehand how the police operate and react and they are just looking and asking for it. So Auntie Nuraina, please don't be so sympathetic to these law-breakers. They broke the law and they must be man enough to face the consequences!

jamil - Madu Tiga

Anonymous said...

melayumuda ... don't be so ignorance because it is not that simple. Accepting the memorandum is not in the best interest of the country in term of our safety and survival.

The ISA have been able to keep us safe for generations and it is here to stay. And even if PR is to govern, they also have ISA but disguised in another form but would still serve the same purpose.

nuraina said...


you are too quick to condemn. and your tone is as murderous as your suspicions.

when i did the posting in the morning, we were told that the pro-ISA would also be there.
of course, later it turned out that they were told not to turn up or something to that effect.
it was an oversight on my part not to have changed the heading,
that is all.

so...greenbug, stop your politics.

el-Barokhas said...

I can feel the political atmosphere is getting more heated. The good thing is, it appears to be not on racial lines. But as UMNO is driven into a corner while the opposition begins to smell blood, we can expect more turbulent weather ahead. If Razak had to quell the fire of 513 by imposing emergency measures, can we discount the possibility that Junior will not emulate his illustrious father? Will Permatang Pasir pass us by?

Yeappie said...

If this is really a "no spin zone", please rephrase "Thousands Anti And Pro ISA Protesters In The City" to "handful Anti And thousands Pro ISA Protesters Exercising Their Democratic Right In The City"

artchan said...

anon 1047pm,

If acohol is banned, where will the butt-groping jay jay get his kick. Moonshine is illegal.

Back to the protest..with so many police around...they are enough police personnel to just line up both sides of Jalan Tuanku Abd Rahman and ensure the rakyat has a unblocked journey to hand over the memorandum. Are not the police supposed to protect the rakyat?
Why waste money on tear gas?
This reaction show gross incompetence by the Police.

Anonymous said...

One word describes the mob. Stupid.

The mob has been stupidified by their leaders who are now laughing stupid.

Don't blame the FRU. They have a job to do and they did it well.
If they did not control the crowd, Anwar will probably call another demonstration to question why tear gas was not fired.

But as usual, horses with blinkers cannot see through all these. All the more, they will be further manipulated by their cult hero.


Anonymous said...

kak aina

u dah jadi pak lawak cuba tengok komen u sendiri

"when i did the posting in the morning, we were told that the pro-ISA would also be there.
of course, later it turned out that they were told not to turn up or something to that effect."

kalau ya pun malula sikit kat org,org yg dapat masuk internet sedikit sebanyak adala belajar sekolah takat spm.

kita anak melayu said...

saya sedang mulakan kempen: Saya dikhianati Anwar

tujuanny abagi menangkis saman yang ditujukan kepada Utusan Melayu dan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

kalau kita semua kata kita dikhianati sudah tentu saman beliau akan dibuang kes kerana ianya bukan fitnah lagi, ianya adalah sentimen rakyat

untuk lebih lanjut dan untuk mengambil logo sila ke



hah? maaf...saya belajar tak tinggi. itu-lah sebab saya tak faham apa yang anda maksudkan...

apa yang saya dapat tangkap ia-lah anda bertujuan/bermaksud mengecam saya. jahat.

Anda (bersikap)beremeh-temeh..
anda memang tak faham penjelasan saya atau anda memang tidak ingin terima.

memang ....ramai pembaca blog ini. pintar dan pandai...

what happen to you?

Anonymous said...

Tidak kedengaran pun ada tahanan ISA yang tercedera ataupun meninggal dunia dalam tahanan kerana dianiaya ataupun sebagainya. Ini diakui sendiri oleh para tahanan termasuk RPK.

Oleh kerana ISA dapat membendung gejala yang tidak diingini dengan menahan individu yang terang-terang mempunyai niat untuk melakukan sesuatu yang memudaratkan ketenteraman maka apa salahnya kalau mereka diasingkan daripada masyarakat awam?

Contohnya, lihat isu pengebom berani bunuh diri (berani mati). Kalaulah ada individu sebegini dalam kalangan pembangkang misalnya, undang-undang apakah yang dapat digunakan dengan berkesan selain ISA? Bayangkan hanya dengan memasukkan pengebom berani mati ke Kem Kemunting, cubaan membunuh diri dapat dielakkan!!

Oleh itu meskipun ada yang berasakan ISA bertentangan dengan nilai tertentu termasuk tidak Islami. Tetapi dalam konteks mencegah pengebom berani mati unuk membunuh diri adakah Muslim akan membiarkan saja niat pengebom berani mati dengan alasan agama tidak membenarkan penahanan tanpa bukti dan tanpa menerusi satu perbicaraan?

Nah katakanlah tiada ISA dan oleh kerana tiada cara untuk mengasingkan si pengebom berani mati dari masyarakat untuk satu tempoh yang selama mungkin, dan kalau tiba-tiba dia meletupkan bom bersama-sama dengan dirinya, maka siapa pula yang akan dipersalahkan? Tidakkah ipar duai pengebom berani mati yang telah berkecai itu secara paradoks akan menyalahkan pembangkang. Maksudnya kalaulah pembangkang tidak meminta ISA dihapuskan sudah tentu si pengebom berani mati itu dapat diselamatkan!!!

Oleh itu berfikirlah secara matang, jauh dan rasional. Kalau ada penyalahgunaan dalam konteks apa sekalipun, misalnya internet, ia adalah isu yang lain. Internet tidak boleh dihapuskan cuma kerana ada penyelewengan. Sama juga dengan demonstrasi. Ia dibenarkan tetapi ramai yang menyalahgunakan demonstrasi untuk tujuan yang pelik dan tidak sepatutnya. Jika demonstrasi telah diselewengkan oleh PR, makanya tidakkah rakyat berhak meminta kerajaan menghapuskan demonstrasi?


Anonymous said...

In order for PR to achieve the creation of 'one voice, one people, one nation', by right, racial composition of those who took part in the demonstration should have reflected the racial make-up of a nation. Looking at the photo above, anyone can say for sure that PR still have a very very long way to go before they could sensationally claims: "yes we made it!".

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
All these political talks are messing my handsome Mama wants to get in touch with you. Would you please email her at We don't have your email address. purrr....

straycat's strut said...

Where were all those who kept on kicking, screaming and complaining about ISA all this while? All I could see from the pictures were Malay Pak Aji, Malay Teens, Malay Mak Cik, Malay PAS, Malay, Malay, Malay...

So, when it comes to the real "fight," others would just watch? Cakap banyak tapi tak serupa bikin.

If the Malays still failed to see and still belive it when others call them "my brothers and my sisters," better think again. Look at those who got arrested. Mana ada brothers and sisters? Kena tipu lagi.

akauntan said...

Bohong la.. mana mungkin 3 ribu atau 5 ribu orang berhimpun buat kompeni2 kat kl rugi 100 juta?

So siapa yang bohong? Utusan dan NST yang kira 3-5 ribu orang atau menteri kl kira kerugian 100 juta...




NST tak tipu-lah. Kita terpaksa guna police punya number..that is normal practice. tapi kita tahu number lebih...itu lah kita kata the number was more tapi tak boleh specify.
bukan makna kita tipu-lah.
nak bantai, kena tempat-lah.

anywayz...mengenai rugi-rugi tu--- gua tak tahu..