Thursday, March 27, 2008

Umno Supreme Council Meeting Today

What will be the outcome of Umno's second supreme council meeting (after the general election) today?

They will be discussing the Terengganu fiasco/crisis/saga/drama including Pak Lah's scheduled meeting with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan who is the Terengganu Sultan, possible action against Ahmad Said for accepting the MB post, the proposal to postpone the party elections (exposing yourselves, your weaknesses and your insecurity) and the call by Umno veteran and Gua Musang division chief Tengku Razaleigh for an EGM.

What a load on the plate for today.

Let's hope the council members will tell it as it is in the meeting. Give their two cents worth.

And if good, sound and constructive views are forthcoming from the "floor", then let's hope the party president will listen, listen and heed.

BY THE WAY --- I was waiting, waiting and waiting for reports about Pak lah's meeting with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. I read a report about it in Star Online and Malaysiakini but there was none on it elsewhere. None also on Pak Lah's meeting with former Terengganu MB and his choice for the MB post Idris Jusoh.
ZILCH. Not even Bernama.

I had used Rocky's Bru posting for an update. It looks as though after all the unfolding drama on the appointment of Terengganu MB including Pak Lah's statement that he would be seeking an audience with the Agong, nothing took place. But we know it did.

Was there a directive to black out the story?
Well, if there wasn't (which is unlikely), I wouldn't put past certain media operators in blacking out the story.

You guys are not helping the old man, let me tell you that!


Anonymous said...

Sis Ena
The material omission, knowingly, is NOT CRICKET. If that is the case, the media operators are self centred, instead of fair minded.

Anonymous said...

After reading the posting on Pak Lah's audience with the King, I waited with bated breath for the MSM's spin on whatever transpired yesterday.

I was disappointed I was not able to gloat. I suspect a blackout. The MSM still have not learned to come clean.

Anonymous said...

tukar aje big boses kat msm tu

shahbandarmalakat said...

Why dont you asked back Rocky, did Paklah reply to the one billion question?
Or he just "angkat punggung and balik,tak boleh jawab"?

Old Fart said...

Its like picking rice isn't it? You know where you pick the black and the rice with the rice worm inside? Then you put it altogher and make out the story.

So far from Rocky we know (o.k. la..we think we know) that the King confronted Badawi with the question of how Idris spent the Wang Ehsan. Well, surely he couldn't have gotten away with his usual answers with the rest of us of course. I can imagine dia punya muka kena sapu arang la..hey, allow me the use of the one or two Malay (whatever you call it) that I know, o.k.

So think la, Nuraina, you were a reporter before, and put on that cap of yours, how would you have reported this scence assuming you were there and of course you were writing for the controlled NST!

And then I just read in Malaysiakini I think of the rumour that the palace has withdrawn all the royal awards and titles to poor old Idris. He might soon become just another MR or Encik if he prefers that. Ah, sayang la!

And of course there is the report of UMNO Supreme Council at its meeting today wil be endorsing Ahmad Said.

so like tha black rice from different piles, they tell you a story does'nt it?

Anonymous said...

Leave Pak Lah alone for him to enjoy his last few days in power.

Pak Zawi said...

Actually Pak Lah has been listening to views and iseas from the 'floors' all the time but only the ones from the 4th floor counts.
As to old fart's worry about En. Idris Jusoh losing his honorific title of Datuk, there is nothing to worry as he can easily get another replacement from Malacca or any other states who sells them at a price. Check with Raja Petra about it as he knows where they are available.

Anonymous said...


UMNO akan bertambah tua usianya iaitu 62 tahun pada 11 Mei 2008 dan jangkamasa ini menghampiri usia Pak Ketua sedia ada. Pada usia sebegini tua, sesebuah parti itu jika boleh disamakan sifatnya dengan seorang insan dan insan itu pula merupakan seorang pemimpin, sudah tentulah dia sepatutnya telah berjaya menampilkan ketokohan menyerlah yang dihormati, disegani dan disanjungi oleh para pengikut mahupun lawannya. Dia juga seharusnya merupakan seorang yang bersifat matang, bijak dan tenang dalam melaksanakan apa-apa perkara baik yang ia sewajarnya telah laksanakan untuk orang-orang yang bakal ditinggalkan sebelum kembali menemui Tuhan.

Malangnya, semakin usia parti ini meningkat lanjut, sifat sebaliknya pula yang menyerlah pada dirinya sehinggakan kewibawaannya menjadi goncang. Bertambah goncang lagi apabila masyarakat sekarang yang semakin bijak dan tinggi harapan mereka terhadap insan pemimpin yang mereka hendak ikut itu, tetapi dibobrokkan dengan alasan tidak bijak, tidak munasabah, ketinggalan zaman dan memualkan. Tambah mengecewakan lagi, kini wujud ramai pula penjuak yang tak belajar dari sejarah kerana cuba menjadi sokong kepada 'sebatang pohon pisang masak yang hampir rebah' enggan membuka laluan kepada anak pohon pisang baru.

Ikut sejarah UMNO 1946 semasa orang Melayu yang dikepalai Dato' Onn hendak gegarkan keangkuhan penjajah yang mahu laksanakan Malayan Union, beliau anjurkan semua orang Melayu melilit kain puteh di lengan ataupun di songkok sebagai tanda berkabung; selain mengadap Raja-raja Melayu meminta perkenan supaya memulaukan acara pelantikan Gabenor Jeneral Malayan Union.

Kental juga yer semangat datuk-datuk kita dahulu. Apakah dengan keadaan sebegini teruk yang menimpa kita semua, sebagai cucu-cucu bija kepada datuk-datuk kita yang sesetengahnya dahulu buta huruf dan daif; kita harus mengambil sikap naif?

Apa nak buat yer? Kepada para pemimpin lapisan kedua, ketiga dan keberapa sekalipun, ayuh buatlah sesuatu yang sewajarnya demi masa depan Melayu!


Anonymous said...

Well I am sad.... UMNO was formed with the best of intentions. The people before like Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Ismail had vision and they worked for the rakyat. Now getting into politics is about getting rich and having power. It's no longer about public service or working for the rakyat. I can't blame Pak Lah alone. To me the stage was set by Tun Mahathir - we saw how projects were given and how many cronies benefited. To Khairy and 4th floor people, it was just business as usual. Same game - just different players! If Pak Lah goes, will we find a better replacement in UMNO? I doubt it! If BN goes will Anwar be better? I don't think so.

News blackout is plain stupid. Haven't they learnt enough? Has it occur to anyone that the events are too well organised for them to be simply passed as stupid or naive? Mistakes after mistakes are made. Many are unacceptable and in bad taste - designed to make everyone accept that the PM has got to go. Is this planned, if so who is planning all this? Must be someone in the close circles who is trusted. Hey, I must be getting paranoid !!

Anonymous said...

The report was in 1930hrs Astro Awani news. Ameno MT agree to Ahmad Said as MB of Terengganu. I guess the other tv stations will report it too by 2000hours

Raja Hanim

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

I pity Pak Lah. He did create his own mess. But he also inherited a bigger mess from mahathir. Maybe also the boundary of freedom being pushed by all and sundry was not that he allowed it. He simply did not know how to contain it. He was a blessing in disguise provided by mahathir. And I believe mahathir will live long, to see all the sh't ooze out of malaysia. I hope he drowns in the same sh't he(mahathir) created.

holytongue said...


Anonymous said...

Don't be too eager to get rid of Badawi. I believe that he's the best of the worst options right now unless it's possible for Wan Azizah to be PM. By worst options, I am referring to Anwar, Najib and others in Umno. We don’t want a situation where everybody defects to Keadilan and Umno collapses. Then, we will have the bad old days back again with Umno re-emerging as Keadilan. It’s bad enough that Anwar is in Keadilan. Umno must be kept out of Keadilan. I believe that Anwar is out for revenge and wants to destroy Umno. In order to do this, he’s willing to open Keadilan’s doors to Umno. It’s better for Umno to re-invent itself rather than be swallowed up by Keadilan.

Anonymous said...

El Condo Pasa!

Ada encore to UMNO Baru?

Anonymous said...

Roslina how about forming a brand new party that will work to the benefit of the Malays (and of course we wont be chauvinist to deny the rights of other races)





Anonymous said...


Was the issue of Pak's resignation brought up at the UMNO supreme council meeting? This would presumably be the biggest earthquake that Rocky mentioned.