Friday, March 14, 2008

Mukhriz's Letter To Pak Lah

According to Rocky's Bru, Mukhriz Mahathir has sent a letter to PM and Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, appealing for his resignation.

I am reproducing the letter which Rocky reproduced in his blog.
Here it is.

12th March 2008

Dato' Seri,

Let me take this opportunity to thank you and the party's leadership for the faith in me and the chance to contest in Jerlun as a Barisan Nasional candidate. With the blessing and hard work of the party's leadership and machinery as well as the people of Jerlun, I have won the elections and am now a new Member of Parliament.

However, sadly enough, my victory is rendered meaningless in view of the defeat that Umno and the Kedah BN suffered in the hands of the opposition. Apart form Kedah, four other states as well as the Federal Territories also received similar humiliation in defeat.

In fact your own state of Penang was wrested by the DAP from the BN. Kelantan is again under Pas rules. In other states, the BN also suffered a similar humiliation when the level of BN support by the people has tremendously reduced. This, Datuk Seri, has never happened in the history of BN rule.

The sole intention of my letter to you is meant to save UMNO and BN from being rejected further by the people and from being no longer relevant to our religion, race and nation.

Dato' Seri, the people are unhappy and the message from them is very clear, and that is they have rejected you as the nation's chief executive.

Contrary to your claim that you still have the support of Umno and other component parties, the reality is that even our own party members had reneged in their voting pattern by supporting the Opposition and inflicting the BN its defeat.

Dato' Seri, when the people held street demonstrations you openly dared them to resort to the ballot boxes to demonstrate.

They took your challenge by coming out, especially tho people in the Peninsular, and they demonstrated their feelings by voting us out at the BN at State and Parliament levels.

It is therefore clear that your leadership and your handling of the issues faced by the people and the nation are no longer accepted. Let's not deny the truth just for the sake of keeping your seat as Prime Minister.

For the love of this country and the people, I beg that you take responsibility for the defeat. We can save UMNO, the BN and the nation only if you relinquish your positions as Prime Minister and the President of UMNO.

Dato' Seri, I hope you will understand that I make this plea with the intention of salvaging a very dire situation. A move has been made to woo the BN representatives to join the Opposition. The enemy needs just 35 seats more to topple the government of your leadership.

If you do not resign in the near future, I fear that the situation will become untenable and that the Malay support for Umno and BN will be a thing of the past.

This plea I make without malice, and I am aware that your reaction and that of other UMNO members could very well be hostile.

But come what may, I am prepared, for the sake of the Malays and UMNO, to face the consequences of my action. With all humility, I leave my fate to Allah SWT.

Dato' Seri, I am sure that you will do the right thing for the sake of the people and the nation. May Allah SWT bless you for the sacrifice you make by stepping down.


Yours Sincerely

Mukhriz Mahathir
Jerlun Member Parlament

Read Rocky's Bru here and here.

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I said it once, and I'm saying it again -- you're one brave boy, Mukhriz because you're the only one in Umno (besides your father TDM) who berani berkata demikian, knowing the repercussions.

The rest of Umno who I know are as angry?
Senyap sahaja biar orang lain "put their head on the chopping block"?
Let others voice out your anger and frustration, let others take the fall?
Fear? Yes, fear.



Anonymous said...

I listened to a Penang UMNO
assemblyman on the news last night and
read it in The Star today:

“Call to scrap mega projects”

PENANG: The state Umno will “persuade”
the Federal Government to scrap all
the mega projects in the state in view
of the people’s clear rejection of
Barisan Nasional.

Since Penangites do not want
development, the Federal Government
should not force it on them, said
state Umno liaison committee secretary
Datuk Azhar Ibrahim.

He said that this was not Penang Umno
taking revenge “but we are actually
giving the people what they want”.

“They voted for change, so let us see
what the DAP can do,” he said after
the party’s emergency meeting at
Menara Umno yesterday.

Azhar, who is Penaga assemblyman, was
appointed the state Opposition Leader
at the meeting.

Meanwhile, Umno liaison committee
deputy chief Datuk Abdul Rashid
Abdullah hit out at the new
administration for its decision not to
practise the New Economic Policy

My take:

My dear Datuk Azhar Ibrahim, should
the Penangites exclude themselves from
paying income tax, road tax or any
other form of taxes to the Federal
Government as well? I think they are
more than happy to contribute to the
state government than the corrupted
Federal Government.

When you say things without thinking,
do not blame other people for calling
you an idiot. He even had the audacity
to say that it was not a revenge on
his part. If that wasn’t the case of
an ultimate sore loser then I don’t
know what that was.

For your information Datuk, the
majority of Penangites do not reject
development. They reject corrupt
governments. Why is it you people in
UMNO can’t see until now that
rejecting BN doesn’t mean rejecting
development? Rejecting BN crucially
means rejecting the corruption
rampantly exist within the system. Get

Because of this damaging statement on
your part, there will be 2 outcomes:

1) You are depriving all people in
Penang from getting aid from the
Federal Government (be it pro BN or
anti BN)

2) You are projecting UMNO as owning
the Federal Government. When will UMNO
leaders learn that they do not own the
Federal Government? UMNO needs to wash
away this notion that they can do
anything they want. Federal government
should be the government to every
citizen of Malaysia regardless of
race, sex, political affiliation and
religion. Who gave you the damn right
to dictate what is good or not good
for the people? This notion was the
main reason BN fell in the recent
election. Assemblymen from the BN
forgot that the reason they got
elected was to serve the people. Not
the opportunity to amass wealth and
became arrogant.

Furthermore, Penangites, would heave a
sigh of relief if all mega projects
are scrapped anyway as the projects
ultimately benefit a few cronies of
the PM for instance, the second bridge
(UEM), PGCC (Patrick Lim Badawi),
Penang monorail (SCOMI), RapidPenang
(UMNO owned). So who are you trying to
kid? All what Penang need is an
effective, clean, efficient and honest
government leaders. Obviously, you’re
not one of them.

This galactically stupid assemblyman
from UMNO really does not know how to
make his mouth shut. Really. UMNO
leaders should learn not to say stupid
things or else they will lose more
supporters. As of now, my perception
that UMNO leaders are idiots with no
common sense is greatly enhanced.

Anonymous said...

it seems to me, the poor performance of UMNO and BN is engineered by Tun Dr Mahathir and his men: Read A Kadir Jasin blog post of Jan 30. TDM asked for UMNO to be cleansed in this election, because that is the only way out (to get rid of PM). So, now with the poor results, it seems easier to get rid of PM, and the drums are rolling to this effect.....everywhere.

With Najib at the helm, and Altantuya's case unsettled, do we really think that will save UMNO and BN? Ask around, and we should get some reaction.

Mak Teh said...

Hehehe! As I have said earlier in the other blogs, they are playing a fast number for this musical chairs game. When the music gets louder and faster, Pak Lah may not be able to get the seat. Hehehe, lets watch further.

Anonymous said...

Well said Charming jerk, Azhar Ibrahim has such a poor understanding of election and to think Penangites is so hungry for the mega development, he can be so so wrong. Penangite wants the title Pulau Pinang Darul Sampah taken away, we want a government who will listen to the rakyat. To punish and threaten Penangites for not voting BN is such a stupid move. Azhar, you can take your mega project away, we don't welcome it in the first place. Not only Penangites don't vote for BN, more than 50% votes in peninsular went to non BN parties, you are still in the state of denial. With that attitude, you are going to self destruct when you sit in the state assembly as the opposition.

Old Fart said...

Mukhriz' the man!! He has said what must. Now he too must do what he said. He did say "my victory is rendered meaningless in view of the defeat that Umno and the Kedah BN suffered in the hands of the opposition"

Since there is no more meaning to his victory, he said it, not I, Its about time he quit too.

Anonymous said...

The PM's post does not belong to the Umnoputras.

The opposition ruled state governments should also be vigilant following Badawi's accusations against the Penang Govt. Don't give an excuse to Umno to declare a state of emergency, dismiss the state governments concerned, impose direct Federal rule for six months and then call for fresh elections. Umno, like a gambler, might be thinking it can still win fresh elections.

Umno and BN can no longer harp on development to win elections.

Selangor and Penang are pro-development and the richest states in Malaysia. Yet they rejected Umno and the BN.

It is better for the BN to merge into one political party to take on the Opposition. Otherwise, Umno's days are numbered without winning allies in the BN coalition. Gerakan, PPP, MIC and MCA are not only all losers, they are sore losers privately. Chua Jui Meng is right. Ong Kah Ting and Samy Vellu declined Cabinet posts to avoid resigning as party leaders. They should resign and so should Kayveas and Koh Tsu Koon.

Anonymous said...

Sis Ena
His gutsy act is a good indication that the concept of "toeing the party line" is so yesterday, slippery and perilously misguided, Methinks.

Anonymous said...

When I read the moronic statment from that stupid UMNO Datuk Azhar with regards to the scrapping of mega projects in Penang initiated by the Federal Govt, I too was very agitated.

Remember, donkey is always a donkey. You cant change it to a horse. Stupid and moronic. Very sad indeed with this group of sore losers. The sooner BR control the Parliament the better. Just cant wait for PRU 13 to finish them off.

Anonymous said...

the knife is out and so RAHMAN will be fulfilled and completed. its also the death signature for BN as it will lose its next election and its rights to govern the nation. A new Malaysia is born free from cronyism, nepotism and corruption. ANWAR is to be fulfilled next?

malayamuda said...

Mak Teh,

The music will get louder and faster in 2 weeks time.

After all the cabinet appointments and senate appointments UMNO goons will really know who can make money and who cant.

Those who cant will join Mahathir and Mukhriz and make sure AAB doesnt get a chair when the music stops hehheheeheeheeh

Those who got positions will say, " this is not our culture " and crap like " be loyal to the party and not the leader "

Another thing I thot UMNO said illegeal gatherings are not our culture, so why did Penang UMNO organise a illegal rally at Komtar today ?

Baru engkau tahu.........

Anonymous said...

I hope those "keris-wielding hulubalang headed by Hishamuddin" in UMNO will come to the fore to support Mukhriz now! Otherwise let them remain "hulu dalam balang" forever & just shut up!

Pak Tuo said...

Salam Kak,

Jes a quest,

'how do you feel when they took bapak away?

Angry or takut?
but I am sure you all adik beradik plus your beautfil mum was one brave family.
Berani kerana Benar Kak.

Insyallah Selamat.

Anonymous said...

charming jerk..I listened to those craps too and indeed, those people are the UMNO leftovers..just that kind of mentality is not welcomed anymore..irrelevant.

warrior2 said...

I find it so funny that bloggers are giving so much attention to this Mukhriz. I think these bloggers need some bad news for them to bash Pak Lah and this so called Mukhriz`s letter fit the bill so perfectly.

It is my sincere belief that even if one umno division chairman says the same thing or write a similar letter these bloggers will print it and spin something. How desperate.

Like I said in a nother blog, who is this Mukhriz? A big shot? When every top gun of UMNO and every leader of BN component party have expressed thier support, we have this dumb person, who is a nobody in UMNO actually, following his father`s call for Pak lah to step down.

Like his father, Mukhriz should just shut up and be grateful that you were chosen as a candidate and won because of BN machinery and help.

the girl said...

this bickering is making us losing sight on what is important...

Anonymous said...

I believe the main reason for the lost of the 2/3 is because of the practice of cronism in the government and the corrupted leaders that we have especially the number 2. Don't blame the voters but blame the corrupted leaders that you have. Get rid of these people and insyaallah you might get back your voters.Fikir dan fikir lah wahai BN.

Mak Teh said...

Malayamuda, Itu orang panggil buang tabiat. Buang tabiat tu berlaku kapada orang yang dah nak mati....!! Hehehe!


Melayu mudah lupa....

This is exactly of what being aired by this most idiotic of a Malay one can think of - yes,no other than this azhar ibrahim - shame on you - please forget are a failure to all races including the Melayu


Anonymous said...

I think too much energy is wasted on noise. The most important task on hand is to shout out loudly to Pak Lah before he announce the cabinet line up next week.

A blogger has written something on this:

Hope you can initiate something to shout out loudly to Pak Lah?

Anonymous said...

The true technicolors of people are showing up!The Opposition knows now it is not easy to manage component parties or holy alliances which becomes unholy once the struggle for POWER begins. This is a very sound country with very sound principles if the intent of our policies are run diligently without being tainted with the politics of power play, greed and self interest. When too many power hungry and ambitious people get a taste of power they can go crazy and lose all sense of propriety. What a shame, we do have some good people but tainted by some greedy and self serving lot.
I think Pak Lah should take heed of the GE12 results and the unbecoming squabbles happening among the elected YBs. He should not be so lembik and nice, but start asserting himself. He is a level headed and centered person, honest (lurus bendul is not far from the truth)but that doesn't mean anyone can go over his head. How disrespectful and kurang ajar. Give him a chance to reflect the results of the election and come up with his reparatory plans for the govt. We can also consider an alternative viewpoint that there has always been a plot to topple him because of what he is trying to achieve - transparency, no corruption, cronyism, nepotism, dedicated service and to serve rakyat not self. Some people may be too comfortable in their niches and domains and did not like to be exposed or having to forego some perks that they are enjoying all these while. So without Pak Lah, maybe the comfortable status quo will continue? For obvious reasons.

Don't go yet Pak Lah, go after those who are trying to oust you and replace them. You should have reflected enough by now to know who are the musuh dalam selimut. We are curious too. If you can't do that then maybe it is because you yourself want to relinquish the position on your own accord soon.

God Speed, Pak Lah. If you have our interest at heart, whatever you do will be the right thing. We need you to make sure there are no "leakages" in implementing the 9MPlan...our future is in your hands. And the hands of the people that you will be selecting to walk beside you and not to stab you in the back.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends

Our country politicians are not matured yet. They are busy to find ways to safeguard their position and their family trees in the nation's political history. No body cares about the citizens on the street. Any how Malaysia is heading towards unstable nation.

BA cannot accept their lost in the PRU12. And the new government of Penang is just a new born baby whihc need all the support of the people. How come UMNO Penang is acting so uncivilise and thank god that penang was ruled by Dr.Koh and not UMNO leaders previously. The younger generation of Malaysia is no more interested in segregating our nation by colour of skin. We will cry together and we will laugh together, this is the nation that we dream for. Please listen to our voices and give us good future.

Anonymous said...

last night buletin utama showed how pathetic the Malay suddenly becomes, begging DAP for mercy!!! this is not supposed to happen. How can Pak Lah let his happen? he has surely failed, for UMNO at least

Anonymous said...

Nuraina.....Mukhriz is a brave boy? I'm still trying to get my mind around this. I don't think he's brave but rather he's got nothing to lose after Daddy asked AAB to resign. Remember the last time after Daddy criticized PM? Mukhriz kept quiet and he got a lot of flak too. If he keeps quiet, he loses cos Daddy won't stop.

So maybe this time he thinks its better to come out in the open - he can't lose. If UMNO sacks him, he already won Jerlun so he's still the MP and looks heroic/martyr/victim. But if UMNO doesn't sack him and AAB later resigns, then he will be remembered as the first one who was brave enough to take on the PM and his son in law !

Either way, he can't lose.... Geez... that's smart ! Daddy must be behind this !

Anonymous said...

HOTEL UMNO (Sing it to the tune of Hotel California sung by The Eagles). This song sums up the Legacy of TDM and UMNO ...

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night
There IT stood in the doorway;
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself,
this could be heaven or this could be hell
Then IT lit up a candle and IT showed me the way
There were voices down the corridor,
I thought I heard them say...

Welcome to the hotel UMNO
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the hotel UMNO
Any time of year, you can find it here

IT's mind is tiffany-twisted, IT got MANY CRONIES
IT got a lot of HUNGRY, HUNGRY CRONIES , that IT calls LOYALIST
How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
Some dance to MAKE FILTHY MONEY, some dance TO BE IN POWER

So I called up the captain,
please bring me my wine
He said, we havent had that EVIL SPIRIT here since 1969
And still those voices are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say...

Welcome to the hotel UMNO
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
They livin it up at the hotel UMNO
What a nice surprise, bring your alibis

Mirrors on the ceiling,
The pink champagne on ice
And IT said we are all just prisoners here, of our own device
And in the masters chambers,
They gathered for the feast
The STAB IT with their steely KERISES,
But they just cant kill the EVIL BEAST

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
relax, said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Mukhriz. And I agree that he's a brave boy. Because all of us have heard in one way or another in 'warung kopi' about Pak Lah's antics et al. But why do we keep quiet?

Tak berani? Tak enough evidence? Well then, don't talk anymore. But people continue talking behind his backs, in blogs, in emails and so on.

Irregardless if there are the doings of TDM or Mukhriz himself, I still think that at least he got balls.

rams609 said...


I am not interested in politics but the results of the recent election and of how the leaders are taking it sprung me to dwell a wee bit on this subject.

While the recent election has taught Malaysians in general about the real opinion of the public, there is a set of Malays who are all still adamant that this is the ‘built in concrete’ type of democracy to embrace.

Saudara-saudaraku, this is 2008. Look around you and you’ll see the many types of Malays, let alone the other races. I am speaking for myself as a citizen of the once beloved country that I’m proud of.
(I remembered at one time not too long ago, the rakyat of all races were all proud of carrying the jalur gemilang on their vehicles during the Merdeka celebrations.
But the last Merdeka was not of the same picture. Not anymore).
Now that the rakyat have all spoken, I am astounded by the reaction from those high up in their fat, lazy chairs. 5 states were given up, and yet it’s life as usual. Where is their accountability as our previously elected leaders my friends?
I am surprised by the comfort level everyone has taken.

Yup, “we’ll all stand by our able leader, the one and only”.

(Now, that causes nausea and I want to puke).

Question is, until when?

Just one term after our visionary Tun Mahathir (Malaysia’s first able leader who swung the country onto the world map if you can remember) and our ‘able government’ have seconded the 5 important states to the so called opposition.

They are not anymore an opposition in my mind, they are now our ‘second in line’.

During the campaigning period, the leaders especially from UMNO spoke bad about the opposition. But as a matter of fact, they were the ones who did all the bad-mouthing and character assassinations. They ran advertisements stating of ‘their’ ‘achievements’ over 50 years of independence. Haven’t they heard of
“Lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama”!

If they think the rakyat, especially the Malays are still thinking ala 1957s, they were wrong. The new breed is worldly, global and progressive.
And most importantly is no more a ‘ kerbau yang boleh ditarik hidungnya’ of old.

Not that the so called ‘competition’ were of real characters ala Obama or Clinton; we the people were left with no choice. All the coffee-shop talks you might want to call them, (sort them out for yourself, the cronies, corruption, the arrogant stance, the hypocracy, the son-in-law, the newly branded Islam to name but a few) have only resulted in a clear definite choice.
I am one Malay, a Malaysian who will stand for what is right, and if I did wrong I’d admit my shortcomings and promise to correct and improve. But look at ourselves, not a word of apology, nor a sense of urgency to rectify the future.
I am impressed for all the wrong reasons.
Please (old) folks, we can’t win the world by just great oratory theories during the UMNO general assemblies.
We stood by our previous leaders simply because they delivered. They were and still are our pride of the nation. Until today. Each has brought the country up to the next level.

I am sure that a lot of the new Malays (even in the body of UMNO herself) supported what Datuk Mukhriz did. But being Malays that we are, we have to keep to tradition by keeping mum or ‘close one eye’ ala that Malacca MP.

(Now I’m numb. Still not dumb).

I salute you Datuk Mukhriz but I’m just one of that many ordinary new Malays.

No APs, no preference, no fear, therefore what favour?

This boy is now in the line of fire from the ranks.
The UMNO brass is now thinking of letting go the brave young Datuk, and the head of Pemuda will sure beat the drums and do the war dance again ;
but fret not we Malays.

(Hmm, birds of a feather sticks together.)

This is the type of leader who will bounce back when the time comes, and you’ll see the same people crying wolf toeing the line, in queue of ‘full undivided support’ behind ‘the then most able’ new leader. With the way things are going, it’ll sooner than that no pressure slow-cooker up there can and able to think of.

Datuk Mukhriz, if they let you go so be it.

Just like what your father did.

And went through.

Don’t they ever forget that we’ll all still be here for the next round.

The Chinese hates the number 13. But if they, the ‘ no-pressure’ leaders of today keep to this same high-handedness attitude, that’ll be as a matter of fact a lucky number for all of us Malaysians!

The 1 million dollar (oops, Ringgit) question now is, when you return next for the PRU13 in 2013, are we ie. what the UMNO leaders like to term ‘ the people who sticks with tradition’ going to keep this tradition alive by keeping the incumbent, passe leaders of UMNO as our untouchables, or otherwise?

Oh plllease…(read in a sleazy tone)!

I wish us all Malays, and Malaysians the best of luck for the future.

Kuala Lumpur.