Friday, October 26, 2007

Rekha Found Safe and Sound

Rekha Ahamad, 10, who went missing after venturing out to the night market near her squatter house in Kampung Kolam last Sunday, has been returned safely to her family last night.
She was found earlier by a couple at the Kapital Keling Mosque in Penang. They sent her home to her parents.

Read the Bernama story here, but be prepared to be so curious for more details. Even a little confused. We'll just have to wait for the newspapers to do a follow-up.

Whatever it is, I am happy that she has been found safe and sound and is now back with her family.

But will she be allowed out on her own again? Even if she is not allowed, will she still attempt to sneak out? She seems so used to bersiar-siar. Rekha seems to be not afraid of crowds. Nor the city after dark.
After her experience, is she still?


Srikanth Siva said...

Hmmm...glad she was found BUT...story does seem fishy.

zaitgha said...

happy thats she is ok and we wait and see whats the story is....

.. said...

Dear Nuraina
Glad that Recka is safe.

How can any parents let their children out for a few hours and at night. With Nurin's case, ALL PARENTS should have known better. No excuse accepted that it was ok before or living under assumption its a safe neighbourhood.

I fully understand that we cant cage kids up in our own home 24/7, but still doenst mean we can allow them to roam around at night for a few hours. It is not safe nowadays, therefore, I have to say that parents need to be more alert and not take things for granted.

The next child missing will not come home safely or alive.The best way to prevent anything similar to Nurin's case is PREVENTION itself.

Justice for Nurin
Find missing children fast and alive
Support Nurin Alert

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, she is found. Safe and sound. Good good good...

Shanghai Fish said...

My dear,
I am pissed-off with the step- father...totally irresponsible !Just glad little Rekha is safe and back....and yes as sri said I smell a fish too!according to NST she took a bus home from Farlim after being locked-up for 4 days and walked into her house alone again at 9pm ? wtf is happening to this country...isn't anything sacred anymore ? or is this another way to get the attention of the public to sympathise their poverty-stricken life-style? I know I sound cruel, my dear, but I can't help feeling angry...or maybe I'm just emotionally disturbed...I'm sorry, who am I to judge anyone, right !
Glad she's safe !

Anonymous said...

I was so angry this morning when I wrote to this blog about Rekha . Ingat I will cool down by petang , but guess not!!!!!

Her case is REMAJA lari dari rumah . Not penculikan . Bet this is not the first time she did that .

She make others worried. Makes police wasting time looking for her. Wasting lots of other ppl time . Again , I dont buy any of stories of ppl culik her .

I am not sure she will change without intervention . She will keep sneaking out of the house in middle of the nite .

The next time she went "MISSING" , she would not be so lucky .

All things which I read in the newspapers about her being missing is FISHY .

Found her at Nasi Kandar stalll eating After she being kidnapped ?
Kalau other kids , after being kidnapped , they wont stopped by nasi kandar stall ( 200m away from her house)first to eat before coming home . They will come home straight to the parents .

Her case is just a case of mischievious kid running away from home .

Sorry for being so harshed but its the truth

Rockybru said...

We all know this wasn't the last time a 10 or 8-year old went missing, or was abducted. There will be more to make many of us lose our sleep. Our society has become one that's not child-friendly, let's admit that. Rekhas's parents are damn lucky, given what we've seen some people could do to a little soul called Nurin. And these people are still out there. Even now, these people could be eyeing a small kid and planning their next move.

Let's make Nurin Alert happen, and let these beasts know that we are fighting back.

Faten Rafie said...

I've seen the girl around the kapitan kling area before, and her mother too... I've seen the place they call home and wondered who'd live there and in such condition.

I shall reserve my comment for the time being. let the police probe deeper... then we shall discuss the 'truth'.

btw, how convenient of her being found the night before Pak Lah's visit to the Masjid Melayu which is just 2 minutes walk from her so called 'house'.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Sis Ena

Pardon me, this comment is not about Rekha. I just want to say THANK YOU for your indulgence today. What an afternoon it was!

Met your circle of friends, including the foremost blogger, Rocky Bru. You introduced my wife to another trailblazer in the blog world, Jeffooi, whilst I was busy ferreting for a confession (or two) from Datin OFF (a.k.a. you-know-Kak-who and other fascinating pseudonyms). I’ve read and immensely liked the invaluable Memoirs of a Menteri Besar, and who could have guessed that today I would have the privilege to enjoy an engaging conversation with his accomplished daughter.

Elham got a chance to meet Atok Comel, and didn’t Pak Samad give young Elham a hearty “HAAA HAAA”. And on the day he turns exactly six-month old. It was lovely to meet your siblings Kak Ton, Azah, and Nina, and your daughter Shaira.

We shall sleep with perasaan berbunga-bunga tonite. Once again, thank you for having us.

Anonymous said...

Sister Nuraina seorang yang prihatin berdasarkan kandungan blog beliau. Tapi saya agak sedih bila membaca komen dari pembaca tentang 'irresponsible step father', 'mischievous girl', 'irresponsiple parents allowing kid going around alone at night'. Saya pernah melalui fasa hidup seperti itu. Bapa saya seorang jaga, ibu surirumah, adik beradik ramai, tinggal dirunah sempit. Dari kecil hingga darjah enam bebas bermain sampai malam dan ke pasar mlm sendirian. Mungkin ada yg kata itu dulu sekarang lain. Tapi kawan saya anak pegawai atau kerani atau cikgu dizaman itu sudah tinggak dirumah berpagar dengan persektaran lebih teratur. Bukan ibubapa saya tk bertanggung jawap, tapi beban kehidupan yg sempit dari segi ekonomi dan juga ruang terhad dirumah menjadikan kami lebih bebas. Anak saya kini amat terhad pergaulan, pergerakan mereka kerana saya berpeluang dari segi ekonomi, ruang dlam rumah dan masa utk melayan mereka. Saya seorng doktor lulusan luar negara. Tapi setiap kali kes seperti nurin atau rekha berlaku saya bersedih kasihan kepada anak yg hilang, ibubapa yg dikutuk dan sedih dgn sikap masyarakat yg samada semasa kecil merekanya dulu anak org susah tapi sekarang dah lupa atau memang mereka yg melontar komen sinis ini tak pernah merasa keperitan, kesesakan hidup dalam 'golongan bawahan' di negara ini....renung renungkan lah.


Anonymous said...

Sis Ena,
Excuse me, it should read ferreting OUT a confession, instead of ferreting for a confession, right?

Rockybru said...


It was great to have met you after moons of meeting in cyberspace. Hope you can make it for Tok Mommy's mi rebus some day.

And Ena, read in Sunday Star today.

You are right, the cops are now lokking at the gaping holes in Rekha's tale of abduction.

But was the 10-year being mischievous and "nakal"?

Could it be she was unhappy at home, perhaps?

If someone could cut and paste the story in the Star, appreciate it.



THANK YOU for making time to come all the way from Kedah to join us for our Aidilfitri gathering.
It was a real pleasure to have finally met you.
It was wonderful to have met your wife, Azura and your lovely children - Arman, Aina and Elham.

Thank you for the little gifts... I am so so touched by it all.
Hope we will meet again!

Salam to Azura and kisses to the chidren!

Anonymous said...


Terima kasih atas sorotan yg mengingatkan kami supaya lebih berempati. Atau setidak2nya, supaya lebih reflektif sebelum membuat komen dan lebih peka bila menurukannya.

Kudos to you, Sis!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ex Guard's Daughter,

Ribuan Terima Kaseh.
Ramai (bukan semua) yang membesar dan menjalani kehidupan 'middle class' tidak tahu keadaan tinggal di kawasan setinggan atau rumah pangsa kerajaan dan sebagainye; Ibu Bapa yang sentiasa tak ada dirumah kerana terpaksa bekerja mencari rezeki yang mencukupi belanja,keadaan tidak pernah mempunyai kenderaan sendiri dirumah. Dan banyak lagi keadaan yang tidak pernah dirasaai dan 'taken for granted'.
So please excuse them.
Dengan ikhlas saya merayu pada Dr. supaya teruskanlah menulis dan beri pandangan Dr. supaya kami semua disini dapat pengetahuan.

Anonymous said...

Criminals and pedophiles will not see if u r a daughter of a rich man or poor man. Any young girls loitering around at night will face the danger of being rape, kidnapped or murdered. That is the fact now. Dear parents pls understand that. So parents as primary caregiver must take care of their own children.

20yrs back I was a child in that area too. Like I said back then it was a business area. All houses are occupied with families and businesses. I was playing in those area too , Kampong kolam , Masjid Keling area but as I recall my parents would always want me back in the house at 6 pm or else I would not be allowed to play with other children the next day . But now , it has become a deserted area esp at nite . If anything were to happened to Rekha , even if she screams for help I don’t think anyone would come to her rescue at nite as not many ppl are staying jn that area anymore with full of drugs addicts , thieves and foreign laborers. Those who are there, their keep their house locked almost airtight because of the dangers.

Like Rekha for example, she is out until very late night alone, with or without her parent’s knowledge. Exposing her self to danger. I know her parents are not well off. I am not blaming, them but as parents, it’s your duty to take care of kids, is it too hard to make sure all the kids are in the house by 8 am, esp. those below 15 yrs old? ( Note: there is no Pasar Malam in Kampong Kolam area)

Referring to Anak ex guard. I don’t agree with you, just because people are poor its okay for the children to wander around aimlessly. Children will be children, but its how as a parents u take care of them that is matter esp with the danger we are facing now. There is no excuses of being golongan bawahan or poor by not taking care of your children , making sure they are safe.

After so many renungan I still cannot see how I would allow my children wandering around alone at until 1 or 2 am. I guess lain padang , lain belalang !

Sorry .

Anonymous said...

Monday October 29, 2007
MYT 3:32:47 PM

Recka lied about being abducted


PENANG: Ten-year-old Recka almost had the whole country fooled as she made up a story about being abducted from a VCD shop in Market Street by a woman last week.

Georgetown OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid said the girl had approached a woman and told her that she was afraid to go home as her mother would beat her for playing in the rain.

"The woman, whom she befriended a few weeks earlier at the shop, pitied her and gave her shelter at her Bandar Baru Air Itam home on Monday.

"She stayed with the woman for three days. She then felt guilty and decided to return home when she saw her mother crying and appealing to her 'abductors' for her safe return in the media.

"She took a bus to Chulia Street where she was spotted by a man who subsequently handed her over to the police at about 10pm on Thursday," he said on Monday.

ACP Azam said the police are concerned about the girl's "state of mind," adding that she would soon be sent for psychiatric evaluation at the Penang Hospital.

"Her claims of being abused by her mother were also not true as the medical check-up showed no signs of any injuries. She is a bright and healthy kid with an over-active imagination.

"We have already interviewed the woman, who took her home, and the man who found her. Statements were also taken from the parents.

"Our investigations papers have already been handed over to the deputy public prosecutor's office for further action," he said when met at his office.

Recka's stepfather Ahmad Omar, 49, said he and his wife would be handing over the little girl to the Welfare Department as they found it hard to control her

_ need I say more-

Faten Rafie said...

touche' !

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ex Guard's Daughter,

Mak bapak saya dulu pun kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang. Adik-beradik saya 6 orang. Rumah kami setinggan lam bandar. Kaki merayau jugak saya masa kecik2. Tapi kalau tak balik sampai maghrib tu saja nak kena sebat le.
Kakak-kakak saya membesar dalam kadaan miskin pun takde can keluar sesuka hati gitu je.

Keperitan, kesesakan hidup 'golongan bawahan' seperti kata dr tu patutnya bukan alasan melepas tanggungjawab ibubapa.

Anonymous said...


Sebenarnya saya sedih dengan segelintir ahli masyarakat yang mudah menggelar mereka yang terbabit, 'bapa tak bertanggung jawab' 'anak nakal' dan sebagainya. saya tidak mengatakan mereka (bapa dan ibu )terlepas seratus peratus dari tanggung jawab menjaga anak-anak mereka. Anak-anak adalah tanggung jawab kita dan saya bersetuju seratus peratus sebagai ibubapa kita patut mengambil perhatian terhadap anak-anak kita.

Yang saya kesal sikap sesetengah ahlimasyarakat yg mudah melabel sesaorang.

Please remember every one of us has our on opinion about things going on in this society, for example I was sad when Yin was lost. I think its a case of negligence but I did not write in this cyber world condemning the parents. I did solat hajat seikhlasnya for them.

When we write we can influence others. If what we write its true then its ok but what if the labelling and name callings are not right?

Just remeber when we point one finger to others actually four others are pointing at us. Before we blame or label people as irresponsible father or mischievous girl,in this cyber world and read by many, ask first what is our contribution to this guy or at least to those senasib dengan mereka?, these people living in setinggan, among drug addicts etc.

I m not talking about contribution as tax payer, I mean beyond that. In my experience those who are actively involve with the society are the one who are more careful when blaming others.

Just to share some experience, once i went to a patient's house. She had just ben discharged after treatment for her congestive cardiac failure. Guest what, she was not around when we were there. So where was she, this poor old lady whose house is slightly bigger then a reban ayam was working, menyiang ikan yg baru di bawa balik nelayan', no wonder she was not comply with her treatment and disease not well controlled. If I did not know her social condition there was a chance I would 'scold' her as pesakit yg degil.

I ve also met patients with blood pressure so high during our free medical check up session for those living in rumah pangsa kos rendah sekitar KL. These patients could easily be 'scolded' for being non-comply to the treatment. But I did not blame them as some time the drugs have side effects thus patient avoid using them.

I also personally chased budak sekolah yg ponteng dan menyorok di kawasan perumahan and even called guru disiplin di sekolah.

My hubby was in bantul Jogja Indonesia, after the gempa bumi...trying to reduce the burden suffered by those unfortunate

I m not trying to show off, I havent done much for my society. But this is what I mean, we can be angry, we can give advise...but avoid name-calling, labelling.

And always ask your self how much have you done to help these people, unlucky, unfortunate, lowly educated, setinggan dwellers etc..If you havent done much enough----- just comfortably reading and writing to this cyber world from your air-conditioned room, or busy pampering your kids in your nice gated , guarded home, or hoping in or out from your nice car --be reserved with your comment.

my opinion

Ex-Anak jaga