Thursday, October 25, 2007

Missing: 10 year-old Rekha

Another child goes missing.
Rekha Ahamad, 10, left her home in Georgetown, Penang, since Sunday* (or Monday)* night and never returned.

If you see a child matching her description, please inform the police station near you. Or

contact the Rakan COP hotline(04-2691 999).

Rekha was last seen leaving her squatter house in Kampung Kolam near Acheen Street, wearing a white T-shirt with an "Ultraman" character printed on it, and a pair of shorts.
I believe she has short dark hair.
Rekha had wanted to buy a VCD at the nearby pasar malam. She never returned home.
A police report has been lodged.

Read the story here and here.

Rekha, sixth of seven siblings, went out alone that night. It was not the first time that she had gone out of her house alone after dark, according to her stepfather, second hand goods trader Ahamad Omar, 49.
But she always returned home by 8pm or 9pm.
Her mother, Salmah Sellamah Abdullah, 41, was at work at a factory in Bayan Lepas when Rekha went missing.

I know, I know. You must be aghast that the little girl had been allowed to wonder out alone.
But, I wouldn't mercilessly blame the parents. Her mum was out at work. and her step-dad, well, I really don't know the details.
Yeah, it is so easy for us to judge, huh? So let's not.
But listen. That's a tough life they are leading. Rekha must be a tough little girl.
Under the circumstances of her life, she must have been left to her own devices all this while. And she has five older siblings who are probably also left to their own devices, caring for their younger ones or helping daddy at the store.
I don't know. What I do know is that, again, life must be tough for the family.
Well...welcome to the real world which is not always rosy and nice as we all want it to be.

My point is -- yes, we have to start educating families on the importance of protecting their children because imbibing values and a change in mindset will not be overnight.
Perhaps, that's our contribution. But what can we do, right now, to ease the burden of people like Norazian (Nurin's mum) or Salmah?
Not very much.
So why don't we do what we can?

The hard truth is that there are scores of families, like Ahamad's or Jazimin's who lead a pretty hard life eking out a living.
So, chide these "negligent" parents all you want.
Meanwhile, children, like Rekha, living in the type of neighbourhood she lives in, will go missing. And for many reasons. Because this is not a perfect world we live in.

The police have said that they are taking a very serious view of the case. I hope they are going about it in the most effective way to ensure that she can be safely returned to her family in the soonest possible time, before she is harmed, or (Heaven forbids!) killed.

Let's also hope that the broadcast and print media do their part in publicising her disappearance.

I pray that Rekha is safe somewhere, and that she is not now held captive by some sex maniac/s, intent on assaulting and murdering her or, by evil and sinister people who want to traffick or smuggle her (out) for the flesh trade.

Yesterday, it was Nurin.
Yes, we can pray that Rekha will not be another Nurin.
We prayed for Nurin, remember?
Sometimes, prayers are not enough.
Because, when we have it in our power to do something, we should be doing that.

Now, do you not think that we need a Nurin Alert?

*NST says went missing since Monday while the Star says, since Sunday.


Rockybru said...

Let's hope she's well and safe.
And let's hope Nurin Alert becomes a reality.

@HHH said...

I recently came across 1 set of parents who were so engrossed trying out electronic games at a shopping mall that they did not realise their youngest child age about 1 1/2 years had wandered off to the next shop.

When my wife pointed out what has happened, their response was so pathetic that a slap on their faces would have been justified.

It could have been easily another Nurin.

Mior Azhar said...

Like you said, let's not judge and merrily blame the parents... give them a break, thir daughter is missing. Benda ni kalau nak jadi, kita jaga anak depan mata pun boleh jadi.
Yeah, let's activate Nurin Alert.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, Nurin alert should have been set up 'yesterday'. The longer it drags the more victims there will be. After all, how do they expect us to trust the cops are doing their jobs properly? Can you blame us for being skeptical, knowing their track record. Not only did they not find Nurin, they have not found the monster to date. Mr Policeman, did you even send any undercover cops out to all these pasar malams? The monster could still be hanging out at the pasar malams in that 'white' van(?) waiting for more victims. God help us.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. In Malaysia today, children are still second class citizens.
How many people slow down when nearing a school crossing? How many stop when a school bus is letting children on or off? How fast do you drive through the kampung knowing kids are always out playing? How many times have you called the police or social services to have them check on the kid next door who is always crying?

No matter where they are - kids should be protected - by everyone.

Perhaps some caring adult who saw these kids out alone should have had the sense to watch them and follow them safely home. Or maybe the adults were in a rush to get home to unlock their kids from the house.

I have no idea where to start to be perfectly honest. It just seems that there is a long way to go before Malaysians get it.

aidareza said...

I am sorry but how not to judge? The stepfather said it is a usual thing for Rekha to go out at in the evenings - what??!!!

Can we have the Nurin Alert like - NOW.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Sis Nuraina, my anger aside, im praying hard tht Rekha will be found soon, safe, alive and untouched!

Bailey said...

ya Allah...another one.

let pray tht Rekha is all well and safe.

Anonymous said...

I agree Ena. No blaming. Just take care of the important thing, which is to do everything to find the little girl and return her safely to her parents.

This means moral support from those not in the position to do anything else. NOT high-horsing or finger pointing!


Anonymous said...

This is not the time to blame anyone . Just hope they would find the girl fast .
I think the girl was allowed to wonder around by herself to shopping malls and all . (read the latest report) but I hairan la kenapa la parents dia biarkan budak umur 10 tahun pergi ke komtar , pranging mall alone.
Tapi whatever la , hope police dapat cari dia ,alive .
The family susah ,and I think no one is there to help them to find the child . ( selain police)
So what can we do to help the them ? How can NURIN ALERT help them ?????

malaysianminx said...

oh no, another lil princess...

sad to hear and ure so right kak ena, theres no use pointing fingers and screaming the end that doesnt really matter,we shld dfntly focus on finding her..

hope u dont mind, but have cut and paste part of ur post unto mine, to help spread the word..

Pi Bani said...

Alhamdulillah, girl found safe and sound!

Bailey said...

alhamdulillah. she is safe. dah jumpa dah pun.

Anonymous said...

Budak tu dah di jumpai .Sadly to say I dont really buy her story at all . I lived in nearby area. Its not "kampong" as some ppl think it was . It used to be a business area back in those day.
But now kawasan tu dah berubah. It has become sarang drug addicts , gang pecah rumah etc .
Being an adult pun lepas pukul petang I rasa takut untuk keluar bersendirian lurking around that area. Kawasan tu sunyi lepas pukul 6 petang .But this girl (rekha) nanti dok ronda kawasan tu sampai tengah malam . Selamat ke!
I know ppl might say , ah dia dah selamat di jumpai . But I say she will continue on doing it . Budak macam tu , I rasa parents dia dah tak boleh control dia . and The story said she always go our with her elder brother .-BOHONG- . She will be loittering around alone till midnite!!! all alone. Also her story about being abducted by women in Farlim... hmmm FISHY!

The parents are not bad ppl , yes they are poor , they need help .
They cant read or write . They need a proper home . Not living in that house with no water n electricity and with so many members of the family .
What I can say about rekha incident is that she need to be control by someone . Her parents has failed to do so .

So what should we do with children like rekha ? Biar saja until next tragedy?