Monday, January 11, 2021

Let's get the e-Scooters going, okay

January 10, 2021

LET’s get real  about  e-Scooters and their place as not just another means of transportation in our cities. 

Green advocates echo their potential to revolutionise the mode of transportation in our cities.

As someone wrote somewhere: “The promise of cheap, easily available, motorized personal transportation is too alluring to be legislated out of existence.”

For now, they’re having a bad press here, particularly in the Klang Valley. Not surprising because they seemed to have suddenly appeared on our roadways, in our neighbourhoods and shopping malls. At least in the last few months or so.

Their presence on the road in the last few months had scared the hell out of people. 

They’ve been called unsafe, a nuisance and a hazard on public roads. Of course, not without reason although it would be totally unfair to wantonly paint them as dangerous vehicles. 

They are currently banned on these roads with some exceptions in some areas.

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