Monday, February 19, 2018

We won't cry for you, America

Because we're so tired.

This letter below was written by a Canadian.

Dear America:
I can't feel bad for you anymore. I am so tired of wasting "thoughts and prayers" on your destructive society. I am tired of watching you spew hate at other races, religions and cultures while you are the ones who are dangerous. You are the ones who are killing each other.

I am tired of watching killing after killing then seeing gun wagging, egotistical Americans yell obnoxiously about how the cure for this problem is more guns.

The rest of the civilized world is collectively shaking their head. The rest of the world does not sell automatic rifles to citizens off the street. The rest of the world does not shoot up high schools, churches, country music festivals. The rest of the world does not open fire in Elementary schools. Everybody "cares" Nobody acts. 

And so I can't think about or pray for you anymore. All those thoughts and prayers for the 273rd time this year. Because that's how many shootings America has had since January 1, 2017. I can't waste my prayers on a society that refuses to change. I cannot feel bad for a place that refuses to acknowledge its self destruction.

You fill yourselves with hate that is fueled by fear and misunderstanding of anybody who isn't you. You support banning people from your country. You cheer for a wall to separate you. You refuse to see that the real problem, the real villain, is you.

My family just returned from a trip to the U.S. My daughter loved the warmth and the beaches. She asked me why we couldn't live there. As we drove by billboard after billboard advertising where one could purchase themselves a new gun, and as I listened to racial slurs be used in every day conversation by locals, and as I listened to your President refer to white supremacists as "very good people" and football, players kneeling for your anthem as "sons of bitches", I struggled to find the words to explain to my six year old that we will never live there because I would never want my children to think that any of these things are acceptable, let alone normal.

America's obsession with guns is so fascinating to me, because never in my 31 years has it ever occurred to me to purchase one. But what we need is more guns. Because if we all have guns, we can shoot the shooter.

But guns don't kill people. People kill people.

When does it stop? when does it sink in? People with guns kill people. In the 273 mass shootings that have occurred in 2017, exactly how many were stopped by a person on the street with a license to carry a weapon? You and your handgun are no match for an automatic rifle on the 32nd floor of a hotel. The answer is to control the sale of firearms. Why is it that everyone can see this but you?
People who cannot purchase guns do not massacre schools. People who cannot purchase guns do not mow down six and seven-year old children and their teachers in a time frame of about fifteen minuets. People who cannot purchase guns do not murder fifty-eight people and injure 515. The rest of the world is screaming this at you and you refuse to see the problem because you refuse to take responsibility.

So why is it that 6,880 people have died from gunshot wounds this year and America is still not taking the guns? Why is is that 6,880 people have been killed in one year, and you have yet to lose your privilege?

Why is it that you are more concerned about your "right to bear arms" than you are about the mother whose children never come home? I'm sorry America, but I can't pray for you anymore. I am exhausted and you are not changing. And according to history, you never will change. And it will get worse and worse. And our prayers do nothing.

Clarenville, Nfld”


bruno said...

Nuraina,long time no see.Hope everything is going well on your end.

Sometimes when I visited your blog,there is no new posting.

I think that the writer is right about America.Since the election of the horndog porn star lover,Donald Trump,America had gone to the dogs.Trump,single handedly have turn the land of the free,the olde US of A into the likes of Zimbabwe and Somalia,a banana republic.

Horndog Donald had used the office of the presidency into an ATM.Enriching himself and family.The most corrupted pariah ever to occupy the oval office.Twenty million out of the thirty million,the NRA invested into his campaign came from a Russian banker associated with the Putin stable.

What more can be said of a sexual predator who engaged in unprotected sex with a porn star and a playboy bunny when his youngest son is only about five to six months old.And let Stormy Daniels spanked him for being a dud in bed.No wonder Melania has being involved with the head of security of a jewelry chain for many years now.Your readers do not have to take my word for it.Go to Stephanie's third floor,Trump Tower and ask.

Republicans have been funded in elections by the NRA.So it is no surprise that the GOP is beholden to the NRA.The Republicans once protector have now become attacker of law enforcement,the FBI and Justice Department.Donald Trump single handedly have culled the manhood out of the Republicans.They have all lost their marbles.

But the rest of Americans that do not support horndog Donald,have some solace.Special counsel,Mueller,have already tightened the bolts to Donald Trump.Donald Trump Jr,Ivanka Trump and Jarrod Kushner will all go down with the Donald.The Trump administration will not last the full four years.Maybe as early as the midterms,we will see some of the Trump family members in orange jumpsuits.For this special occasion I have saved a bottle of champagne to pop when the time finally arrives.

Till then,sit tight and have fun.And enjoy the rest of the wonderful week.Cheers.


Hi Bruno,

Nice to see you here.

thank you for still visiting my blog. I should blog more but right now, it is difficult for me to write about our politics. If I have a line or two, I posit on twitter.

I'll try t write on issues that don't invite venom and toxicity -- all so unpleasant and ugly.

I'd iike to see the Donald presidency disintegrate along with all his motley crew of moronic friends and family.