Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lee & Lee & Lee

Well, well, well.
What's been happening in our southern neighbour?

I really don't know what to make of this family feud in the Lee family. Lee being Lee Kuan Yew - Singapore's ex PM & Senior Minister and father of sitting PM Hsien Loong.

Hate to get "involved" in other people's affairs. But hey, this is Singapore's PM & his siblings. The two siblings posted their 6-page statement on Facebook early this morning for all to see.

It is a public statement.

Washing dirty linen in public? Some people will say it's sibling rivalry. Some people will sum it up and say it's all about greed.

Whatever.  But it sure got my attention.

Titled "What has happened to Lee Kuan Yew's values?", their angst is actually a long-running dispute over the demolition of their father's house at 38 Oxley Road.

                                              Dr Lee Wei Ling & Lee Hsien Yang

It seems, Hsien Loong's younger brother, Lee Hsien Yang and sister, Dr Lee Wei Ling want it to be demolished as requested by their late father.

They've also accused their brother of of having a personal agenda that is driving his political ambitions and have drawn in Ho Ching, Hsien Loong's wife.

This morning Hsien Loong responded, expressing his disappointment and sadness over the statement that is "publicising private family matters".
"I am deeply saddened by the unfortunate allegations that they have made. Ho Ching and I deny these allegations, especially the absurd claim that I have political ambitions for my son.," said Mr Lee, in response to a six-page public statement issued by his siblings on Wednesday (June 14).
Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang had said in their statement that they had lost confidence in their brother, PM Lee.
Titled "What has happened to Lee Kuan Yew's values?", their statement centres around the long-running dispute over the demolition of their father's house at 38 Oxley Road.
                                                             PM Lee Hsien Loong
In response, PM Lee said: "While siblings may have differences, I believe that any such differences should stay in the family. Since my father's passing in March 2015, as the eldest son I have tried my best to resolve the issues among us within the family, out of respect for our parents."
He said his siblings' statement "has hurt our father's legacy".
In their statement, Hsien Yang and Wei Ling said they felt closely monitored and fear the use of organs of state against them and Hsien Yang's wife, Suet Fern.
The situation is such that Hsien Yang felt compelled to leave Singapore "for the foreseeable future".
The two siblings allege, among others, that since their father's death on March 23, 2015, there have been changes in Singapore that do not reflect what the late Mr Lee stood for.
The two siblings are joint executors and trustees of the estate of the late Mr Lee.
In their statement, they reiterated their father's wish that the house be demolished upon his passing, and said Hsien Loong and his wife  had opposed this wish as "the preservation of the house would enhance his political capital".
The two siblings alleged that preserving the house would allow their brother "and his family to inherit a tangible monument to Lee Kuan Yew's authority".
The two siblings also alleged that "based on our interactions", PM Lee and his wife harbour political ambitions for their son, Hongyi.
Hsien Loong called this an "absurd claim" and denied that he had any such ambitions for his son.
 "I will do my utmost to continue to do right by my parents. At the same time, I will continue serving Singaporeans honestly and to the best of my ability. In particular that means upholding meritocracy, which is a fundamental value of our society."
The statement from the siblings came 1½ years after Dr Lee,  Hsien Yang, and PM Lee issued a joint statement in December 2015 saying the brothers had each agreed to donate half the value of 38 Oxley Road to charities named in their father's obituary notice.
Dr Lee and Hsien Yang had said they would like to honour their father's wish for the house to be demolished after Dr Lee ceases to live in it.
Hsien Loong had said he had recused himself from all government decisions involving the house and, in his personal capacity, would also like to see this wish honoured.
He ended his response: "As my siblings know, I am presently overseas on leave with my family. I will consider this matter further after I return this weekend."
This is it so far. But, you and I know that's not the end.
It's just the beginning.

Maju lah Singapura!


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