Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sabotage in Malaysian Immigration System (myIMMs)

I think this problem  is bigger than presented in the Auditor-General's Report .

And it stinks.

PUTRAJAYA (May 24 2016) : A taskforce has been formed to probe into a possible element of sabotage in the enforcement of the Malaysian Immigration System (myIMMs). 

Home Ministry secretary-general Datuk Seri Alwi Ibrahim said he will be personally leading the investigation, adding that the authorities are in the midst of gathering evidence including relevant documents. 

He was speaking after the townhall session on the 1st series of the Auditor-General's 2015 Report today.

 Immigration director-general Datuk Sakib Kusmi said investigations were being conducted to determine the reasons for the weaknesses in the enforcement of the myIMMs. 

"We are carrying out investigations to determine those who are involved. We believe not only Immigration officers but also outsiders including vendors and foreigners were involved," he told reporters.

 Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had on Monday said the government believed that the enforcement of the myIMMs had been sabotaged. 

Zahid, who is also Home Minister, said, several names had been identified and would be announced by him and the police. 

The Auditor-General's Report 2015 Series 1 on May 18 stated that the myIMMs, developed to support the main operation of the Immigration Department, was unsatisfactory and had affected the department’s objective. 

The report said the myIMMs biometric facility worth RM10.3 million was paid and supplied for, but was neither installed nor used at the entrance gates to screen and identify foreigners as well as Malaysians. -NST


strange said...

The Immigration Director should be cahreged for negligent for allowing millions of illegals into the country.

Have any Pemuda UMNO spoken out against the foreign workers issues?

No? Thats because Aseh son is in Pemuda UMNO and they are in cahoots to bring in foreign workers.

It is so strange that Pemuda UMNO has no opinion on foreign workers who mostly work for the chinese and indians migrants..

tebing tinggi said...

This is Malaysia maa aa , anything possible .

UMNO hudud perversion said...

UMNO hudud perversion: enhanced whipping for Malay women by UMNO

Since you havent touched on this hudud issues let me cue you in.

Hudud is a mysogynist arabic laws that seek to control women in their society.
There are so many basic issues that we must understand when some goons in the malay society want to be super holy.

We muslims must reject such superficial thinking by malay so call alim men.

In their eagerness to enhance the Syariah Courts they seems to forget that they are talking about whipping somebody's daughters, wifes, single mothers, janda.

Najib is so blase about protecting womens right and violence against women.

I'm a moderate, that is why I'am increasing whipping women for drinking carlsberg to 100 times...

What G25 and liberals Malays should do is expose the cruel and perverted minds behinds the so called UMNO hudud.

Our society is an open and free society. Women are free to move and mix around. Our daughters go out to Mc Donald at any time of the day. They work 24 hour shift in 7 eleven, factories, mcdonald with other young men.

So is it right to penalise and whip our daughters if they spend time with men? What is the social situation that UMNO Syariah is purported to prevent? IF we allow our daughters and women to go out of the house freely should they be punished for doing what we allow them to do?

UMNO should limit the working hours, the type of jobs that women can do like in Saudi where even underwear are sold by men because women are not allow to entertain men as retailers. IT so easy to meet women as they are everywhere unguarded.

Secondly, why should women be whipped 100 times if they get pregnant out of wedlock? Where is the men? Would women be unmarried if there are men who want to marry them?

Thirdly, these Syariah Act will not be enforceable without spying on the lives of individuals. Since women are allowed to work in office, we have cases like Memey and Norman being accused of sexual conduct. This caused Norman's family to break down.

Who profit from this? Does Selangor State profit from the breakdown of families by accusing the father or mother of adultery?

It is different if its spousal accusation. But for Selangor State government as a third party to accuse the head of the family and cause divorces shows that UMNO Syariah is not a society builder but a family destroyer.

Fourthly, the focus on men women relationships means that UMNO Syariah is encouraging lesbianism and homesexuality.

Fifth. How do JAWI knows who is drinking alcohol? Why they bought breathalysers of course. Is this specified in the quran? No. ITs their own man made SOP muahaha..

Sixth . How does JAWI knows who is a chinese muslim who is a chinese non muslims?
They dont. So UMNO Syariah DOES affect Chinese,Indians, Dayak or Ibans.

So they create they own SOP like taking pictures of naked women, taking their underwear as evidence. Checking what women are wearing under towels.

A whole lot of unsavory and uncivilised SOP not the quran are being implement by State Government just to enhance their perverted version of Syariah Court.

What the focus should be.

Malay Syariah Courts can be enhanced by focusing on Family Issus like divorce and inheritence.

The family is very important to society and Magistrate Courts or High Court dont deal with Malay marriages. So to say that Syariah Court is lower than Magistrate Courts is incorrect as they serve different functions. Higher grades can be given to Syariah Courts because they deal with the very important family issues not because they give low whipping.

To give criminal power to the Syariah Courts by creating new crimes for the malay men and women is wrong. Najib said they making more crimes for the Malays..what for?
Just because the Arabs say so?

Najib is so stupid but he is not alone. So is Jamil, Ahmad Zahid..

They seems to forget they are talking about whipping malay women, somebody's daughters or wives...

Anonymous said...

I EMIGRATED. End of problem.

Anonymous said...

It is truly Malaysia. As Mahathir Kutty says some people have no shame being corrupt. Pity he did nothing when he was PM. Busy locking peoplke up under his so-called "Operasi Lalang"!